DISCLAIMER: I do not own Deadpool or Marvel. I have merely written this FanFic to both express my love for the Deadpool character and develop my skills as a writer.

(This is the sequel to my previous fail of a FanFic, Deadpool Immortal No More. Hope this FanFic attempt to be both more tense and of better quality writing-wise.)

A figure entered the silver throne room, dressed in a long, grey trench-coat, armed with a large buster-sword sheathed across his back. His reflection shimmered in the walls as he walked up the stretch of red carpet, leading up to a plinth located at the back of the room. In the centre of the platform, a cylinder of yellow light shone down via a skylight. A silhouette was stood in the centre of the glow, embracing the sun's rays. He had his back to the approaching swordsman but was well aware of his presence.

"Is it done?" The almost angel-like man asked with a stern voice.

"Yes, my lord. The Deadpool is no more." The swordsman kneeled before his master.

"He's taken care of?" Still with his back to the swordsman, the silhouetted man sounded almost surprised.

"Yes, my lord. And to be sure I had my men cut him into six pieces and have buried each piece in a different state."

"Hm…" The shadowed master didn't sound too confident in his warrior's words.

"My lord?"

"I have an errand for you."

"I shall see it completed before the day's end." The warrior spoke confidently.

"That's ambitious." The swordsman's face dropped as his master spoke."I need you to recollect the Deadpool's remains."

"But, my lord! He is no longer a problem." The swordsman debated.

"I'll believe it when I see it!" The silhouetted man snapped before proceeding to tell his reasons in a calmer but still assertive tone. "The Deadpool is not one to be silenced for longer than a few hours at a time."

"V-very well, my lord. I shall bring you the corpse by noon tomorrow." The swordsman spoke nervously, not wanting to anger his master.

"Tomorrow? You promised me that the task would be completed before the day's end."

The swordsman felt a chill run up his spine, knowing that his task had now become dangerously more difficult. "But, my lord-"

"-I do hope you will honour your promise. I do not wish to have to feed you to the Shifter."

The warrior's expression showed absolute fear, which his master responded to with a sinister chuckle, still with his back to the knelt swordsman. "… I s-shall gather my men, my lord…"

The swordsman rose quickly and turned to exit the throne room.

"W-where the balooga am I?" Deadpool queried as he began to slowly gain consciousness.

"Stay still, Wade." The familiar voice of a woman responded. "You've just had surgery. We had to re-attach your head along with each of your limbs. It'll take a minute for your body to fully repair itself."

One of the other doctors stared earnestly upon the disoriented Deadpool and asked "Is he okay?"

"W-who is t-that…?" Deadpool's blurred vision swayed back and forth until it came to focus on a pair of round objects. "Ooh… Hello…" (Mmm. Boobies.)

"Yeah he's okay." The woman replied to the doctor's question, slapping Deadpool's head to avert his gaze.

"Oh. I guess that's another reason why I nicknamed you Knockout, huh?" Deadpool's words became stronger and he was able to move his previously amputated arm to rub the side of his face.

"My name's Anna. It was difficult for us to find you. Well – all of you. We saw that you took down Benjamin."

Deadpool rose like a zombie from its grave, still quite weary. He had full use of both his arms as he used one to scratch his head whilst the other gripped the side of the surgery table for support. "Yeah. Benji gave me quite a scare, to be honest. I thought I was never gonna get my powers back. But all's well that ends well."

Anna brushed one side of her brown hair over her ear to reveal a hands free headset. "Fury. Deadpool's made a full recovery – Yes, sir. I'll send him right through." She looked back up to Deadpool, making eye contact with the mercenary before speaking. "The Colonel would like to speak with you."

A blast door slid open, revealing the control deck to a high-tech facility (like the bridge of a space-ship from Starwars). Deadpool stepped in looking round in astonishment at all the lights and controls flashing around the room. The mercenary's gaze was then brought to the attention of a middle-aged man wearing an eye-patch, holding out his hand in anticipation of a handshake.

