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Note: Okay, so here's a new multi-chapter Klaine story! I've done a ton of Klaine oneshots, but this is my first Klaine full-blown story. Inspired by the Keane (and Warblers) song, "Somewhere Only We Know," this is a new retelling of the Kurt and Blaine saga. Narrated from Blaine's first-person point of view. Let's get to it!

"Hi, what's your name?" I looked up to see a brown-haired boy with pale eyes looking down at me.

"Blaine," I said shyly.

"I'm Kurt," he replied with a soft lisp. "I'm four."

I gave him a tiny smile. "Me, too." He shuffled his feet in the dirt. "Wanna join me in the sandbox?" I offered.

"Sure," he sat down cautiously.

I gave him a strange look. "It's just sand."

Kurt laughed, but made himself more comfortable. "Wanna make a castle?" I asked.

His face brightened up. "Like a princess castle?"


He broke into a wide grin. "I like princesses. My favorite one is Jasmine, from Aladdin."

My mouth fell open. "She's my favorite, too!"

It was Kurt's turn to look at me in disbelief. "No suh!"

I blushed. "So wanna make her palace?" Kurt nodded, and got right to work. He was very methodical in his building, making sure everything was neat and straight. "So…is Aladdin your favorite movie?" I asked him.

He nodded. "I like all the Disney ones, really," he added. Half an hour later, our castle was complete. "It's beautiful," he whispered in awe. I had to agree.

"Where do you live, Kurt?" I asked suddenly. He looked startled by the sudden question.

"Over there," he pointed to the houses on the left side of the park. "With my mommy and daddy."

"You don't have any brothers or sisters?" I thought everyone was supposed to have a brother or sister!

"No," he shook his head sadly. "I wish I had a sister, though."

I nodded, understanding. "Oh, there's my mommy," he pointed to a lady that looked like him. "I guess I'll see you later, Blaine."

"Bye, Kurt," I waved after him, finding myself wishing he didn't have to go so soon. I saw my own mommy then. "Mom, I made a new friend today. His name is Kurt, and he likes Princess Jasmine, too."

Mommy smiled. "That's nice, sweetie."

"Kurt's really cute," I told her as we began walking home. She gave me a funny look, and didn't say anything. I wondered what I'd said wrong, but not for long. All I could think about was my new friend, Kurt.

The next day

I ran into Kurt at the park again. I saw him sitting by himself on the swings, and ran up to him. "Hi, Kurt!" He looked at me sadly, and a tear ran down his cheek. "What's wrong?" I asked, sitting down on the swing next to him.

"My mommy's sick," he whispered. "She has something called cancer, and she has to go to the hospital." He began to cry harder.

"Don't cry," I begged, reaching out to hold his hand. "Kurt, please, don't cry!"

He squeezed my hand and sniffled. "I l-l-love my mommy," he gasped through his tears.

"She's gonna be okay, Kurt," I whispered. I leaned over and kissed him quickly on the cheek, turning red as I did so.

"Why'd you kiss me?" he looked confused.

"That's what my sister does when I cry," I said. "And it makes me feel better."

He brushed his tears away. "Thanks, Blaine."

"You're welcome," I replied politely. Kurt got off the swing then and hugged me. My tummy felt all fluttery.

"Let me walk you home," I offered.

"But I can't cross the street by myself!"

I smiled. "But you're not by yourself. You're with me." He gave me a tiny smile. I stood up and took his small, soft hand in mine. "I'm right here, Kurt. Everything's gonna be okay."