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Danny POV.

All of us finished eating our lunch we got back into the RV and drove back to the desert. We all got out again. A purple portal opened up in front of us and the Titans dropped to fighting stances. I waited till Clockwork walked out.

"Daniel he has escaped."

"What? But how?"

"Did you think that theroms could hold him for ever? No he has gotten out but i put a device on him that will make him feel his humanity and emotions again. He will not be able to remove it ever and will find a way to redeem himself."

"So basicly the worlds most dangers ghost got out and now he has his emotions back? That's great Clocky just great."

"Friend Danny? Who is this man?"

"Oh right, Titans Clockwork, the ghostly master of time. Clockwork will you already know them don't you?"

"What how could this guy know us? And did you say ghost? Dude that is wicked!" Beastboy said.

"Like I said, master of time. He can see all that was, is and migt be. His bosses are the observents. They are just a bunch of whinny guys that have a gaint eye for their heads."


"So Clockwork do you think you could make a way for these guys to get home?" I asked.

"Yes Daniel. And i have already made a way for your two teams to stay in contact." He said. He pulled out two necklaces and handed them to Robin and I. On the end was a charm that looked like his time scyth (spelling?). I touched it and it grew to be the right size for me. I used it to slice the air in front of me and a portal to a strange city with a gaint T shaped tower showed up.

"Hey thats Jump City! Look that's Titans tower!" BeastBoy said. They all waved good bye and walked through the portal. After that Clockwork went back to the ghost zone and Sam and I went home.

"See this is why you don't get to eat my ghost candy." I said.

"Hmph. It's not my fault that it has addicting quilties for full humans." I rolled my eyesat her and put my hand in hers.

"Yea will I think that I'll just hide it some where you can't get it."

"You know i will though."

"Yea i know." I said. She laughed and I let out a chuckle. That is till Tucker ran up to us.

"!!" He said as one word. He set down the machine and turned it on. A black and white portal showed up and another batch of teens showed up. Only this time it was a green girl in normal cloths, a boy in a black shirt with an odd shield on it and jeans, a boy that looked a lot like robin and even had his mask but was wearing normal cloths, a ginger boy with an open yellow plaid button up over a white tee and jeans and finally a blonde girl with a tee and jeans on.

"Who you?" I asked.

"We are young Justice, who are you?" The Robin looking one said.

"I'm Danny Fenton- Phantom and your in my world now... thanks Tuck. What are your names?"

"I'm Robin."

"Kid Flash or Wally." The ginger said.

"I am Miss martin or Megan." The green girl said.

"Artimis." The blonde stated.

"And I'm Superboy." The teen in the dark shirt said.

"Thanks again Tucker, we just get the Titans back and now you bring another group of kid heros with their own Robin! Ugh, This is Sam and Tucker." I said pointing to them.

"What do you mean 'their own Robin?' " Robin asked.

"In another Dimison there is a group of teen super heros called the Teen Titans and they have a Robin who is their leader. They also have an alien girl but her skin was orange. Sam brought them here when she found a book and was on a sugar high. Tucker built a machine and used it while he is on a sugar high."


"Whoa! Your half ghost?" Wally asked.

"You understood that?" Sam asked.

"Yea because not only can i run fast but sometimes i talk superfast and my thoughts tend to go by really fast too. So it wasn't that hard to understood him." Wally said. I shrugged my shoulders. Now it was just a matter of getting them back to thier world.


Me- "Lol, poor Danny he has to deal with another boy wonder, oh and Aqualad was in atlantis hence why he is not there not that i forgot him until now or anything... -_-'' "