"Good to finally meet you, Wade. I'm Colonel Nick Fury-"

"-Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's a pleasure. Now let's cut to the chase: What am I doing here?" Deadpool cut Nick short, walking by the Colonel, leaving his welcoming hand hanging.

"A little respect wouldn't go a miss, Wade. I did send out the order for you to be pieced back together." Nick spoke sternly at the rude Deadpool.

"Firstly, you will refer to me as Deadpool! Secondly, why did you piece me back together? What do you want?" The mercenary stood his ground with the Colonel, turning and stepping in closer to emphasize his demand for an answer to his question, ignoring the security guards stationed around the room who had took aim with their rifles on Deadpool, incase of their leader was to be in any danger.

"At ease." Nick ordered his guards. They lowered their weapons. "Alright here's the dilemma: There's a group of mutants responsible for a series of attacks on a few of our S.H.E.I.L.D facilities. We've been tracking them for months." Nick turned to face the gigantic windscreen that took over the entire front wall of the bridge. A projector brought up a computer screen on the windscreen and the image of a familiar face came up. "You were contacted by this man: Benjamin; whom you later killed in battle. Then you were approached by this man…" Another familiar image came up on the screen.

"Yeah! He's that dork who made the order for me to be chopped up and buried! What I wouldn't give to have his head on a stick, parading around the city square singin' Where's Your Head At by Basement Jaxx." (I hate that song.)

"Well you might get your chance, but first we need you to go undercover for us." The Colonel spoke, turning to look at the now day-dreaming Deadpool. "Deadpool?"

"Whah! I wasn't –huh?"

"I said that if you want your shot at taking down Cyberous you'll first need to go under cover." Nick repeated, raising his voice.

"Cyberous." Deadpool seemed more concerned with his own objectives than what Nick Fury was asking of him.

"You were offered a place to join Cyberous' group, were you not?" Nick asked.

"Yeah, but I turned it down. That's why he ordered his men to butcher me alive." Deadpool frowned, still fixed on the image of the man who nearly murdered him.

"We have intelligence that you don't, Deadpool." (What's that supposed to mean!) "And we can provide you with support in bringing this group down. Plus, we shall forget about you ever breaking into one of our compounds and stealing one of our most highly protected weapons." The Colonel carried on to say, catching Deadpool's attention.

"Wait, I never broke into any of your compounds." The mercenary stated.

"Yes you did. Just over a week ago. You helped Benjamin break in and steal a consumable substance which grants an engineered version of another mutant's power."

"What! He told me it was Weapon X I was stealing from! Lying Bastard!" Deadpool spoke, outraged at the further betrayal that his deceased enemy had committed against him.

"I guess he thought you would be holding more of a grudge against Weapon X than our organization. But yeah, we want you to infiltrate Cyberous' group of mutants and feed us Intel on they're located and what they're up to. And if you can, bring 'em down from the inside." Nick Fury explained.

Deadpool gave an expression, from under his red and black mask, showing his intrigue with the operation and thought it would be the perfect revenge for what they did to him. He turned his head to Nick Fury and without a word nodded as a gesture to his agreement in the plan. He then walked out of the room with intent. (Where're my swords.)

In the middle of Mojave Desert Cyberous was stood, leaning on his buster sword which was stabbed into the earth, holding a communicator out in front of him.

"What o you mean he's gone!" Cyberous shouted at his communicator. "How does a man with no arms, legs or even a head just disappear?"

A voice from the communicator replies with feedback. "M-maybe he it's cuz he's a ninja, sir. Nothing can contain a ninja"

"Silence! It would seem somebody dug him out." Cyberous spoke, turning to look down a gaping dug up hole in the ground. He raised his communicator to his mouth before giving one final order "Find him!" before snapping the device shut. He glared down into the pit that should have been one of Deadpool's six tombs and gritted his teeth in frustration, knowing that he had only until midnight to bring Deadpool's body to his master.

Thoroughly enjoyed writing this first chapter. Hope you enjoyed reading it. : )