Chapter 14: The End Is Finally Here

No Ones POV

The sound of Abel's cries indicated that he was awake. Bella was too busy packing Jax clothes to get him. So Jax walked into his sons' room and smiled and picked him up. He carried him out of the room and down the hall where he soon met Bella. She gave him a kiss then Bella handled Jax the bags. Jax took the bags along with Abel out to the car while Bella got all of Abel's clothes. She finally finished packing as she grabbed Hershey. Then went out to the car to meet Jax. She saw his bike wasn't there and she looked at him.

"Bike's at the club." He replied. She nodded and put the bags in the back with the rest then put Hershey in the back seat with Abel. She kissed Jax as she walked over toward the driver side and Jax walked over toward the passenger side.

Bella started up the car and took one good look at the house. She backed out of the drive way and started to drive toward the club house. Jax looked over, he could tell Bella was worried so he took her hand and kissed it. She looked over and smiled.

Finally they pulled up to the gate.

"Beep" Jax told his old lady, she nodded and beeped. The gate finally opened as Bella pulled in she saw two snipers on the roof. As they came to a stop, Juice came running out. Jax looked behind him and saw the black truck behind him and out walked Chibs with some of the other old ladies Bella never met. Bella got out and reached for Abel as she put him on her hip and grabbed Hershey's leash. As Juice ran over toward Bella and Jax.

"Everyone's in." He told Jax as he was out of breath. Jax looked around.

"All right good. Lock it down." Jax told the youngest son. He nodded and ran toward the gate as Jax walked over toward Bella.

"You all right?" He asked his old lady. She nodded and took a deep breath and sighed.

"Don't worry baby it will all be over with soon I promise." Jax said as he kissed his old lady on the fore head. Then grabbed Hershey's leash as they left the bags in the car.

"Well get them later." Jax told Bella as she nodded and followed him into the club house with the people in the van behind them.

They walked into the club house completely full of people. Some of the Sons and their family. Also, people Bella never met before. Bella turned around as Jax walked behind her and they slowly made their way toward Gemma and Clay. Gemma kissed Bella on the cheek then hugged her son, as Clay walked over toward Bella.

"We will find whoever did this Bella and we will make them pay." Clay whispered in her ear. Bella nodded as Jax walked over and took her hand. He then looked at Tig and signaled for him to make everyone shut up. Tig nodded and whistled everyone stopped what they were doing and turned toward Tig.

"Everybody listen up Clay has got something he wants to say." Tig said as everyone turned toward Clay.

"I wanna welcome everyone to Club Reaper. Glad you made your reservation early because as you can tell we are booked." Clay said as he stood on top of the chair and everyone chuckled.

"You're here because you're family." Clay began as Bella felt Jax wrapped his arms around her.

"And because SAMCRO takes care of it's family. The next couple of days this club has some business to handle that could put our members and their loved ones in danger. Now chances are, nothing is going to happen but..." Clay started to say he then turned toward his daughter.

"People have already been hurt under my watch and that ain't ever gonna happen again." He said as he looked at me and Gemma moved closer to Bella. Clay then turned toward the crowd.

"Nobody gets in or gets out without an escort. You have a safety concern or a problem you come to Jaxs' old lady." Clay said as he looked over toward Bella and she nodded her head.

"If you have a comfort concern then you come to my queen. Under this roof you all will be safe, so why don't you make your selves at home. And remember I love all of ya." Clay said as he stepped down and everyone clapped. Clay walked over toward his daughter and kissed her on her cheek.

"Do you have all your bags." Clay asked.

"They're in the truck." She replied. He nodded.

"Halfsack, Juice go help Bella get the bags out of the car." Clay said as he walked over toward Gemma. Halfsack and Juice walked over as Bella handed Abel to Jax, as she went outside.

Bella's POV

I walked out toward the truck and opened up the back end. Halfsack and Juice grabbed some bags and looked at me

"Jaxs' room?" They asked as I nodded. I grabbed my small bag with my laptop and walked in the club house and slowly making my way toward Jax's room. I opened the door as the guys walked in behind me and put the bags down on the bed. They were getting ready to leave when I turned toward them.

