Summertime in Surrey was hot; its inhabitants more likely to brave the heat in their cooled houses than walk about under the sun's rays. The wilting flower beds and dying grass a mere testament to their caretakers faded presence. Among the many houses lining the street of Privet Drive was number four, the residence of the Dursleys, which was slightly different in this regard, the family missing from the immaculately clean house as they were visiting a relative and her bulldog companion. However the house was not left empty, cramped alone in a small cupboard under the stairs laid Harry Potter.

Although cooled from the unrelenting heat outside Harry Potter was still burning up in a different fashion. Lying atop his mattress, Harry panted, drawing in a shaky breath as sweat creased his forehead. It had been a day or two after the Dursleys had left that he had come down with a slight cough, Harry thinking nothing of it at the time left it be. By the fourth day when the cough persisted Harry raided the Dursleys medicine cabinet looking for anything that could stem the soreness of his throat and slight fever that was ravaging his slight body. Finding a small bottle of cough suppressant he swallowed the recommended amount before collapsing on the sofa in the living-room where an uneasy rest took him.

It had been six days since that time, the cough suppressant long gone still tucked into the corner of the bathroom where it had rolled into after he consumed the last of its contents leaving it to drop from his hand.

His body seized as a cough hacked its way from his lungs trying to be rid of the mucus that clogged his swollen throat. Opening his eyes Harry took in the sights around him absently noticing the hazing occurring at the edges of his vision. The cupboard door was left open to the interior of the house allowing the air conditioning into his small abode, light from the hallway spilled into the dark creases of his cupboard banishing away the darkness that usually stained his walls. Numerous knickknacks perched themselves on the small shelves that lined the walls, ratty worn bedding took up much of the floor space and left a lingering sent of fevered sweat that had soaked into the thin sheets. In his hand the only photo his aunt Petunia had ever given him, it was his present for his eighth birthday last year, in it a beautiful young woman was smiling at the camera the wind tugging at her red locks as her green eyes captured the cameras attention.

Looking over to the open doorway the encroaching darkness seizing the boundaries of his vision and moving inward Harry noticed a looming figure kneeling down as emerald eyes and ruby red hair filled in the only space the darkness had not yet taken. With thoughts of the person in the photo in mind uneasy words worked themselves past his lips.


Standing atop the house across from number four Privet Drive a figure sharply dressed and draped in red fanned "herself" from the summer's heat.

"There are so many better ways to make a lady sweat then this!" the figure exclaimed as "she" dropped down onto the sidewalk and swiftly walked across the street and up to the door of number four, her heels clicking on the pavement.

Opening the door to admit entry Grell Sutcliff stepped into number four, the cool interior a welcome relief as it quickly swept the heat of outside from Grell's body as the door shut itself behind him. Reaching into "her" coat Grell extracted a large book before flipping to a page before reading.

Harry James Potter

Born 31, July 1980

Death: 27, July 1988

(Asphyxiation-Streptococcal pharyngitis)

Cupboard under the stairs, number four

Privet Drive.

Looking over to the cupboard Grell clucked his tongue, such a lowly way to die, where was the flair, the excitement, where was the passionate red that stained any and everything it came into contact with. Moving towards the cupboard Grell knelt down as he looked at his charge.

A blue tinge took to the boy's lips, on his pale face, the hint of red in his cheeks standing out starkly against his white skin. A rattling breath was sucked in as his eyes slowly roamed over the inside of his deathbed, before settling on Grell "herself" vivid green eyes so much like her own unseeingly drinking in "her" frame, seizing Grell in their gaze and stirring a passion that was only tempered before by the lovely embrace of red.


Looking in to those unfocussed green eyes as the boy below "her" drew in another shaky breath and his small body struggled to continue breathing struck Grell as one of the boy's hands slowly worked themselves over to where "she" knelt. Oh how the boy tugged at some unseen strings of "her" heart working their way to the center stage of his thoughts, those raven locks stuck to his paraffin face with sweat and the lovely tinge of his much beloved red coating his cheeks mirroring a blush of the most sensual. The struggle of his young body as it fought to keep him in the realm of the living was beautiful, something for the first time Grell thought would be sullied by the quiet stillness that was death.

It was in that moment as young Harry reached outward to "her" that Grell made a decision, she was a Shinigami it was her job to decide who lived or died, true she never before let someone live after cutting them with her Death Scythe most reapers didn't, but it was within their power. Taking the thin hand of Harry in her own, Grell gently reached over and lifted Harry's frame from his worn bedding.

"Yes, now come my little lamb, let me take you into my bosom of death, and begin this romantic adventure."

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