Chapter 24: The Minotaur is Minor; It's the Deals that bring Death

"That reminds me since you really want to get all tied up in this Herc, lets just say i borrowed King Minos minotaur for a while since he died...oh and his labyrinth and he hasn't eaten in about 50 years so he's a little hungry...did i forget to mention anything...OH and he hates RED!" Hades laughed from above, as Hercules plunged down to the stadium maze to try to save Mel.

Mel sat in the middle of it, scouting the red eyed bull, placed in front of her. Every way she looked was a mess of pillars and walls broken, in a labyrinth. She took a deep breath in; she deserved this...and Hades ... well he was having way too much fun with this. Hercules needed to get out now; he had a chance at immortality, while she, was nothing but a jealous heart strung fool. She stuck her head up and started to run into the maze away from the beating monster.

"What is she doing?" He said as he plummeted to the ground. The maze was too narrow for Pegasus, but he noticed her get herself deeper in the maze, away from where he and Pegasus landed.

He ran from Pegasus, through narrow loop holes, and archways, small crevices, running into the odd dead end of solid wall. Until he stopped, at the sound of a bellowing crash.

Mel was staring at the minotaur, bigger then the one that Hades had her play with before. So Hercules hadn't killed the biggest minotaur in Greece, like Hades had so let on; but this one was more like a large bull. She'd caught herself at a dead end, and dead ends seemed to have little meaning to the bull as it pushed through halve of its barriers with its sharp, dominating horns.

"Nice...bull..." She said hesitantly trying to calm it like a small dog. All she got was a loud huff, and a bull groan, as it eyed her red dress with a deep hungering fury.

"Zeus, I wish I hadn't worn a red dress..." She said backing up, against the large wall bordered with two columns blocking her in a corner.

Meanwhile Hercules was getting aggravated, as he knew the large crash was the minotaur's work, and yet he struggled to find her. So much so when he pounded his fist on the wall in front of him he found a new way of getting through the walls; muscle.

They crumbled from age and crashed leaving him the next new path. "

Come on.." He said as he rushed forward.

"Can he do that?" Pain asked Panic as they watched above with Hades.

"Don't worry boys, he won't make it in time. Relax, Mel is going to get her just desserts for toying with me, and Hercules ..."

"Is still gonna be a god..." Panic concluded.

"If...if he can take the minotaur..." Pain added.

"If...if is good." Panic nodded.

"Like I said, if is a wonderful word boys." Hades smiled down at the soon coming catastrophe.

Mel was staring at it, as it started to rear, she'd have to close her eyes and take this. She'd...

"Mel, no!"

She opened her eyes to see the soon to be Demi-god, emerge behind the bull, ready to take it by the horns. Hercules had caught up, and was taking on the bull.

"You don't have to do this!"

"I'm not going to let anyone get hurt. This needs to end."

"I let you get hurt, just let the bull go and save yourself!" Mel screamed as she watched him grab it's horns and ride it on its back, trying to steer it into any wall away from her.

Her truthfulness shocked him, as he looked at her; was she really that true...if so she didn't deserve to die. Meg was safe now, but he had to make this right. It was his fault for putting Meg at risk and believing Mel, but his fault for not being able to save her from Hades power-hungry games.

Suddenly the bull reared quickly shoving Hercules into a far wall, as his back hit it hard, he slouched hitting the ground, trying to get up. The monster was far from weak and that of mythology; true to its legacy. It turned back to its first target; Mel.

Mel watched, and knew it was over; she was never one for suicide, but hey the underworld was the only place she'd ever find herself. She waited for the hit, when she felt a strong force push her back as the wall behind her crumbled.

She opened her eyes to see that Hercules had ran and pushed her out of the way knocking over the wall, his body holding her underneath, as the bull was dazed from hitting the wall instead of it's intended target and started to run in the opposite direction.

"You okay?" He asked.

"Are you stupid?" She asked, with a small smile, but still she moved over, as she got up, she felt the pain shoot up her ankle, as the bandage was falling apart. "Go get Meg, and save yourself before it's too late. You're the one that needs too..."

"To what? Survive i kn..." Hercules said before Mel pushed him out of the way of a crumbling wall and what only she'd seen as oncoming.

Before Hercules could try to stop the animal, it had taken Mel in his horns, from a far away rear, which he'd assumed meant to be him, and crushed her into the far wall as the ruminants crumbled.


He ran over, and as the bull's horns remained stuck in the parts of crumbled wall, prying its head down, he cut them off, and then removed it's head, trying to hold down the struggling minotaur. He then shoved the minotaur's remains to the side, and moved the ruminants to find Mel.

He looked down at her, and held his breath, as her sides remained darkened with the marks of the horns.

She coughed slightly, and breathed out.

"You're alive? What was that?"

"You have Meg, go now, before Hades gets here and cheats you into another deal..." She mumbled. "Hades has a soul now, and if you let...this...get to'll get in deep again...don't let him be satisfied." She let out a small squint of a smile and let her body go limp.

"I won't let him be satisfied." Hercules pressed angrily.

"Oh but i am." Hades smiled now next to him, "And if you don't mind, im going to keep her body as a souvenir if you will, for my final victory, because you my dear Herc, are forbade from the underworld if my memory serves me correct." As he snapped his fingers the limp body of Mel was gone, and the fates had taken her soul.

"Goodbye Wonder-boy, cheers to living forever on Mount Olympus knowing you couldn't save them all."