"Juice can you get Happy for me and tell him I need him for a second?" I asked Juice he nodded as he pushed Halfsack out of the door. Wile closing it behind them. I sighed and started to unzip all the bags and slowly opened the drawers to see them all empty.

"Thank you Gemma." I whispered as I took out the top drawer and put it on the bed, I went to my bags first as I started to put clothes in them. When there was a knock on the door and Happy popped his head in.

"You wanted me?" He asked as I kept my back toward him.

"Yes come in and close the door." I said as I continue to put the clothes in the drawer.

"What's up?" He asked. I turned around and handed him the first drawer.

"Can you put that back in there then give me the second drawer?" I asked as I threw the two empty bags on the floor. Then went to the light blue bags indicating they were Abel's bags. He nodded and slowly put the drawer in. Then handed me the second drawer. He then sat on the bed and watched me as I opened up Abel's bag and put them in the drawer neatly. I then put the two empty bags down and saw I still had room so I took the little pink bags and opened them. I then put my bras and underwear in with Abel's clothes and I saw Happy smirks out the corner of my eyes.

"So what did you want?" He asked as he got up put the full drawer in the came back with an empty one and put it on the bed.

"I just wanted to talk to you about what happens to us." I said as I picked up two purple bags and slowly empty then into the drawer. I then huffed finally realizing that Jaxs' bags weren't in here.

I was about to say something when Jax popped in with his four bags and smiled at me but frowned when he saw Happy.

"What's going on?" He asked as he walked over put his four bags on the bed then looked at me and Happy.

"Nothing. Happy's just helping me get the room ready and I'm talking to him." I said as I turned around and kissed him, he smiled and nodded then walked toward the door. I then turned toward Happy and frowned.

"You know I love you." I started to say to Happy as he took the now full drawer and brought me back another empty.

"Bells" He started to say but I cut him off.

"But it's not enough to leave Jax. Happy, I love Jax a lot. Me and him are a family now." I said as I saw his face blank.

"I know" He said as he slowly got up but I pushed him down.

"I love you Hap I do. I don't want to lose you in my life. I want to be your sister or your friend." I replied as much as this was hurting me, this had to happen.

"Bells I love you so much and it kills me to see you with Jax. I wish you were with me. I would love to wake up every morning to see your beautiful face. But I realized you're not mine your Jaxs' old lady and I respect that. That kid has been to hell and back he deserves to be happy for once even if it kills me." Happy told me in his raspy voice.

I looked down. I finished unloading the bags in the drawer. He took the last drawer and put it in the dresser then slowly turned me around so I was looking into his eyes.

"I want to be your brother. If it's the closest I can be to you. My feelings will never change." He said as he lifted my chin with his fingers.

"You will always be my princess. That will never change." He said as he kissed me on the cheek and made his way toward the door.

"I'll be the one beating the shit out of him when he hurts you. I will always be there for you." Happy said as he opened the door and slowly closed it behind him. I turned toward the door and started to cry.

"Hey Bells I was-" A voice said as they opened the door but they gasped when they saw me shaking staring down at the bed.

The person closed the door behind them and ran over toward me.

"Bella" The person said. I turned around and saw Lyla.

"Oh sweetie" She said as she pulled me into her arms and held me as I cried.

"Shhh baby girl." She said as she rubbed circles in my back. After a good 5 mins I slowly pulled back and whipped my eyes.

"Sorry" I mumbled as I looked down at her purple shirt and saw a wet spot in it.

"Don't worry about it:" She said as she looked at her shirt. I made my way toward my drawer and pulled out a black SOA tank top and handed it to her.

She smiled as she took off her shirt and took the black tank and handed me the purple tank. I put it in the basket to be washed.

"Did you need something?" I asked as I looked at her.

"Yeah I thought you could use some help." She said as she turned and saw three bags I haven't even touched yet.

"That would be great." I said as I put the bags on the floor then looked at Lyla.

"Do you think you could help me with stripping the bed?" I asked her. She nodded and got on the left side of the bed as I got on the right and we slowly took off the pillows and their pillow cases. Then took off all the sheets and comforter.

