June 19, 2011

Hey guys! I know this is probably not what you were hoping for when I updated. I have lost a bit of inspiration for Once Lost, Now Found at the moment. I am going to wait and see if any ideas hit me. I have started this new story because I finally broke down and began reading Harry Potter FanFiction. I actually enjoy the stories. This was stuck in my head so I wrote it. I hope this is as good as my other stories. I do not own Harry Potter or any of the characters. I also got a few ideas from stories I have read on FanFic so the claim goes to those that already have it in their stories. I own the plot only. =) Read & Review please!



Halloween Night


My fifth year at Hogwarts has been going great, considering the fact that Voldemort returned at the end of fourth year. His return was strange though. It did not seem real. The spell used to bring him back to life is in none of the Dark Arts books, including the ones in Grimmauld Place. Plus, if Voldemort had actually returned, would the Death Eaters have not started more attacks? It is all very peculiar.

I have been wondering the castle for most of the day in search of Ron and Hermione. I needed to tell them about the strange dreams I have been having at night. I decided to go to Dumbledore's office to search. He has been acting strange as well, constantly avoiding me when I need to talk to him about Voldemort's return.

I reached the gargoyle-guarded staircase leading to his office. "Lemon drops." That man is addicted to those things, offers one to anybody that sets foot in his office. I ascended the stairs, but before I could knock on the door, I froze. Ron and Hermione were inside, and they did not sound very happy.

"How much longer are we going to be stuck with him, Headmaster? I do not believe I can handle his pathetic attitude any longer. While we all stayed at the Weasley's this summer, Harry constantly had nightmares about Cedric's death and the 'return of Voldemort.' It is to the point I want to kill Harry myself." Hermione's voice was acidic as she spoke to Dumbledore.

"Yeah, he's been driving us batty. When are you going to kill him?" Ron sounded positively ecstatic, like he would enjoy watching the Headmaster kill me.

"Soon. Once I can lure Tom out into the open, with the boy as bait, I will kill Tom after he kills Harry. It will be great irony to watch this battle. Tom kills his son because he believes his heir to be dead. The joy I will feel when the horror of murdering his child becomes evident in his eyes."

I had heard more than enough. I took off back down the staircase, heading in whatever direction my feet were leading me. It just so happened to be the Slytherin common room, which meant I unfortunately ran into Malfoy of all people. "Why don't you watch…?" He froze mid sentence, taking in my state of being. "What's happened?"

I shook my head. One, there was no way I would ever tell Malfoy what was troubling me, and two, I was in no mood to discuss what I overheard with anybody. I tried to move around him, but he grabbed my arm. "Follow me, Harry. Let's get you to Uncle Severus." I went willingly, shock forcing my brain to function on autopilot.

When we stood outside the door to Snape's personal quarters, I finally realized what I was about to do. Before I could run again, the door opened, and Draco pushed me into the room. "What is the meaning of this, Draco?" Snape was standing there, living up to his nickname of the dungeon bat.

"Something has happened to Harry. He looks like he is about to pass out, be sick, or both." Draco was nervously watching him. Since when does Draco use my first name? Wait! When did I start using his first name?

Snape crouched in front of me. "What has happened, Potter? Or is this just another one of your attempts to receive attention?"

I began to slowly shake my head, lost in my train of thought. If I was not going to tell Draco, I surely was not going to tell Snape. Except, I wanted to tell somebody, no matter who that may be. "I… I'm not trying t… to cause trouble, sir. I j…just heard some rather unsettling news is all." I was trying so hard not to cry, but it was useless. I sank to my knees in the middle of Snape's private chambers, sobbing like a baby.

I felt a pair of arms wrap around me, cuddling me in their embrace. When I calmed down enough, I noticed I was sitting in Snape's lap on the couch. "Would you like to tell me what has caused you so much pain, Harry?"

I looked at him in disbelief. Since I first came to Hogwarts, he has treated me no better than a piece of gum on the bottom of his shoe. Now he is concerned about me. When will the professors quit throwing me for a loop? "I don't understand, professor. You hate my guts, and you expect me to tell you what is upsetting me."

Snape sighed. "I have never hated you, Harry. It is all a front to keep certain people from believing that I care for you so I won't be used as leverage against you."

"Dumbledore," I whispered.

His looked gravely at me. "This is where you heard your unsettling news?"

"Yes. I heard it from Hermione and Ron too. They… they were calmly talking about how they would… would… k…" I broke down into sobs once more.

I felt the couch dip beside us, and another pair of arms wrapped around me. "Shh. It's alright, Harry. Let it all out. You can explain at your own pace." I was shocked once again. Draco was being nice to me. The world is surely about to end.

I calmed down again. "Sorry about that." I took a deep breath. "The three of them were talking about how they would kill me," I finished with a whisper.

