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September 21, 2082

I almost couldn't deal with going to Kurt's funeral. I wanted to stay home, to sit in our room and smell his scent on his clothes and his pillow. I wanted to cry and be alone, not see him lying in that coffin, cold and dead, dead, dead.

"Dad? Is this outfit okay?" Elizabeth asked me gently.

I looked over at the clothes she'd laid out on the bed, a powder-blue vest, white shirt, and black trousers. "That's fine," I whispered. "That was his favorite vest. He loved it. He would've…would've wanted this."

She nodded. "I'll bring them to the funeral home now." I watched her gather up the outfit, one that Kurt had designed himself and prided himself on, and walk out of the room. I broke into tears again, picking up his pillow and holding it to my chest, loving that his scent was still on it. I breathed him in, feeling as if he were still there with me. "Kurt," I whispered. "Why?"

September 22, 2082

I stood in weary silence at his funeral, trying not to look at his body in that coffin. A soft smile was spread across his face and his arms were by his side, as he'd requested. I took a small step towards him, a plastic yellow rose in my hands, which I tucked in with him. It was a private thing between us.

"Here honey," I presented him the bouquet of yellow roses, eleven real, one fake.

"Aww, that's so sweet," he pressed them to his nose. "But one's fake, Blaine."

"I'll love you until the last one dies," I whispered.

"You're so corny," he rolled his eyes. "But it's still sweet. You know, the yellow rose represents love everlasting."

"I know," I nodded. "That's why I'll love you until the last one dies."

I almost couldn't deliver the eulogy. I stepped up to the podium, trembling in sorrow. I looked out upon all of the faces, all of Kurt and my family and friends. Finn and Rachel were still around, as were Brittany, Sam, Artie, and Mercedes. Tina had passed away two years ago, leaving behind a devastated Artie. Naturally, our children and grandchildren were there, as well as some of Kurt's former co-workers and students.

"Kurt and I were married for sixty-seven years. We'd known each other for eighty-five years. It was an instant friendship." I took a shuddering breath. "And for me, it was love at first sight." Another shuddering breath. "I loved him more than I could've possibly loved anyone or anything. He was my world. He was my light. I would've gone to the ends of the Earth for Kurt." I had to stop to collect my thoughts. "He was more than my husband. He was my best friend. He and I have two beautiful children, and two extraordinary grandchildren. Kurt was a beloved father, grandfather, and colleague, as well as a teacher. I don't know how I'll get on without him," I broke off into a sob. "I don't know…Kurt…" I collapsed in a fit of sobs, keening over the podium, crying until Mei came up and gently guided me away.

I couldn't watch them lower him into the ground. I had to look away, had to cling on to Mercedes for comfort. I took gasping, heaving breaths in. Finn murmured some words; Kurt had requested that he speak in lieu of a priest or a pastor. I could tell that it was taking all that he could to hold it together. He truly did love his stepbrother. My baby was gone. My simple thing, my darling, my sweetheart, my true love, my soulmate. "I love you," I murmured, finally casting my eyes towards his new gravesite. "Forever."

February 17, 2083


They say my father died of natural causes. After all, he was nearly ninety years old.

But I beg to differ.

He died of a broken heart.

I know my father couldn't carry on without dad. And how could he, really? He loved my dad like nothing I'd ever seen. Their love was immortal, and although my dad wasn't religious, I know he's in the afterlife with my father, that they're together after nearly six months of painful, painful separation. Every time I saw my father after my dad's funeral, he was fading a little more, drawing further away from me and my sister, becoming quieter and more reserved. He never went anywhere without a piece of my dad with him, whether it be a picture, scarf, handkerchief, or even my dad's old clothes.

Before he died, my father handed me a journal he'd kept in his younger years. I poured over it night after night, reading about his friendship, and later, relationship with my dad. Tears plopped onto the yellowed pages as I discovered things about my dads that I had never known before. I learned that my dad had been abused by his own father, a man whom I'd never met, and now was glad that I hadn't. I learned that my dad had lost his early-childhood memories due to the abuse, and that when my father was finally reunited with him, he didn't remember him, and had even denied that he was gay, something that had devastated my father. My father had been heartbroken when my estranged grandfather took my dad away. He poured all of his emotions out into that journal, the one that I can see out of the corner of my eye as it lies on my dresser. Since the day that I received this one, I have found countless other journals in my father's closet, the most recent of which dates all the way up to the day he died.

Dear Journal,

I can't keep going on without Kurt. I'm going to see him now. Tonight, I hope my angel takes me in his arms and takes me away, where we can be together forever, in peace at last. I've missed him all too much, and finally, I am to see him again. His heart was too big to live, and seeing as how a piece of my heart lay within his, my time has come to go with him.

Our story will be immortalized. A love found, lost, and found again. A love that stood the test of time. A love that will continue to last the ages. A love that was always meant to be.

Love always, Blaine

The End