Hello, everybody! I am so sorry for not updating in over a year. Life happened and was very difficult in 2012. I lost three family members within a span of three months, and my dad was diagnosed with cancer on top of all the rest. So to say it has been hard is an understatement. Thank you to everyone who continued to follow and review the story and followed me as a writer. I read every one of them and it made the days a little bit better. I am planning on rewriting the first three chapters to make them better and longer, but I will still continue to write regular chapters as well. Thanks again to all those for continued support!



Sunday, November 4

(Harry's POV)

The lights from spells illuminated the battlefield, casting an eerie glow across all who fought this night. I was looking for Voldemort, ready to exact my revenge against the man who killed my parents, my friends, and so many other wizarding families. I once again dodged the sickening green of the Killing Curse and the blood red Crucio, trying to protect others as I dodged so the tally of people killed because of me did not continue to rise. I saw a lone figure standing near the Whomping Willow, watching the fighting between the Dark and the Light. I knew that he was Lord Voldemort.

I began to make my way towards him, but every time I got closer, he would move further away, towards the Forbidden Forest. Ignoring the voice in my head telling me that this was a bad idea, I followed the murderer into the dark. He was standing in the center of a clearing, his back facing me. "Turn around and face me you coward!" But as Voldemort turned around, I was shocked. No longer was he the reptilian monster that came out of the cauldron at the end of my fourth year. He was the older version of the Tom Riddle I saw in the Chamber of Secrets.

"Hello, Harry." Riddle had no wand drawn, and there was no ill intent in his eyes.

"What's going on? Why are you not attacking me?" I was honestly confused.

Riddle sighed. "There are things that have been hidden from you all your life, Harry. Things that need to be explained before we go any further."

I warily lowered my wand, ready to start casting spells as soon as there was any sign he was about to attack me. "Well, start explaining then."

Riddle looked me straight in the eye. "This will be very hard to believe, Harry, but it is the truth." He paused, seemingly to gather the strength to finish his thought. "You are my son, Harry."

Before I had any time to process what he was saying, a body bind slammed into Riddle. I spun around, ready to confront whoever was lurking in the shadows of the trees surrounding us, when a voice I know well spoke. "Harry, my boy! I am surprised to see Tom still standing." Headmaster Dumbledore stepped from the tree line.

"Harry run! Get away from him!" Tom was struggling to free himself from the body bind, his wandless magic fighting to counteract Dumbledore's magic in the ropes. I was shocked to see unadulterated fear shining in his eyes, fear for me, fear at what Dumbledore might do to me.

I drew my wand, ready to get to the truth of the matter. "To answer your question, Headmaster, I thought I would give him a chance to explain himself." I used my connection in my scar to talk to Tom as well. "If you are truly my father, I am not about to leave you here alone to fend for yourself."

The constant twinkle in Dumbledore's eyes was slowly being extinguished. "My boy, there is nothing for him to explain. He is a cold blooded murderer." The warning bells in my head started going off, telling me to try and free Tom and get us both out of there now.

"Incarcerous!" The spell hit me, and I was now in the same predicament as Tom. Dumbledore must have seen something that gave away I was no longer trusting him. "I truly am sorry, Harry, but I cannot let you ruin all my carefully laid out plans. Crucio!"

The unexpectedness of the spell had me screaming from the pain before I could stop myself. It felt as if a thousand razors were cutting me from the inside. My back arched off the ground, trying to find any way to help with the pain. I could hear the blood pulsing in my ears, and underneath this and my screams, I could hear another voice screaming. "Harry! No, leave him out of this Albus! Your fight is with me! Leave my son alone!" The curse was stopped, and I slumped back against the ground.

I heard Dumbles chuckle. "I don't believe I can do that Tom. You see, I had it all planned that once Harry confronted you on the battle field and killed you, I would make it seem like he had an unfortunate accident or a stray Death Eater had killed him. I would then be the sole most powerful wizard in the world, with the Potter, Black, Gryffindor, Slytherin, and Peverell Vaults to use at my will."