I then walked over toward the bags and opened them up I pulled out sheets and pillow cases and also a comforter.

Lyla smirked as she saw the comforter and I laughed.

"Nice it's zebra." She said as she smiled and I laughed we made the bags the grabbed the empty bags and put them in the closet with all the rest we finally sighed as we plopped down on the bed.

"Geez that took a lot out of me." I said as I laid my head on her shoulder as she laid her head on top of mine. I was finally closing my eyes when suddenly Juice popped his head through the door.

"Uh Bells you need to get out here. A lot of people are asking for you." Juice said I sighed and got up.

"I'll be back" I mumbled to Lyla.

"Oh no we are in this together." She said as she took my hand and we walked out toward the room to see a bunch of people in a circle.

"All right everyone this is Jaxs' old lady Bella, and Opie's old lady Lyla. You show them respect while you ask the questions." Juice said as all the girls with their sons and daughters looked at us Juice smirked and walked away.

"All right what's wrong?" I asked the group of women and children one lady spoke for them all.

"We were wondering what are we going to do with the kids meaning, food and a place to sleep" the lady asked.

"Well there are plenty rooms for the kids to sleep. But that is something you should ask Gemma" I said as they nodded.

"As for food me, Lyla and Gemma will be cooking dinner soon." I said. They all nodded and made their way toward Gemma I then looked down and smirked.

"What are you smirking about?" Lyla asked me.

"Just watch" I said and not two minutes later Gemma came walking over toward me and Lyla.

"Thanks for sending those crazy old bats over to me." Gemma said as she crossed her arms and glared. Me and Lyla looked at each others and laughed.

"Yeah laugh it up now. But guess who will be cooking dinner for all 120 of us." Gemma said as she smirked.

"You two" She said as she walked away.

"Fuck" Me and Lyla both said as we huffed and made our way to the kitchen and put our hair up.

"So what should we make" she asked me.

"Hmmmm" I said as I opened up the fridge.

"I'll cook the fried chicken if you make your famous home made mac and cheese. We can also have corn and rolls." I said as I looked at her.

"Deal" She said I nodded and took out 6 cases of chicken and put it near the stove. I bent down to get a pot as Lyla was standing in back of me reaching to get some water.

"Oh damn now this is what I call porn in the kitchen." A voice said me and Lyla turned around to see Jeff and Collin smiling at they were looking at us.

"Ugh go away" We both mumbled as I found my pot and Lyla got the water.

"No go back to the way you were." Jeff said, I then turned toward Lyla and we smirked.

"Jax" I yelled

"Opie" Lyla yelled within a second the boys were in front of us and Jeff and Collin slowly began walking away.

"What's wrong?" Jax asked me and Lyla. We pointed to the two Sons as they began sneaking away. But Happy came out of no where and grabbed them by their cuts and pushed them into the kitchen.

"What did they do?" Jax asked as he glared at the two sons from Nevada.

"They were saying some nasty things." Lyla replied as she pretended to cry and I smirked.

"Stay away from our old ladies next time you mess with them, I'll strip you of your cuts and then throw you into a box and light yah on fire." Opie said to the boys they nodded and ran for their lives and I laughed.

"I love you baby do you need any help." Jax said as he kissed me.

"Can you and Opie go set up 3 long tables in the bar area." I asked and he nodded. He grabbed Opie as me and Lyla turned and started to cook.

Finally after an hour we were all siting down eating and enjoying our dinner. When all the sudden Juice came running inside.

"We got a problem." Was all he said,. Suddenly Jax and Clay looked at each other and jumped out and ran outside with the Boozefighters and the Devils Disciples finally behind.


The boys walked outside and walked toward the gate looking at Juice.

"What's the problem." Clay asked Juice. Juice sighed and one of the guys handed Clay a paper bag. Clay opened it up and took out what's inside of it. Clay pulled out a letter and opened it up and started to read it.

"We already killed one of your members if you don't stop selling guns to the Asians and niggas we will come after more of your members. Take this as a warning." Clay crumbled the letter and turned toward the guys.

