Digimon After Story: Digital World in Danger Again
A new adventure begins
By: Wind'Smiles.

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"Life is neither good nor bad, simply the life is wonderful"
Takeru Takaishi

Chapter 2: Good Times with Good Friends

When Saki broke her effusive hug, she noticed that Tobi's face was tinged with a furious red color, as used to happen every time she or any female person, excluding her mother, did. Shayla and Hikaro giggled softly, winning a look hesitant of the little Taichi, who cocked his head without understanding what they were laughing.

-"You're so shy my Toby Tobias"- Shayla mocked, pinching his neak.

-"It's not funny Shayla"- he whined a little embarrassed.

-"Of course it is, even as Saki you cannot avoid get nervous".

-"I'm sorry Tobi, I forgot you don't like to invade your space…"- Saki said with a shy smile.

-"Don't worry Saki, is fine"- he corresponded her gesture- by the way… what are you doing guys?

-"We went to the park to play soccer- Hikaro answered with his characteristic courtesy- you want to come with us?

-"Sure, count me"

-"No thanks, I just make me a manicure and I don't want to be damaged"- Shayla said showing their pretty pink nails.

-"Come on Shay, I promise that the ball didn't going to approach you…please"- Saki insisted.

-"Fine… but this thing will die if it touch me"- she warned, pointing to the ball.

-"Please, don't kill my poor ball!"- Taichi cried, hiding it in his back

-"Relax buddy, nobody will die… well… that's I hope"

The five kids laughed at the comment of Hikaro and crossed the street, heading to the park. There, the two cousins were dedicated to a game, while the others sat down on the swings to talk.

-"Hikaro is so cute"- Shayla said like who talks about the weather

-"What was that?"- Tobi asked confused.

-"A compliment, silly"- she spit sarcastically- "just look at him! He's like a prince!"

-"Shay, are you crazy?"- Saki joked, giggled softly - "what about Pretty Boy? You forgot him?"

-"Of course not… he's the air that I breathe- Shayla sighed with a smile in love – "anyway, you cannot noticed because is your cousin, but so many girls are in love with him"

-"I know ... sometimes, some of them come up to me to ask me his phone number"- she said, swinging lightly on the swing.

-"We tell him?"- they shared a complicit smile as an evil glitter appeared in her eyes.

-"Hey Karo!"- the alluded turned his face to Saki-"You're CUTE"

The girls laughed for the confused face of Hikaro and Taichi, who looked to Tobi as asking an explanation, but the boy just shrugged. Without giving more importance to the matter, the two continued playing while Tobi sighed, looking at his friends with a raised eyebrow.

-"The girls he girls are very weird"

-"Oww, that hurts Tobi"- Saki cried, pouted- "We're not waird... we just have a special mind"

-"And the difference is...?"

-"Good point"- Shayla said, smiled- "But even though we weird, you guys love us with all your heart"

The black-haired shook his head, smiling. He could not replicate anything because they were right ... though not understand them sometimes and even think that they should be locked in a madhouse ... the wanted with all his soul.

-"Well... that's true..."

-"You see? you couldn't live without us for a moment"- Shayla seconded victorious.

-"Jeez Shay, you sound like Aunt Mimi"- Tobi said sarcastically.

-"Aww, really? That honor!"- she squealed excitedly- "Mimi Tachikawa is my heroine! She's so fabulous!"

-"I thought that you liked was her son"- Saki joked laughed.

-"She also, it's my mother in law"- Shayla said winked at her.

-"If you say so ..."

-"Very funny Mr. Tobias Inoue"

Tobi's cheeks were stained of a slight red color to hear that name. Her best friend smiled victoriously, murmuring a "Touche" and Saki only giggled, amused.

-"Don't bother him Shay"- Saki defended.

-"Why not? It's funny"- Tobi glowered.

-"Thank you Shay, I love you too"

At that time, heard a little tender voice well known for their approaching.

-"Big Sis, caring!"

Taichi's warning came too late; the ball had already beaten to Shayla in the head. There was a moment of tense silence that nobody dared to break as the body of the girl emerged a malignant aura that nothing good could bring.

-"S-shay? A-are you okey?"

-"Do you think I'm okay Hikaro?"- she spit angry- "YOU TWO RUINED MY HAIR!"

-"Was not on purpose Shayla, I swear! - Taichi yelled scared.


The drastic change in personality impressed both cousins, who despite knowing Shayla had never seen that side of it. It used to be fun and innocent but now... seemed the same Devimon in person. Tobi and Saki smiled nervously , fearing for the lives of their two friends. They themselves had the terrible luck of experiencing the terrible mood of the girl ... and it was not all pleasant memories.