I finally could open my eyes once the pain dimmed and stared in horror at Dumbledore. Here was the man, the man that had been my mentor all through Hogwarts, was ready to kill me for his own gain. I could feel the prickling of tears that so desperately wanted to flow freely down my face. I believed Tom now, there was no way I could not. He was trying to save me from the old man's schemes this whole time, but I was too blind to notice. Now, my father and I were going to be disposed of. I caught my father's attention and once more spoke through our link. "I am so sorry for all that has happened. I get this strange feeling that everything that has happened in my life has been because of Albus Dumbledore. I wish I would have grown up with you instead of the Dursley's. I know I just found out you are my father, but the fact that you are trying to help me be free of him… I now know what it is to have a father's unconditional love. I love you."

Father's eyes filled with tears, then determination. "I love you as well, my son. Always know that I loved you and will always love you. Death cannot stop that." He then spoke aloud to the old man. "Kill me and erase any knowledge he has about his life to this moment. Put a permanent glamour on him, and let him live his life in peace. Just let him live with the fact he had a mother and father that loved him and would have done anything for him. Please!"

The Headmaster sneered. "Tom Riddle, begging for the life of his child. How pathetic," he spat. He looked at me and an evil gleam entered his eyes. "I truly am sorry for the life you have had to live, Harry. But it was for the Greater Good. Say good bye to your father."

Albus Dumbledore raised his wand, and the green streak of Avada Kedavra went straight to my father.

"DAD, NO!"

My eyes shot open, and I scrambled from the bed. I had to make sure that the nightmare was just that and nothing more. I ran through the halls, trying to find my way through the maze back to the den on the first floor. By the time I found the stairs, I was panicking. I had not met anyone else in the halls, not even a house elf. I ran down the stairs into the den. No one was there.

I curled up in a ball in front of the hearth and started sobbing. "Daddy, where are you?" Soon, my brain was too overwhelmed with fear and panic to function anymore. I let the painless darkness consume me.

Saturday Night, November 3

(Tom's POV)

I walked back into the den after carrying Harry upstairs, furious with the way my family treated my son before allowing him to explain anything. Sirius was sitting in front of the fire, blankly staring into the flames. Dora was curled up in Remus's lap, sobbing. The Malfoys and Severus were standing in a corner of the room, probably trying to stay as far from the others at this point so they would not hex them for their stupidity. Rodolphus, Rabastan, and Bellatrix had left the room, the effects of Azkaban still leaving them weary. "I hope you all have a good explanation as to why you treated Harry as if he were the scum of the earth. Yes, I understand that he did not look like the Harry Potter we have known all these years, but you should have still given him the chance to explain. You should also have enough faith in me to not allow anyone to meet you all, especially when it is a great danger to your safeties." They all had the grace to look sheepish.

"We are all so very sorry, Tom. It's just… he looked exactly like you, except Lily's eyes were staring at us. It was a shock to see who we had all believed to be Harry Potter, the symbol of the Potters' betrayal to our side, be your missing son, my missing godson. To hear Harry call us by our nicknames that only very few were able to get away with, it threw us for an additional loop. I doubt any of us can honestly say we will forgive ourselves anytime soon, much less you." Sirius had started pacing during his apology, becoming more and more agitated as he went on.

I went to him and grabbed him by the shoulders. "I forgave you all the minute I started carrying him upstairs. I knew this would come as a terrible shock to all of you. I can guarantee Harry will forgive you all. He has just found us; I doubt he would suddenly start being unforgiving. Unless it was Dumbledore, Granger, or the youngest two Weasleys, then all bets are off."

"Why has he suddenly come forward with this? What has that manipulative old codger done to Harry?" Remus's wolf was hovering beneath the surface, enraged with any possible thought that his cub was harmed.

I sat down wearily, beckoning Lucuis, Narcissa, Draco, and Severus to sit as well. "I'm not about to ask all of you to remain calm, because I know you all will not. Just please do not go and try to exact revenge at this time. We need to plan this so there will be no chance for any of the 'Light' to try and stop us." After I had an agreement from them all, I launched into the tale that brought my lost son home. I could see the anger and rage slowly building in them all. But there was also the pain of the thought that Harry had to suffer all this heartbreak at his young age.