"Juice how did this get here." Clay said as he looked at Juice.

"I don't know Clay I asked the guys on the roof. They said a black car pulled up all tinted windows said they were told to leave the bag here. Then they left before the guys could shoot after them." Juice replied Clay turned and looked at everyone.

"I want two more guys up on that roof if you see anyone and I mean anyone pull up toward the gate you aim and shoot the tires out. Then you question them. Be on a good look out!" Clay demanded.

"Me and Jeff will do it." Colin said as they raised their hands.

"Go get an AK 47 and go." Clay ordered the guys nodded and ran inside to get the guns.

"Lets go inside and call it a night. I want everyone in church by 10 am at the latest am I clear." Clay said to the clubs standing before him. They all nodded and everyone walked inside. But little did they know a white car was watching their every move.


I walked into the club house and sighed. I started to look for Bella when I found her doing dishes. I turned and looked at some sweet butts doing nothing but siting at the bar drinking and laughing.

"You two follow me." I said. They looked up and saw my cut and slowly started to follow me into the kitchen. I walked in to see Lyla and Bella washing and drying the dishes.

"Lyla go to your old man you've done enough." I said as I saw Lyla and Bella jump. Lyla turned around and kissed Bella on the cheek as she walked out to find Opie.

"Bells put down the dishes and come with me." I said as I moved over toward her and took the cup out of her hand. She looked stunned but did as I say. I was half way out of the door when I turned toward the sweet butts.

"You two been doing nothing but siting around on y'all lazy asses you.." I said I turned toward the blonde "go pick up the towel and start drying, and you." I said as I pointed to the other blonde "start doing dishes" I said as I lead my girl out of the room and found my mom holding Abel.

"Hey we are gonna crash we are both tired do you mind-" I started to say as I looked up to my mom and Clay.

"Go ahead baby don't worry Abel can stay with me and Clay tonight." My mother said. I nodded and kissed her on the cheek then turned and saw a half awake half asleep Bella staring at me. I chuckled and grabbed her hand as I lead her to my room and shut the door.

She slowly took off her clothes. I couldn't help but smile at her beautiful body. I slowly followed her as I got changed into sweats and laid in bed. She got changed into shorts and a tank top and slowly crawled into bed.

"I love you baby." I told her as I pulled her into my arms.

"I love you too Jax." She replied as she yawned.

"Get some sleep baby it's been a long day." I told her. She nodded her head and moved closer to me. So that her head and one of her arms was on my chest. I watched her sleep for what seemed like hours when I suddenly felt my eyes starting to close.


The next couple of days have been crazy for not only the Sons but Bella and Lyla. They've been working their asses off taking care of everyone who needed to be taken care of. Everyone was currently siting or standing in church waiting for Clay to talk.

Claysat at the head of the table as everyone crowded into the little room with the note being slowly passing around.

"How the fuck did we let them get that close with us not even noticing?" Redmen said as he slammed his hands down on the table after reading the note.

"I don't know but I sure as hell ain't going to let that happen again." Clay said as he looked at everyone.

"They threaten my club and for that they must pay." Clay said as everyone in the room nodded.

"Juice I want you to do some research find everything on The Cacuzza crime family" Clay said as Juice nodded his head.

"I want everything. I want anything you can fucking find and I want it asap." Clay growled. Juice nodded and headed toward the door closing it behind him.

"We are going to end this and soon I already lost one brother. I'm not losing another." Clay said as he hit his hand on the table indicating the meeting was over.

Everyone filed out of church to see food was on the table. Jax walked out looking for Bella but only finding Lyla and some girl name Cherry in the kitchen.

"Where's Bella?" Jax asked as he walked into the kitchen scarring both girls.

"Damn it Jackson that is the second fucking time you scared me. Are you trying to give me a heart attack." Lyla said as she turned around and threw a towel at Jax. Jax caught it and smirked.

"Hey maybe I like seeing you jump." Jax replied as he threw the towel back and Lyla catching it.

"Anyway wheres Bells?" Jax asked for the second time.

"She's in your room sleeping she didn't look to good so we made her go lay down." Lyla replied.

