Just to be normal

So I just finished all of the Danny Phantom episodes tomorrow, and here's my thought when he went into the portal and turned into a full human again. I have a strange sense of relation to his situation.

Nobody cares. Nobody knows me. After I turned back to human for a normal fourteen years old teenage life, all I got was disapproving looks at what I did.

Right after I stumbled out of the ghost portal, all I've got was disappointing stares from my two friends and Jazz. I mean, what's wrong? This is my life, I want to live the way I want to. I did this to protect them.

My friends don't want to hang out with me anymore. Because I'm no longer Phantom, I'm Fenton. What difference does it even make? That I'm not half-ghost anymore, that I'm no longer a freak? What can't they understand?

Sometimes I wonder if they really know Phantom more than me. Just Fenton, the plain, old me before the change. After spending so many endless nights fighting ghosts with Sam and Tucker, being the confident town hero, do they even know the shy, defend less, loser coward Fenton anymore? Do they understand the feeling that deep down, I've always wanted just to be normal again?

Perhaps not, probably not. Who am I kidding? Of course not.

Even my parents, the ghost hunters that—according to Valerie (who still couldn't figure out that she was hunting me all the while)—couldn't hunt a ghost even when it's (ouch) living under their own roof. They've spent their own life investigating on ghosts. Even before I was born. I guess they know Phantom more after all.

Don't they get that why I didn't want to change back? The reason that I changed back to a human in the first place? That I want to live my life as a normal kid for once, even when the white streaks in my hair serve as a reminder to what happened to the great hero? I guess not.

For once, I, Danny Fenton, want to be the loser that gets beat up by Dash. For once, I want to be that nobody that comes from a family of crazy ghost-busters. For once, I just want to be normal.

What do you think? I know it's short, but it's meant to be like that. Short and sad… Here by, I conclude the first ever Danny Phantom fanfiction that I wrote…