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The TARDIS's family stayed at the palace for days after the birth, helping River while she recovered her strength. It wasn't long, however, before both the Doctor and Amy started feeling a little too cloistered, their hunger for the universe growing with each day that dawned.

"You know who I've always wanted to meet?" Amy asked the Doctor one morning while they were sitting on the palace's grandest balcony. River had at last reached the point where she could walk around without anyone's help and had joined them, the twins lying on a blanket near her chair. August was with them, watching from his sitting position with an almost superior expression as they waved all four limbs helplessly in the air like overturned beetles. Ian and Jenna were playing with the other palace children supposedly in the nursery, although it was more than likely that they had escaped already and were rampaging through the palace's maze of corridors.

"Charlie Chaplin?" The Doctor guessed at random as he examined an Anavrinian baby toy.

"Nope. Besides, we already went to see him, remember?"

"Oh yes. Fella really had a mouth on him, didn't he? Not something you'd expect from a silent film star."

"Still nothing compared to yours."

"Watch it, Pond."

"Anyway, the person I really want to meet is Amelia Earhart. She always fascinated me, and not just because we share the same name. She was just so…inspirational, ya know?"

"Are you planning to fly an airplane anytime soon, Amy?"

Amy chuckled. "You know what I mean. No other woman would have dared to do what she did, venturing into something that people had long considered to be only for men."

"Those were the days," the Doctor remarked wistfully. Amy promptly punched his arm. "Ouch! It was just a joke. I completely agree with you; she was a revolutionary."

"So what happened to her?"
"She disappeared over the central Pacific Ocean while attempting to circumnavigate the globe. Don't they teach you humans anything in school?"

"No, I mean what actually happened to her? Did she really plummet into the sea or did something else that no one's supposed to know about happen?"

"Honestly, I've never even thought about finding out for myself before," the Doctor answered, abandoning the toy to stroke his chin thoughtfully.

"Only because he doesn't like women piloting flying machines," River spoke up.

"Nonsense. I have absolutely no problem with female pilots."

"No, just female TARDIS pilots."

"That is an entirely different matter."

"Not really. There's not too much of a difference between airplanes and time machines."

"Yes there is. When was the last time an airplane could travel through time?"

"Oh hush, you two. You're worse than when Ian and Jenna squabble." Amy shook her head. "So can we go visit her?" She asked the Doctor excitedly.

"Well I suppose we could one day."

"One day? Why not now?"

"If we're going to find out if and how a person died, I'd rather the children be a little older. Especially August."

"Oh nonsense. Clarion and I can watch them," River cut in again.

The Doctor glanced at her. "We can't do that to you, River. You have Aries and Cassie to look after now. And you've seen how August gets when he hasn't had his—you-know-what—on a near hourly basis." Both he and Amy had learned that it was best not to mention 'milk' around their youngest son. It seemed to be the only word he properly understood, and once he heard it he would cry until he got it.

"I'm sorry, I thought you two had a time machine," River answered airily.

The Doctor and Amy looked at each other.

We could do it, couldn't we? We could be back in five minutes their time, Amy began.

Of course we could. The TARDIS is very precise.

You may want to let me fly her back, though. Don't want to end up twelve years late or anything.

How many times do I have to tell you that the engines were still phasing? And besides, you can't use that anymore now that we know the TARDIS planned for that to happen.

Actually, she planned for the extra two years to happen. The twelve years are still all on you.

"Would you two please stop doing that? It's very inconvenient for the people who can't communicate telepathically," River said, mildly irritated. She knew well enough by now when they were having private conversations, from both the silence and the unwavering focus they had on each other. Those who weren't aware of their connection generally assumed they were having some kind of intense staring contest.

"Our apologies, River. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to pay Ms. Earhart a little visit," the Doctor decided aloud.

Amy looked as if she'd just been given the birthday present she'd always wanted and couldn't quite figure out how to contain her excitement. After double checking that Ian and Jenna hadn't become vandals in the time they'd been out of sight and that August had a full belly and was laid down for his nap, she and the Doctor headed for the room where the TARDIS was parked. As they got closer, her walk turned into a skip, and the Doctor couldn't help but think of a young child who'd been promised a day at the zoo.

"I can't wait to see her in person. I never thought those old photographs and film strips did her justice," Amy bubbled enthusiastically before pushing through the door of the TARDIS, her eyes aglow with anticipation.

"Well be glad you have even that. You would not believe the pep talk I had to give Louis Lumiere to convince him his motion picture camera wasn't a piece of junk. Okay actually it sort of was before I—er—gave him some pointers."

"You invented the first motion picture camera?"

"What? No, just helped him make a few minor modifications. If I'd done all the work, you lot would have had 3D televisions by 1905."

"Too bad. It'd probably make them more affordable now," Amy commented as the Doctor started fiddling with the controls.

"Oh, 3D is nothing compared to 5D. It actually transports you from your living room into the movie. Just don't watch Jaws; you only make that mistake once. Sometimes twice," the Doctor said idly, flicking switches. Before he'd gotten to the lever that initiated liftoff, however, Amy sidled up next to him and draped herself over one shoulder.


The Time Lord turned towards her curiously but hadn't even finished saying 'what?' when her lips closed over his. The force of the kiss pushed him back into the console, and his hands immediately left the controls to tangle in her wild red hair.

"Care to tell me what that was all about?" He asked breathlessly when they separated, straightening his bowtie in an attempt to keep his hands from returning to her body. "Not that I mind in the least, of course."

Amy grinned mischievously. "Just thought I'd remind you which Amelia you're allowed to have. 'Case you forget later."

"There is absolutely no way I could ever forget something like that, Ms. Pond," the Doctor told her fervently, a smile pulling at his mouth.

"Are you sure? From what I hear, Amelia Earhart was one spirited lady."

"No one could possibly be as spirited as you."

"Well that's a shame. I was hoping I'd have to do a little more convincing." Amy ran a finger around the buttons of his shirt to convey her meaning.

The Doctor's face went blank, but all at once he caught on. "Oh! Oh right, yeah, I meant to say that I'm about ninety-six percent sure that no other Amelia could compare to you."

"Hmm. I suppose I'm just going to have to do something about that other four percent," Amy murmured sultrily, her lips claiming his once more.