"Yeah she's been throwing up a lot lately too I think she got the flue or something but here we made her this, can you make sure she eats it." Cherry said as he handed Jax a bowel of soup with crackers and a ginger ale.

Jax nodded and slowly made his way toward his room to only find his old lady with the bathroom door open throwing her guts up. Jax put the food down and made his way toward the bath room and held Bella's hair.

She groaned as she rested her head against the cold toilet.

"Come on baby lets get you back to bed." Jax said as he picked up his old lady and carried her to the bedroom. She groaned and moaned as Jax pulled down the covers and tucked her in. He slowly went toward the dresser and brought back the can of ginger ale.

"Here take little sips of this while I get you a cold rag." Jax told his old lady as he handed her the can. Then went to the bathroom running a wash cloth under cold water in the sink. He then made his way back to the bedroom and slips off his shoes and laid on top of the covers.

"Come here" He told his old lady. She slowly scooted closer toward him as he put the cold rag on her head. She slowly started to close her eyes as Jax laid there and watched her.

An hour later Juice knocked on the door.

"Hey Clay's calling a meeting." Juice said as he starred at the sick Bella. Jax nodded and slowly got up from bed and made his way toward church. He put his phone in the box and walked in to see everyone waiting. He sighed and made his way toward his seat. Everyone could tell something was bothering him.

"What's wrong son?" Clay asked his step son as he stared into his blank face.

Jax sighed and slowly ran his hands through his hair "Something is wrong with Bella, and I'm worried as shit." Jax replied as everyone looked at him.

"Don't worry son Juice just found a little information for us then you can go back to your old lady okay." Clay said as he looked at his VP.

Jax nodded his head then turned toward Juice waiting for him to talk. Juice took a deep breath and looked at the folder in front of him.

"Right well I was looking for anything about the Cacuzza crime family and I only found a couple of things but I'm still searching." Juice said as everyone nodded for him to continue.

"Well it said that on August 15 of 2007 Palatino and his son Alexandro were arrested for beating the shit out of a guy in the middle of the street. The reason was that the guy was selling a black guy and a Mexican the Cacuzza family drugs. Which when the family found it they were pissed. The two guys got arrested before they could do anything about it." Juice said.

"But a year later the guy, 43 year old males Elmo and Devonte along with the guy who gave them the drugs Louis were found dead stuffed into body bags with their fingers all cut off. They were so badly beat up you couldn't even reorganize them the only way the cops found who they were was because of their teeth." Juice said as everyone shook their heads.

"Can you give me any information on the gang. Like who's in it or anything." Clay asked.

"Well all I could get for now is the leader. That is Palatino and his bitch is Ramiro. I'm going to dig deeper I should have the rest of the gang's names along with more information within a week at the latest" Juice said as he looked at his President Clay nodded.

"Good job kid." He said as he tapped his hand on the table and everyone made there way toward the bar. Jax found Lyla in the kitchen again and he slowly made his way in there.

He was about to say something "not this time Jackson" Lyla said as she smirked at the shocked Son.

"How did you" He tried to ask.

"I'm just cool like that." She said as she smiled and started to put the dishes.

"You wish." He mumbled "But anyway look I'm going to be busy the next couple of days and I was wondering whenever I'm not with Bella could you stay with her. I'm worried." He said as he sighed.

"Of course I will Jax." She said. Jax nodded and made his way toward his bed room to find Bella still asleep. Jackson smiled and closed the door. He slowly crawled into bed with his old lady and started to close his eyes.


Bella finally felt better after spending two days in bed sleeping and throwing up she was walking into the kitchen when she saw Lyla huffing.

"What's wrong?" Bella asked as she scared the shit out of Lyla and Cherry.

"Damn it what the fuck is up with you and your old man liking to scare the shit out of us?" Lyla said as she grabbed onto her heart and Cherry leaned onto the counter.

"Sorry" Bella laughed but then turned toward the girl.

"Anyway answer my question what's wrong?" Bella asked the girls.

"There's no more food in the fridge or freezer." Cherry answered.

"Then lets go get some more." Bella said as Cherry and Lyla frowned.

