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Word count: 1945

"YYYEEEEEOOOOWWWW!" Po yelled as the training dummy smacked him in the back of the head.

Everyone was watching him complete his test. It was the end of the year and everyone had to complete the training course all over again. Whoever had the quickest time got to take the rest of the week off.

"Focus Po!" Master Shifu commanded. "Be more in tune with your surroundings!"

Po stopped and closed his eyes, listening.

"In tune, in tune, in tune... NOW!" Po said as he did a double backflip over the last two dummies and began to climb the pole he was now faced with. Once on top he ran across the tightly stretched rope and dove off the connecting platform, rolling to break his fall, and jumping onto the finishing ledge. He opened eyes, only to realize he was still where he was moments before.

"Aw, come on!" He complained. He attempted to do a double back-flip but instead crashed into both dummies, getting knocked into the pole and onto the ground. Looking up he could see the rope, he stood and attempted to climb the pole only to slide back down. He attempted it again and reached the top.

"Now comes the hard part." He said as he tested the rope and decided to try to run across. He took one step and fell, grabbing the rope on his way down. He decided to swing to the other side. He eventually reached the platform where he scurried to get up it, and jump to the ground, where he managed to land face first.

"Meant to do that!" He said, getting up again. He finally managed to get on top the final platform. "Yeah-ah! WOOOO!" He shouted. "I did it!"

"Congratulations." Tigress said sarcastically, getting ready for her turn.

"Thanks!" Po said, jumping down, oblivious to the insult.

Tigress began her go at the course, dodging the training dummies with perfect grace, she soon made it to the pole where she skillfully applied the use of her claws. Once on top she ran along the rope with no hesitation, she jumped from the platform, rolled, and jumped directly onto the finishing position.

Po just stood there, mouth agape, watching her.

"That was AWESOME!" He said as she jumped down and walked passed him.

"Yes Po, but as astounding as it was, Mantis still beat everyone. You may leave to do as you wish Mantis." Shifu said. "But before you do, I have an announcement. Once Mantis returns, Everyone will be working in pairs from now on. You may partner up as you wish but take note that you will not be able to switch once your partnered." Monkey and Mantis high-fived as Crane and Snake glanced at each other, leaving Po and Tigress.

They shared glances as Shifu left.

"Listen panda, I swear if you can't keep up, I WILL leave you behind." She said before walking away.

Gee, I wonder what her problem is? Po thought to himself. He ran to catch up with her.

"Hey, since we're partners and all, maybe we should hang out and get to know each other before it's permanent."

"That sounds like an intriguing idea Po! But no." She said as she kept walking.

"But we barely know each other!" Po tried to argue.

"Your point?" Tigress asked.

"Wouldn't we be able to train better if we knew about each other more?"

"Probably, but why? Are you going to try and keep up?" She asked with an evil smirk. "If you can catch me, I MAY agree." And with that, Tigress dashed off grinning to herself. She jumped onto the rooftop, Po on her heels.

"HAHA! You'll never get away!" Po shouted. He lunged for her only to miss and roll back onto his feet.

"And so the game of cat and mouse begins!" She laughed.

Po had never known Tigress to act like this, but he wasn't complaining. He kind of liked it.

"What's wrong Po? Am I to fast for you?" Tigress said as she enjoyed the chase. She jumped to the next roof and a thought occurred to her. Do I... Do I like the thought of Po chasing me?... Is that why I'm having so much fun?... This thought disturbed her. She didn't want to think that, she was a loner, a hardcore fighter. That thought would mean that she was getting soft. She couldn't allow him to catch her.

She began running faster, more alert of her surroundings. But she was to late, in her deep thought she subconsciously had slowed down just enough to allow Po to get close enough to jump and grab her around the waist. They rolled off the roof and into a back alley. Po made sure to land on the bottom to make sure she didn't get hurt.

Po let go of her but she didn't move.

This feels nice... Tigress thought. So this is what it feels like, to be close to someone...

"Umm... Tigress? You alright, buddy?" Po asked, worried she got hurt. Immediately she snapped back to reallity. She stood up quickly and turned her back to him.

"Yeah, sorry... I was just thinking..." She replied, unsure of what to say.

"What about?" Po asked. "If you don't want to tell me then that's okay too, I mean-"

"No, I'll tell you." She cut him off. "It's a long story. Let us go somewhere where we can sit and talk..." She hung her head as she began walking back towards the Jade Palace.

