It was surreal waking up to the real world again. Before it was as if I was in dreamland, reliving every moment I could remember. And many that I didn't. When I woke up and said that I couldn't remember the dance or who attacked me, I was telling the truth. I honestly couldn't. I was scared, absolutely terrified of something or someone. I remembered that. I remember dancing with James and feeling safe. Then something happened. I was scared again, but not for myself. I was scared for James. I just can't remember why.

The nurse told me that when I got to the hospital wing, I was in a bad shape. Luckily, however, she thinks that she caught me at the perfect time to make sure that my injuries didn't have too much lasting damage. The psychological damage that I had sustained wouldn't go away for a while however. As much as magic helped the physical, she told me, it could do nothing for the mental. Wizards were as far behind as muggles in that aspect of healing.

When I woke up, I was so tired. The nurse was standing over me and I about had a heart attack until I recognized that she meant me no harm. Then Sirius had shown up with… Professor Dumbledore, I think. Honestly some of my time at Hogwarts was fuzzy. People that I didn't connect personally with were hazy in my memory. Teachers. Random classmates. I could barely remember them when I strained myself.

The nurse told me that I just need to sleep and my memory should return to normal. I told her that I didn't belong here. At least, I thought to myself, not as Lily. I needed to escape and change back into Laurence before anyone got too suspicious. If that was possible. I knew that Sirius would help as much as possible. The nurse refused to let me go. She said that I had to at least spend the night at the castle. I didn't think that it would help my case to argue, so I just settled back into bed and went back to sleep. Hoping that when morning came, I wouldn't be in too deep a shit pile.

The nurse released me early the next morning, after one final checkup. She hadn't been happy. She told me that I should stay for at least another day, but I told her that I really needed to get back home. I changed back into my dress from the dance and slipped on my transfigured ballet flats. As much as I loved hospital clothes, I was very happy to get back into comfortably familiar clothing. Though I knew that these clothes held some bad memories that I couldn't access.

I slipped into the prefect bathroom the second I knew that no one could see me. Thank god for knowing the password. I transfigured a few towels into guy clothes and did all the necessary charms. Before I knew, Laurence was staring at me from the mirror.

"Let's get this over with." I told myself. A bit shocked at how deep my voice sounded again. It was easy to forget when I was Lily.

I walked to the tower and told the Fat Lady the password.

"You may enter." She swung open and I entered the common room. I want to say that I was prepared for the guys' reactions, but, quite frankly, I wasn't.

"Laurence!" I heard my 'name' being shouted from across the common room. I walked over. "You're back!"

"Ugh, yeah, I am." I was a little confused. That is, until Sirius stepped in.

"How was your visit at home?" He asked with a pointed look.

"Oh, yeah pretty good. Mum was happy to see me." I faked a smile.

"Did you hear about Lily?" Remus asked. I faked surprise as well as I could.

"You guys heard?" They all nodded. "Yeah, I did hear. She's doing fine though. She still can't remember most of the night though."

"You're sure she's going to be okay?" James pressed. The look in his eyes wasn't one I recognized.
"Absolutely positive. The only thing left that's wrong is the memory. And she should get that back eventually." I nodded to myself.

"She can't remember who attacked her? I'd bet ten galleons and my broomstick on it being that git of an ex-boyfriend." James said with malice in his voice.

"Alan?" I whispered. "Alan was there?" I looked at Sirius who had an odd expression. Almost like guilt.

"Yeah. She was terrified of him. We were dancing," He looked a bit sheepish. "I hope that's okay." I nodded when he looked at me then signaled for him to go on. "Then he came over and started arguing with us. I told him to back off. Next thing I know, I was waking up in the hospital wing and Lily was missing." The events of that came flooding back to me. I remembered some of it now.

"He hit you?" I whispered.

"Yeah. The little toe rag knocked me out." James looked pissed. In fact, they all looked pissed.

"Are you okay" I asked.

"Yeah. Fine. The nurse fixed me up in a couple of hours." I looked him over. He seemed to be fine, but I wasn't sure. He had a slight bruise on the bridge of his nose that was almost completely covered by his glasses.

I decided that he would be fine, after all playing Quidditch had to toughen anyone up (bloody bludgers). I still felt tired and it would be nice to sleep in my own bed for once.

"Right, all. I'm exhausted. I'm off to take a bit of a nap. I'll see you later." With chorusing 'byes' and a few waves I went up the stairs to the dorm. I barely had enough energy to change into my pajamas and sink into bed. I was asleep as soon as I closed my eyes.

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