-"W-when you get angry y-you look ugly Shay… w-why don't smile?" Hikaro unsuccessfully try to calm her.


-"What does that have to do with the coup?"- Tobi asked, raising an eyebrow.

-"Has much to do!"- furiously, the light-brown girl turned and kicked the ball away from there- "and not come back!"

-"My ball!"- Taichi yelled.

-"Shay, calm down, you get more hysterical than my aunt Mimi"- Saki demand softly.

-"Don't mess with my mother in law!"- she replied frowned.

-"As you wish pretty".

Ignoring complaints, Saki got up to the swing and ran to where the ball had fallen, being with a picky black-hair boy picking him up from the ground. Was dressed in a T-shirt with plaid shirt on top, ripped jeans slightly and glasses. When he raised his face, his beautiful ice blue eyes fell upon her blushing slightly to recognize who he was.

-"It's yours?"- he asked shortly.

-"Umm… yeah…"- Saki muttered nerviously, with a slight smile.

-"Shot"- he threw the ball softly, falling into her hands.

-"Thank you Hiragana"- the girl said with a shy smile

He nodded in response and kept going, leaving a pensive Saki behind him. Touketsu Hiragana was the person most lonely and cold she had ever seen. However, she knew that wasn't a bad guy, and his actions prove it. She did not know why, but she really attracted for this guy.

-"I wonder why he puts this barrier around him"- she thought, turning around to return with her friends.

-"ARE YOU JOKING SAKINO YAGAMI?"- the four stopped their ears and shut strongly the eyes to avoid being deafened by the screams of Shayla.

-"Ouch, you have a powerful voice"- Taichi flattered, opening one eye.

-"So funny Junior... in the end, what you are saying is true?"- Shayla asked impressed.

-"Y-yeah... but... is not very important"- Saki answered, swinging to his brother.

Towards a while they had changed positions. Saki and Tobi now stood, while Shayla, Taichi and Hikaro sat on the swings. Like a good sister, the girl Yagami helped his brother to swing, being rewarded with a sweet kiss on her cheek.

-"Of course is important... that boy never speaks to anyone"- Shayla said.

-"Well... one time I had to do a job math with him..."-Tobi commented, recalling the occasion-"only talking to share the work ... the rest of the time he remained silent"

-"He's so mysterious... I wish to know more of him"- the brown-haired girl murmured, sighing.

-"Hey... what was that?"- Shayla raice a eyebrow- "Don't tell me you like him!"

-"No Shay... I don't like him"- Saki rolled her eyes- "something in his eyes that appeals to me, that's all"

-"Holy cow, you scared me"- she joked, smiled mischievously- "because Google Head be discouraged a lot"

-"Why you mention him?"

-"Oh, for nothing... I know he's the only one in your heart"

The girl blushed, making the three biggest laugh. They knew perfectly well that they both felt something special for the other, but both refused to accept their feelings. Nervous, Saki effusively negotiated with her head, a bit nervous.

-"N-no! You're wrong!"

-"Why are you so nervous Big Sis?"- Taichi asked confused.

-"F-for anything Junior, don't worry"- his sister smiled nervously.

-"Even your own brother notice it, how cute"- Hikaro joked smiled.

-"Oww, you guys are very bad!"

All broke out again in a hearty laugh. This time, taking it to game, Saki joined them, trying to ignore his accelerated heart rate. Meanwhile, the small Taichi shrugged and smiling confused, without understand that spoken by the biggest.

On reaching his home, he pulled a bunch of keys from his pocket and opened the door, take off his shoes before entering.

-"I'm home!"- Touketsu announced, realizing that his family still didn't come- "Dorimon, you can come, no one is here"

A small animal dark blue with large yellow eyes came running into the room where he was received by the child's arms.

-"Welcome Touketsu, I miss you today"- Dorimon said, making smiled to his human partner.

-"I miss you too buddy"- he petting his fur and put it on the floor- "My mom brought a cake this morning, want to eat?"

-"That's great!"

The digimon was installed in a small cushion on the floor and watched as Touketsu pulled two plates from the cupboard and a large chocolate cake from the refrigerator. After cutting the pieces, gave one to Dorimon and both began to eat.

-"By the way, how was your day? Something interesting happened?"- Dorimon asked after take his first bite.

-"Not really..."- Touketsu smiled- "I'm just found with Kaeru's friends"

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