The neon lights of the street contrasted with the dreary slapping of the rain off the concrete and the groggy late evening sky. the seven survivors made their way past the eery narrow buildings of Rayford. decaying bodies of the infected surrounding their path...

'Hey, what made you guys change your mind?' questioned Ellis

'We...figured, there's strength in numbers, the more survivors we band together, the more likely we are to make it through this, find a' panted Louis, clutching his wounded leg, somehow maintaining his upbeat voice despite the pain trembling through his body.

Coach noticed how much harder it was getting for louis and took one of his arms round his shoulder, with a reassuring nod he began to help his new teammate carry his weight. They were all very weary at this point, just relieved to know the safe room was very near.

'C'mon now Louis, we're nearly there' chirped Rochelle, rubbing his shoulder.

One by one they banded into the saferoom, Rochelle immediatly snatched up a medkit to attend to Louis' leg.

'Now i know its real painful to move it, but do you think you could remove your pants? strictly medical reasons' she winked.

A little nervous, he twinged with pain as he slid them off, averting his eyes from the wound. He didn't want to see how bad it was. especially when Rochelle sucked her breath in with a shudder.

'Oh honey. he got you good...' she saw Louis looking away and backtracked on her words '...but don't worry, not nothing we can't fix...the human body can recover from substancial things'

Gently she patted some alcohol onto the cloth and began dabbing at the wound, Francis smirked as he seen Louis twitch from the sting of the wound.

'Aw Francis, man, show some concern, the mans hurtin' bad' Ellis spoke with a soft southern drawl

Francis' chuckle simmered down as he lost interest and went to inspect the shit storable food on offer.

Rochelle lifted Louis' leg and began to wrap the wound with a bandage, then taped it down

'There we go Sweetie, all better' she smiled kissing the stubble of Louis' cheek

' You can put your pants back on now'

'Well that is certainly not the first time i heard a girl say that to me...' Louis whispered as he shuffled his pants back on, and picked himself up, with some help from the wall.