What will he think of me? Should I really let him in? Will he go away like everyone else? Questions raced through Tigress' mind faster than she thought possible. I'm a loner! I don't do this! I'm making a mistake... But... I'm a warrior, and as such I can't go back on my word... I told him if he caught me... I'd let him get to know me... Dammit! Why did I say that? Questions as well as self doubt flooded her entire mind.

"I can tell this is going to be a a lot for you... If you want, you can opt out... I'm giving you that option Tigress... I don't want you to be pressured into telling me something you don't feel comfortable with..." Po said, seeing the gravity of what she was about to tell him. "I... I care for you Tigress, and I don't want to push you away... You can take what I mean how you'd like..."

Tigress stopped in her tracks the moment those words left his mouth. She turned to him and looked deeply into his eyes, and he, into hers.

"They're so pretty." They both said at the same time. Tigress turned away again, a slight blush on her cheeks, thankfully, obscured by fur. Po just stood there staring at her.

"Po..." Tigress said, finally.

"Yeah Tigress?" Po asked, looking at the ground.

"How... How do you feel... Never mind..." She said.

"How do I feel about you?" Po finished her question for her. "Let's go where you were leading me. I'll tell you once I'm sure we're alone. I bet it's not as long as your story though, and I DID ask you first..." Po said with a sigh. "Just promise me we'll still be friends regardless of what's said..."

"What?" Tigress asked, looking up at him, astonished.

"What?" He asked, clueless as to what he had just done.

"What... Did you just call me?" She asked, barely audible.

"My friend?" Po replied.

"Po..." Was all she said before running to him and hugging him tightly. "NO one has ever said that to me before Po, Not counting the others because we're like family." She said as a sob escaped her. "My whole life I was picked on and shunned. And now you come along and without even knowing me, you call me your friend." She said as she stepped away. "This is what I wanted to tell you Po, My father was murdered by an assassin and my mother fled to Master Shifu and Master Ooguay to try and keep me safe.

"She left me in they're care and then continued running to draw them away from me... I haven't seen her since... No one else knows this Po, but I was once a royal 'maiden' as people used to call me... I was once a member of the Cedriga family... Do you wish to know WHY I started training under Master Shifu, Po?" She asked.

"Because... Of how everyone was treating you... I know this because... Even though you don't remember... I do..." Po said, looking up at her with heart-felt eyes. "I remember you well Tigria." Po said as he stepped closer to her.

"How do you know my true name?" Tigress said in disbelief. "You talk like you know me!"

"Because... I do..." Po said as he turned away. "Let me know when you think of it." Po said as a tear rolled down his face and he walked back towards his room.

Tigress thought of her entire life, how did he know her? Was she supposed to know him? When did they... She looked up in disbelief, eyes wide, and mouth agape.

"Po?" She asked.

"Yeah?" He questioned without turning to face her.

"I... I remember you... I remember you!" She said in shock. "You were my friend! My only friend! You were the only one who didn't pick on me... And I... I... Just forgot about you... How...? I'm so sorry Po!" She said as she began to cry. Her knees caved in underneath her but she didn't fall. Instead, she felt soft fur against her arms and face. Po had grabbed her in a hug at the last second.

"I've missed you Tigria..." Was all He said as she cried into his chest. "I thought you just left me at the school all by myself... I didn't know WHAT happened to you. When I heard about your father... I thought that you were dead too. But then I seen you with Master Shifu at the market one day... But I lost you in the crowed..." Po said as he hugged a little tighter.

"Po... Please forgive me... I didn't mean to forget you... I just... It's been so long... I'm so sorry..." Tigriss said. Po pushed her away just enough to see her face. She looked up at him as tears streaked down her fur.

"Tigria... I already forgave you as soon as I seen you the first time since your father passed. And as for your question... I don't really know how to answer it..." Po said as he closed his eyes and drew her back into his embrace.

"Po... You don't need to say anything... I already know... I could see it in your eyes when we were looking at each other... And the truth is... I think I feel the same way..." Tigriss gripped him tighter and tears began to fall freely again.

"Tigria..." Po picked her up and in three jumps was on the roof of the shrine.

Po and Tigress sat on the roof the rest of the night in each others tender embrace. And then near dawn, they walked back to the dojo, hand-in-hand.

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