"We don't have any money." They said at the same time.

"Don't worry I do now come on." Bella told the girls as she grabbed her wallet from her room and made her way back to the bar where the girls were standing.

"Where you going?" Jax asked as him and Clay looked at the girls.

"To get some food were out." Bella said as she kissed him on the cheek and walked toward the door.

"Take Halfsack." Clay called from behind them. Bella nodded and found Halfsack and Happy outside building what looked like a play ground.

"Halfsack come on Clay said to come with us to get some food." Bella called over to the newly patched in member he nodded and walked over toward his bike. As the girls piled into Bella's car. They made there way out of the gate as they drove to the shopping center.

"So what do we need?" Bella asked the girls as they pulled up to the food store and grabbed a cart.

"A lot" Both girls answered as Halfsack met them.

"All right Lyla and Cherry take a cart and get frozen food and drinks a lot of them I'll take Halfsack and get snacks, stick together and don't leave each others side. Come and get us when your done." Bella told the girls. They nodded and took a cart and walked in and headed toward the frozen isle.

"Damn no more carts." Bella mumbled she then looked over and saw a cart at the end of the parking lot so Halfsack and Bella made their way toward the parking lot. Bella grabbed the cart when suddenly they were surrounded by a bunch of guys dressed up in suits. Cherry and Lyla made their way back to tell Bella something when they stopped and ran outside and watched what was going on.

"What do we have here a Son and a beautiful girl I never seen before." One guy said as he smiled at Bella.

"Check her" He orders his men as two guys held back Halfsack they slowly lifted up Bella's shirt reviling a tattoo.

"She's an old lady." A guy said out loud everyone slowly read her tattoo.

"Ahh well lookie here we have Jax Teller's old lady you will be perfect." The guy said as he smirked at Bella.

"Take her and kill him." He said as they grabbed Bella and took a knife out toward Halfsack.

"No" Halfsack yelled as he tried to get Bella. But one guy stabbed Halfsack and slowly pushed it further and further into him

"No" Bella yelled as she pushed the guys off of her and ran toward Halfsack as he dropped toward the floor.

"Grab her and lets go." The guy ordered as they picked up Bella and throw her into the truck and drove away. Cherry gasped and ran over toward Halfsack while Lyla called 911, Cherry looked down as she saw a note on Halfsack she slowly put it in her pocket when the paramedics rushed over and started to help Halfsack.


They finally arrived to the hospital and they took Halfsack back as the girls made their way toward the waiting room. Lyla pulled out her phone and sighed


The guys were in church when Gemma busted through the door.

"Baby were in a meeting" Clay said as he looked at Gemma.

Gemma looked at Clay with tears in her eyes "The Cacuzza crime family showed up at the store and stabbed Halfsack he's dead. He died in surgery." Gemma said. As everyone put their head down for yet another falling brother. Opie and Jax looked up and rushed over toward Gemma knowing that their old ladies was with him.

"Mom are the girls all right?" Jax asked but his mother didn't answer. Clay made his way toward Gemma and put a hand on her shoulder.

"MOM WHAT ABOUT THE GIRLS." Jax said again and again she didn't answer.

"God dammit mom WHAT ABOUT Bella IS SHE OKAY!" Jax yelled.

"They took her." Gemma mumbled and Jax just stood there looking at his mother.

"They took her." He repeated as he fell to his knees and cried. His mother put a hand on his shoulder.

Jax stood up and looked at all the brothers.

"I can't loose her. I just found her. Abel calls her mama. She's the best thing that has ever happened to me. I'm going to kill whoever took her. I promise this on my life and Bobby's grave. I promised to take care of her and keep her safe. Now look where she is." Jax said getting pissed off.

"We'll get her back son I promise." Clay said as he clutched his hands into a ball.

"We all love her bro. We will get her back. Abel just got used to having a real mama. He needs her. We all do." Juice said, with his eyes watering.

"I don't know the little gal much. But she has been nothin' but nice to all of us. You bet your ass we're getting her back. We will get the scum that took her and make them pay. Don't you worry brother." Said Redman


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