Me- "Okay this is my first X-over. This is DP and TT. ENJOY!"

Robin- "Who are you? Do you work for Slade?"

Me- * drags him into corner to explain * "I own nothing! Post PP"

Danny's POV.

I was flying around Amity looking for any ghosts. Ever sense my secret got out it had been easier to fight them without having to worry about the GIW or other ghost hunters. I flew to the park and sat down on a swing. It was a lot of fun. Sam came out of no where and ran into me.

"Hey Danny! I found this cool book that lets me do anything using magic!" She said really fast.

"Okay, that sounds like fun, how much candy have you had?"

"I only had one bar."

"Was it from my stash of ghost candy?" She looked down and had the look of a sad kicked puppy. She nodded her head up and down. I let out a sigh. "It's okay Sam."

"Yea! I am going to try one of these now!" She said. She started to flip through the book. She found one that she deemed worthy and started to say it. "Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" All of a sudden a black and purple vortex opened behind her. Out of habit I jumped in front of her in a protective manor. Out of the portal came a human looking boy in a red top with green tights. He had a yellow belt, green gloves and a black and yellow cape, with a white and black mask. After him a boy that had green skin in a purple and black hazmat suit he had on gray gloves. Than a mostly robotic boy that was dark skinned with blue, gray, and white metal. After him a girl in a purple robe who's face I couldn't make out and lastly an oranged skinned girl with red hair, she had a purple top and skirt with matching boots and gray glove like things.

"Raven! What did you do?" The guy in the mask asked.

"I didn't do anything Robin." 'Raven' said back.

"Guys! I was about to eat a tofu pizza! Star fire did you do this?" The green boy said.

"No. Mine is green and blasts only. I didn't do this Beast boy." Star fire said.

"Who are you two?" The robot man asked. They all turned to look at me and Sam who was hiding behind me but still bouncing up and down.

"I am Danny Phantom, protector of this city, I am also known as Danny Fenton which is my human half. This is Sam Manson, my girlfriend. Who are you?"

"We are the Teen Titans. I am Robin leader of this group. This is Star fire, she is my girlfriend." He said taking a protective stance similar to mine.

"I am Cyborg."

"I am Beast boy. Now do you have any tofu?"

"I am Raven." The girl in the robe said. She seemed to be a lot like Sam. However said goth had at the mention of tofu had bounded around me to tackle the green 'Beast' boy.

"You like tofu? I like tofu. I am an ultra-recyclo vegetarian! That means I don't any thing with a face. DO you eat meat? I've never even had meat. My best friend Tucker, he has only ever eaten one veggie and that was to safe Danny. He only eats meat. I hate it but he LOVES it, almost as much as tech. Do you like video games? I only play one, it's called Doomed. Do you like candy I LOVE candy! I ate a bar of Danny's ghost candy. It is like twice as strong as normal candy." I pulled her off of the stunned boy.

"Sorry about her. She is normally quite and the dark one being goth and all but when ever she eats my candy which is why I hide it in the Ghost Zone, she always finds it though." I said. She tried to get away from me and turned to tickle me. I had to put her in her own little ghost-human proof bubble. She sat and huffed.

"Let me out Danny! I gotta call Tucker! I was supposed to pick him up!" She yelled.

"Oh... sorry about this." I called Tucker who ended up being ten minutes away.

"So? What is this Zone of Ghosts you said?" Star fire asked.

"Oh. It is where Ghosts that don't move on go. They all have an obsession of some sort." As if on cue.

"BEWARE! FOR I AM THE BOX GHOST MASTER OF ALL THINGS CUBICAL AND THE OCCASONAL BUBBLE WRAP!" He yelled. I let out a sigh. I pulled out the thermos and sucked him in.

"What was that?" Cyborg asked.

"This? It's just the Fenton thermos which holds any ghost till I put them back in the Ghost zone." I said shaking it and laughing at the yelps.

"Dude! I heard the Box Ghost! He is so stupid!" Tucker said. I shook my head. "Why is Sam in a bubble and who are they?" He asked.

"Sam is in hyper detox, they are the Teen Titens, Robin, Beast boy, Star fire, Raven, and Cyborg." I said pointing to them.

"Well. Hello ladies! How are you?" He asked.

"Um...Ew?" Raven said pushing him away. Robin simply stepped in front of Star fire and glared at Tucker. He backed down quickly. I looked at Sam and saw that she had fallen asleep. I let her out of her bubble and picked her up.

"Okay. I guess you guys can come to my house for the night." I said. They nodded and the ones that could flew behind me and carried the ones who could not. I held on to Sam and Tucker. I dropped off Tucker first. Than I went and flew to Sam's house.

"Wait here guys." I said to the people behind me. I phased through her wall and laid her down on her bed I tucked her in carefully. Once I was done I flew back out the wall and had the Titans fallow me. Before I got even half way home a black and white blur flew at me and knocked me to the ground. After that a green blur landed on top of me.

"Titans GO!" I heard yelled above me. All of a sudden The two blurs where gone and I was on my feet. I looked at the two and saw that one was Dani and the other was Cujo.

"Danny! Make them let me go!" Dani yelled, Cujo barked in agreement. Robin was holding Dani while a big green dog was holding Cujo by his scruff. Beast Boy was no where to be seen.

"Dani... you know you could just phase right? And where is Beast boy?" I said.

"Oh right." Dani said. She phased through his grip and flew over to my shoulders. While Cujo just phased through the other dogs mouth. The dog turned into Beast boy.

"Well...that was odd. So Dani what brings you here?"

"Well I was in the GZ and Cujo found me and found a way to let me know that you where in trouble."

"Oh... okay. You going to come over?" I asked. She nodded. We flew back to the house. Mom and Dad did notice the fact that there was more than just me.

"Danny who are these kids?" Mom asked.

"Well you see... Sam found a book, read out of it and they showed up. They are the Titans and need a place to stay for the night till we find a way to get them back to their world." I said. She just nodded. I showed them to the lab. I pulled out the blankets and mats that we kept there to be safe. I gave them all one an than they all laid down. I floated up to my room and fell asleep.


Me- "More to come!"