When I was done sharing the details, I had to quickly reinforce the anti – apparition wards and lock the doors to the room. Sirius, Remus, and Lucius had tried to make a break for it to go and exact revenge for their godson. "Calm down! Now!" When that did not work, I sent a mild stinging hex at the men. It was enough to gain their attention once more. "Sit down, now." They obeyed and I quickly raided the liquor cabinet for a bottle of Ogden's Firewhiskey and pour each of us a stiff drink.

"You cannot just go after them. There needs to be a plan in place in order to insure Harry's safety. That is of the utmost importance. If Dumbledore were to manage to find out that Harry knows his true heritage, what is to stop him from killing Harry now? I will not take that chance."

Lucius sighed. "We know, Tom. It is just that hearing this makes my blood boil with rage."

I nodded my head, a yawn escaping while I was at it. "I know this as well. Mine did the same even before I knew he was my son." Glancing at the clock, I was shocked to find it was nearing midnight. "I suggest that we all head to bed to absorb everything we have been told. We will all need to be alert and awake enough to show Harry the life he was meant to live."

We all headed to our respective rooms, a hope for a peaceful morning to be dashed.

Sunday Morning, November 4


I awoke the next morning, a big smile plastered on my face. I could not wait to get to know my true son, not the son that had been molded into a 'perfect weapon' for the so called 'Light.' I quickly went through my morning routine, eager to wake my son and get the day started. I would have such a limited amount of time to be with him today that I was going to make the most of it. When I reached his room, I quietly opened his door and stepped inside, not wanting to wake him just yet.

But my heart stopped in fear when I saw his bed empty, his bedding indicating either a struggle, or Harry being a very active sleeper. I checked his en suite bathroom: empty. I was starting to panic. Harry did not need to be roaming the Manor alone. There are so many dark arts traps and curses scattered over the Manor that only those keyed into the wards by me personally can easily traipse through the Manor unharmed. Harry was not yet keyed in. My magic was registering my fear and causing an alarm to sound. Everyone was quickly in the room, seeing what I saw, and I could see their fears coming alight.

"We'll find him, Tom. He can't have gone too far in the Manor." Severus gripped my shoulder. "We will find him." Everyone split up, trying to shorten the amount of time it would take to search the entirety of the Manor. I calmed myself so that I may be able to feel if the bond we once had was once again awake now that Harry knew the truth. My worries were eased some once there was a resounding tug on the bond, leading me swiftly back to the den. This was the last place Harry had consciously been in, so it would make sense for him to go to the last place he remembered. I was still shocked that he had made it down there. Yet, my heart would not rest until I knew he made it to the den unharmed.

I ran to the den, hoping my little boy was there, safe and unharmed. I just got him back, please God don't take my boy from me again when I only just found him again. Throwing open the doors, I almost collapsed to my knees. Harry was there, curled up asleep on the hearth by the fire. I went to him about to wake him when I saw the tear tracks on his pale cheeks. I gently stroked said cheek, watching as his eyes fluttered open. I saw the sadness and pain lurking in his emerald green depths. When his eyes locked on mine, the tears started again. Harry threw himself into my arms, sobbing for all he was worth. I silently sent my Patronus, a basilisk, to others letting them know I found Harry and to come to the den.

I gathered my son into my arms, rocking him as he cried. The family slowly started trickling in, worried by our appearance. Harry started to only sniffle, so I pulled back, tilting his face in order to look at him. "What happened to cause you to be so upset, my son."

His reply was slow to come, but when it did, I became enraged. "I dreamed we were fighting at Hogwarts; I followed you to the Forbidden Forest. You told me I was your son; Dumbledore got the drop on us. He put us both in a body bind, and used the Cruciatus curse on me. You begged him to stop, to k – k – kill you instead in order to save me. I sat there and watched as he killed you. I woke up and had to find you. I couldn't remember where your office was; I headed here hoping to find you. When I didn't find you, I thought my dream was true."

He started sobbing once more, and I continued to rock him. Everyone else was saddened to see their beautiful boy in so much sorrow from one dream. Narcissa went to the kitchen, summoning some house elves to help her start breakfast.

I just sat and held my son close, hoping to reassure him that I will always be there for him because I loved him.