Lucius' POV, therefore the short sentences ; )

I was watching "The Village" and the scene where the monsters come, while Ivy waits for Lucius... Gorgeous! Definitely one of my all time favourite movies scenes ever!

For those who don't know the movie: I, II, III are the three main rules of the village, JFYI!

Reviews are highly appreciated, as always 3


Let the Bad Colour not be seen. It attracts them.


Do not enter the woods. This is where they wait.


Heed the warning bell, for they are coming.


They are coming.


And the whole village and everyone is upset.

Windows are being closed and doors hut.

People are running home, into safety.

But not me.

I help my mother closing the window.

I see her confused and frightened look when she realizes I'm not coming in.

But I can't.

I have no desire to do so.

As soon the door is closed, I press against the sidewall of our house,

Trying to keep my breathe quiet.

They are coming.

I hear one of them who we don't speak of scratching with its long claws over the door

Covered in a Red cape.

My heart is racing.

My mind is racing.

I cannot control it.

And then I run.

I run through the streets and I daon't care if they see me or not.

Because I am not afraid of getting hurt.

The men say I am braver than anyone else in the village.

But not tonight.

They are coming.

At the moment I am as scared as them.

Maybe even more.

Because I don't know where you are.

And so I silently beg and pray that you are safe and inside the house with your family.

But somehow I cannot believe that.

Because I know you.

And I run around the corner and there you stand.

In front of your open door, your blind eyes looking out into the darkness and you're trembling of fear.

One hand holding out into the night, waiting.

And I know whom is it for.

They are coming.

But you stand there while your sister is screaming for you to come in.

You don't move, still holding your hand out in my direction and I run for it.

They are coming.

Slowly only a few metres away from you, one of Those We Don't Speak Of appears.

And it's reaching one of its claws for you.

I run and everything is silent and slow.

I see only you and you see nothing.

But I am sure you feel it is coming.

Nonetheless you stand there, waiting with your hand.

Because you know me.

I am ten metres away and I see you trembling when it comes near.

And I reach for your hand, seeing only you.


The sound of your voice saying my name is yelling in my head. You said my name so many times and I want to hear it again and again.

To the memories of you I hear my own voice now in my head.


And then I am right in front of you and I take your hand and pull you inside.

Your eyes widen in surprise.

We rush in and close the door.

And I take you to the steps down where your family waits.

And we go down, sitting in the small chamber,

Hearing only Those We Don't Speak Of over our heads, mixed with our heavy breathes.

You are safe.

To me, nothing else matters.

You're sitting at my side, your head suddenly turning in surprise.

Your right hand.

I still have it in mine.

It is cold of the night and the fear.

And I hold it as tight as possible.

And I won't let it go until I have to.

Because your warmth is the one I want to feel.

Because your eyes are the ones I want to see.

Because your voice is the one I want to hear.

Because you are the one I need to know safe.

Because I love you, Ivy Walker.