Nobody moved. It was actually very creepy. "How to kill you," Snape snarled. "I knew they would pull some dirty handed tricks, but that is too far. Did they say anything else, Harry?"

"I don't want you all to hate me." That was my one fear, having more people hate me.

"We promise we won't. I actually have a pretty good idea what the remainder of their discussion was about."

I gaped at Snape. "Oh. Well they said that I was Lord Voldemort's son. Is that true?"

He nodded. "Yes, it is true. There is a lot that you do not know, Harry, especially about your parents and family."

"Is there any way we can… possibly… meet with Tom? I would like to understand why this happened, and why they… I'll tell you the rest later." I was so eager to meet my father. I know he has been trying to kill me since I was a baby, but that has never sat well with me.

"Yes there is. On Saturday, be down here at eight in the morning. We will Floo to my home and then apparate from there. You may come as well, Draco." Snape was smiling at me, an extremely rare occurrence.

"Thank you, professor."

"Call me, Severus. Now off to bed with you." He gave me a gentle swat. With that, Draco went to his dorm, and I returned to Gryffindor tower, ready to put my acting skills to the test. For I know in the days to come, I will be in great need of them.


Another day goes by in this lonely home. I remember when the house was bright with laughter and love. Now it is gloomy and desolate. It is almost time for the meeting with my followers to begin. I stand and make my way to the door. Upon opening it, Lucius Malfoy was standing there, arm poised as if to knock. "Hello, Lucius."

"Hello, Tom. Is it alright if I speak with you before the meeting begins? There is something of great importance that I must speak with you about." Lucius was never a nervous man unless it was for a great cause of concern. I nod, while stepping back to allow him entrance.

"What is it that you would like to speak to me about," I inquired, sitting down behind my desk.

"Severus contacted me before I left my home for the meeting. There is somebody at the school that wants to contact you, and that will also include any friends he believes are true to him."

I despise it when he begins to talk in riddles. "Who is it that wishes to meet with me? Also, do you trust him?"

Lucius nodded. "I trust him because Severus saw into the boy's memories. There he saw the discussion the boy overheard that started this chain reaction." He paused. "The boy I speak of is Harry Potter," he whispered.

I froze. Harry Potter wants to meet with me? What happened to the boy who followed Dumbledore's orders without a single thought to whether it was the right thing to do? Sighing, and wondering if I had lost my sanity, agreed to meet with him.

Lucius slumped back in his chair in relief. "Of course. There is something you should be wary of though. He said that the conversation would rock the Wizarding world." With that last statement, Lucius left.

I was in shock, unable to believe that I am allowing Harry Potter to come to my house. Wearily, I regained my composure and went to the meeting.

This meeting was not about trying to stop Dumbledore from ruining our way of life; it was about my loving wife and baby boy that I lost fourteen years ago. I still have hope that they are not dead. "As you all know, this is the anniversary meeting for my wife and son's kidnapping. Fourteen years to the day they were taken from our home while I slept. This treachery caused many a heartbreak among my advisors. We also know Dumbledore was behind the act." Many of my followers mumbled agreements. "Have there been any possible sightings of either of them?" All shook their heads.

I sighed once more. "Alright, everybody. Please continue your search, and you are all dismissed. My personal advisors please stay behind. Goodnight all." I watched as the others trickled out.

Turning to my advisors, my family, I spoke. "Let's go to my office. There are things we need to discuss in private." As we were walking, I thought about what their reactions were going to be when I tell them my weekend plans. Once in my office, they all took a seat, with me standing in front of my desk. "I'm meeting Potter on Saturday." They just stared.

"You are joking Tom, right?" Narcissa, my sister in all but blood, was in a very big case of shock. So was the other in the room, except Lucius.

"No I am not joking."

"But why would you be meeting the brat that Dumbledore has convinced to kill you?" Good ole Bellatrix always concerned about my welfare, especially after the kidnapping.

"Because Lucius was contacted by Severus early this evening and stated that Potter wants to meet. Severus said that the information the boy has will tilt the Wizarding world on its axis, and it will have a profound effect on us all personally. They would come earlier, but they do not want to make Dumbledore suspicious by abruptly leaving," I said, sighing at the end.

"Alright Tom, just be careful okay? I have no idea as to why Harry wants to meet with you, but, considering this is Harry. Be extremely cautious." Remus was a tad scared for his friend and Harry. He was curious as to why Harry would suddenly want to meet with the 'Dark Lord,' as the Wizarding world calls him.

"I will Remus. You know I never go anywhere unprepared, no matter who I meet with."

"Okay, but we will be in the house when this meeting takes place. Severus will more than likely apparate in here. We will be downstairs in the family room. Take it or leave it." Sirius finally spoke up.

"Alright, you have a deal." I know it would have been pointless to argue with the man.

"We will take our leave, Tom. We know you have a lot to think about. Good night." With that final remark, my family left to go back to their own homes and other families.