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Pairings: Kodi/Kirby (Slash)

Rated: K

Warning: Contains Gay Content

A Story Of The Forbidden in the real title for this story

Just so you know ArcticWolf91 let me have all of his stories and don't worry I asked him plus I feel really that he's moved on from the site but luckily I'm here to carry on his work

The wind started to pick up. Kodi was just standing in the outskirts of the town of Nome and could see the mountains. He saw the sun rise right behind it and just stared, wishing it would have ended another way.

About 6 months ago, Balto waited for his son and the team to arrive from the delivery they had to make. It was his job and he was very proud of him.


The lead dog was named Kirby, he was fast but not as fast as Balto or Steele. He was just fast enough to deliver the mail on time but his best friend, Kodi was the second fastest dog.

He was only on the team for almost a year, but got to be second best only because Kirby taught him as a pup, when he was first brought into the family. The next two dogs are Dusty and Ralph, they had something going on between each looked happy together and they were, they are mates.

The next two are Kano and Hank, they're wheel dogs and they are great friends, the only problem they had was that they were prejudice and they hated anyone different from them, like wolves or half-breeds, like Balto.

Balto stood at the porch of the Post Office, he wanted to see his son Kodi since he was almost never in Nome. He would go with his team and make deliveries, he was always busy.

He woke up early today just for Kodi then saw Jenna walk up to him from a couple of feet away.

"She's so beautiful he said to himself" I'm so lucky.

"The team is not suppose to be here for about another hour" she said as she walked up the stairs of the porch. "I know" He said with a smile

"But I want to be here just in case he gets here early" Jenna said smiling and then yawned. She then laid down next to Balto and waited together for their son's arrival.

About five miles away from Nome, Kirby and his team were running back home. Kodi couldn't wait to see his parents again, it's been so long.

He could now see the houses near the outskirts of the little town, he smiled then looked at his left. He saw Kirby with a serious face, he's been a bit serious lately but nobody knew why.

He remembered how he used to run with him across the beach and train him to become a great runner, they would run everyday. If it wasn't for him, he would never be second best in such a short amount of time.

Kirby was only a year and a half older than Kodi and it would take a lot of work to make him top dog. He would need to make his master and musher to notice him is the best and that is what he intended to do.

Kodi looked forward again and could see the Post Office in front of him. He saw his parents in the distance waiting for him. "Finally" He said "we're home again." Kodi said smiling.

"Yeah" Ralph said smiling as well. The musher stopped them in the front of the building and untied the dogs from their harness.

He then took out six bowls and laid them down in front of all his dogs, he went in and came out about a minute later with food.

He then placed the food in the bowl and took the mail inside. Everyone started to eat, but Kodi just left the food there to go talk to his parents.

"Mom, Dad!" Kodi yelled with joy running to them

"Kodi!" They both said in unison then he nuzzled his mom and then dad.

"You're going pretty fast, sooner or later, you'll make it to be top dog" He said with a smile with support of his son "How was your trip? Was it great?" she said with excitement.

"Thanks dad and yeah, my trip was great, how are you doing?" He said "We are doing should go eat your food or else you'll must be really hungry." she said with the tone of a worried mother.

"I am actually, I think after I'll go to bed and sleep afterwards" He suggested "There will be more mail and we need to get some rest before we go out." He said said with a sense of responsibility and after yawning

"That's great" Balto said smiling

"We will be at your mother's house if you need anything..I hope to see you later in the day" He said "I think you will, I'll only rest for a while then I'll catch up with you later" He said and his father and mother left him to finish eating his food.

Kodi walked up to his teammates that where almost done eating. He has his bowl filled to the top with dog food and walked up to eat.

Halfway done he lifted his head and noticed that Ralph, Kano and Dusty left to go and get a long rest for tomorrow's delivery.

"We'll meet you in the boiler room" said Dusty looking back at Kodi.

"Ok..We'll catch up later" He said

They continued eating until Kirby broke the silence and said,"Oh no, it's going to snow." Kodi looked up again and felt something cold touch his nose, it was a snowflake, the first of the season.

He saw a huge black cloud coming his way from the east.

"You think it will snow hard tomorrow?" Keno said.

" I think it will start to snow tonight, I hope it doesn't snow a lot, we won't be able to make the delivery if it dose." Kirby said still looking up.

"Well, if we do make a delivery then there will be a lot of snow on the ground, we have to go and get some rest, we're going to need a lot of energy for running across the snow." Kodi said trying to sound like a leader.

"Your right...we have to go" He said," Are you done eating Hank?"

"Yeah...let's go" He said

They walked down the street and it started to snow a little harder, as they walked Kodi couldn't help but notice Kirby wasn't happy.

He looked depressed, like if someone he knew and cared about died. Kodi didn't know what to say. He didn't want to hurt his feelings, but he didn't want his best friend to keep it inside. He had to talk, but before he could say anything, Hank was the one who asked him first.

"What's the matter Kirb?" Keno said worried

"Huh, oh, nothing." He responded with a sad tone.

"You don't look to happy, are you sure everything's Ok?" He said with a little more worry "'s me." He said with a growing smile, trying to hide his emotions.

"Well, if you say so." Hank said and then ran towards the boiler room that is now a few yards away. "You know that smile won't trick me" Kodi said stated

"I don't know what you're talking about." Kirby said looking away nervously "You know what I'm talking've been like this for a while now, so tell me, what's the matter?" He demanded

"Look I'm just tired ok!" Kirby yelled and then walked into the boiler room and laid down.

Kodi didn't understand why he acted the way he did, he used to be playful and happy-go-lucky, now he is always serious and tuff whenever he is was around him.

Was it something I said? What it something I did? " He thought

He asked everyone if they knew why he was acting so different around him, if anything was wrong but they didn't know and started to get a bit worried.

Kodi then went inside and saw everyone asleep, he looked around to try to find Kirby, but was no where in sight.

He walked in and laid down next to the boiler.

He gave out a sigh and fell to sleep.

First story he ever wrote, be nice about it. More chapters coming up.