Hey guys this is Scorpion Royalty and I am here to say that Naruto son of Hei won the poll results getting a 19 on the last day of the poll anyway here is the first chap like promised of Naruto the Son of Hei

It had been five thousand years since the tournament to decide who would be be king of the demon realm its been four thousand years since it became three kings once again and these kings were Hei , Yoko Kurama , and Yusuke Urameshi.

Kuwabara was given an invitation to become a demon and he accepted but he did not want the responsibility of being a king so it was only three.

its been seven thousand years since the Tournament and Hie is married to the Kyubbi no kitsune who is giving birth to his first child when the child came out he looked like Hei only with blonde hair with red tips and whisker marks and a fox tail and ears which could be concealed at anytime to hide among the humans if need be.

the most surprising thing about his heir was that his Yokai was off the charts for a newborn it surpassed Yusukes when he first met his father and that is saying something since Yusuke was extremely strong at that point he was way stronger now but you get the picture.

"He is beutiful don't you think Hei-kun"

"Yes he is Tira-chan" (Tira is Kyubbi's real name Kyubbi is just a title in this)

"He is strong as well which will aid him in the years he is to start working on being my successor".

"what should we name him Hei he needs a name that sounds strong"

"We shall name him Naruto not the meaning of fishcake like in that ramen crap Yusuke eats but as in Maelstrom also I will seal away his power until he is in a life or death situation that way it can grow stronger than anything since it will grow and his control will grow over it as well and when it is unleashed our son will be very badass just like I was during my awakening".

Hei smiled at that until he felt a powerful energy and saw a hole rip in the cealing not just any hole though it was a dimension hole and it sucked his newborn son and his wife in not to be found for fourteen years when Naruto's awakening would start.

Hey guys sorry I know its short but this is just the prologue and so its short on purpose next chap is action packed and has way more words in it and the harem will be uploaded next chap I mean the girls in the harem anyway tell me what you think don't flame cause I know it sucks being short but the next chap will have tons of action so ja ne for now