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While there's a whole medley of different pairings in this fandom (there aren't any here, f.y.i., this is just a gen fic), and tons of bromance, there's a severe lack of Conner and Wally bonding/fluff/etc. I'm not sure why... I mean, all throughout the pilot episode, Wally was the one doing his best to include Superboy, treating him like a friend and a member of the team in a really casual, "I'm not being especially nice to overcompensate for your awful life so far" kind of way. He was being legit, yanno? Aqualad was being nice too, but if I were in Supes' position, I would want someone to laugh and joke with me, like I wasn't some freak of nature.


Kid Flash has never been known for holding back; and seeing one of his friends get hurt pushes him past his limits in a way not much else can.

They were in the Cave with Batman, the Flash and Martian Manhunter, recieving a lecture from The Man of Steel himself via satellite after their latest mission. Kid Flash watched with some interest as Superman gave a tired old speech about the importance of communication and teamwork. It wasn't like they'd done anything necessarily wrong- the older heroes were just upset that they hadn't called in, but seriously, they'd had everything covered.

The only thing stopping him from folding his arms and sighing really loudly was knowing that Barry would be upset with him for it. Getting yelled at by Superman wasn't all that scary; getting yelled at by the Flash, though, was something he would avoid at all costs. So he remained at attention like the rest of them, mind wandering vaguely, and tried not to get twitchy as the lecture lengthened.

"And you Superboy. I'm very disappointed in you."

That got his head up fast. He was very aware, suddenly, of Conner at his side. He risked a sidelong glance at the clone, and saw Superboy clench his fists so hard it looked like it hurt. Kid Flash looked back up at the computer monitor, in something close to disbelief.

"You endangered hundreds of lives! You should have alerted me immediately."

Shut up, Kid Flash thought to himself hundred times in the space of three seconds. Look at his face, dude, that's enough.

Batman seemed to agree. "Superman- "

"Stop defending them," the Boy Scout snapped, and Wally's heart soared when the Flash's voice rose up next.

"They did a good job today," the speedster said, in a tone that could calm Wally's temper even at it's hottest, "even if they forgot a few things here and there. Fires are tricky, we all know that, but no one got hurt."

Superman slammed down a fist and Wally's attention refocused. "That isn't the point. The point is, Superboy, I expected more of you. I'm very disappointed."

Superboy's eyes dropped to the floor, and boundaries had officially been crossed.

"Like you have any right to be," Kid Flash snapped before his good sense could catch up to his mouth. He was staring straight at the computer, meeting Superman glare for glare; there was some aborted motion behind him. Maybe the Flash tried to move forward to intervene and Batman stopped him. Yeah right, like Batman's not about to Batarang me himself.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Superman's voice was like ice. If Wally were feeling particularly intelligent, he would've backed off.

But he wasn't. Because Conner's face, for just one second, had been so open and full of hurt that Kid Flash would rather die than let those words go unchallenged.

"It's not a one-way street, this mentor thing," Kid Flash said, finally folding his arms in the purest expression of a stubborn teenager. "You don't get to be disappointed in him unless you can be proud of him too. Supey's come along way since we found him at Cadmus- he's seriously insanely awesome in a fight, and I'm glad I have him on my team. I'm proud of him, and so are they." He gestured widely at his comrades.

"Wally," Robin hissed, sounding almost pained, his hand clenching Wally's arm; Wally ignored it.

"You're out of line," Superman said finally, glaring so fiercely that Kid Flash was vaguely concerned for his computer.

"I don't care." He tipped his head to the side a little, narrowing his eyes with a smirk. Robin's hand tightened painfully on his arm and someone gave a gasp of surprise as he said, "You don't scare me, Big Blue."

That did it. "These children need a lesson in respect." Superman was pissed. Maybe he did more harm than good. He shifted his weight, unrepentent. "I'll leave that to you, Batman." The transmition ended and Kid let out a breath of relief.

"Glad that's over," he said with a slight grin. When he turned around, everyone was staring at him; he tensed up a little, feeling flight mode kick in even though he wasn't in any legitimate danger. Then again, Batman was striding forward now and the instincts screaming at him to run made a lot more sense.

He wouldn't, though. He meant every word, every one, and whatever punishment he recieved would be worth it.

I don't care if he kicks me out of the league, he thought, feeling his resolve strengthen with each step Batman took towards him. He couldn't bring himself to glance over at the Flash. It was worth it, for Conner's sake.

Batman stood in front of him for a moment, regarding him silently; and Kid Flash stared back passively, resolved and ready to face the music.

Then Superboy stepped in front of him.