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A young boy dragged his feet through thick snow up to his ankles. He shivered and hugged himself as he pushed himself against the freezing winter wind. The boy had shocking white hair that covered his meek, glowing emerald eyes.

He wore a black and white HAZMAT suit with white gloves and combat boots. The boy walked on, dragging his feet as he made his way through a thick forest. Finally, a large castle appeared from behind the curtain of snow that threatened to shove his frail form back.

As he managed to get out of the thick forest he finally collapsed on the exhaustion. He was ready to die and join those who had loved him in the past but were now gone. Just as he was going to submit to his exhaustion and unconsciousness, two pairs of feet made they're way towards him.

The boy looked up to see two men staring at him. They both had big beards and strange clothing.

One of the men was old; he had a white beard and hair, he had half moon glasses (AN: that's what they're called right?).

The other was even taller and rougher looking; he had a dark jet black beard and hair and wore a strange old style shirt and pants.

Memories of men wearing similar clothing flooded into the child's mind, memories of the dead bodies of the ones he loved, memories of being chained from head to toe, memories of starving times, memories of pain inducing whips and spells, memories of cruel men forcing him into their submission and into the poor state in which he currently was, memories of a cruel snake like man torturing him days on end and his pain inducing wand.

The young boy weakly lifted himself from the icy snow and crawled away. But he suddenly couldn't take it anymore. He collapsed ones more and the last thing he saw was the men walking towards him.

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