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Abandoned Panda Village:

"Well isn't this just precious." A deep voice chuckled from inside the bamboo grove.

"I know that voice." Tigress said as the smile faded from her face almost instantly.

"Yeah, so do I." Po said, standing up and turning to face the intruder. "Silas." He said plainly.

"Ah, you must be the famed 'Dragon Warrior'. How utterly disappointing. I was expecting much more, or should I say less?" He said, gesturing at Po's stomach.

"Hey, watch it, buddy." Po said, taking a step forward with his finger extended accusingly, only to hit the ground as Silas' fist disappeared into his stomach only to twist upward, underneath his ribs.

"You over-zealous son of a bitch." Tigress gasped.

"Sorry to have kept you waiting for so long dear. I promise it won't happen again." Silas said, ignoring her horrified face and striking her across the temple, knocking her unconscious as well. "That was a little to simple and easy..." He said as he picked her up and threw her over his shoulder before dashing off into the throng of houses to exit at the opposite end only to be met by Po. "You don't know when to give up do you?" Silas sneered.

"And you don't know when to take the Halloween mask o-" Po was cut off by another strike to the stomach and up into the chest.

"Out of my way boy, I don't have time to screw around." Silas growled.

"The only thing you have time to screw is yourself." Po said through clenched teeth.

"What is it going to take to put you down? Killing you?" Silas roared as he punched Po four more times. On the fourth time something cracked and Po fell to the ground, motionless. "Gods, what the hell is wrong with you, you pig headed dumb ass." Silas stepped over Po and ran to the base of the waterfall and began to jump from rock to rock.

Dragon Warrior Noodles, 4:00 P.M.:

"S-so you are the lovely lady that Dis-sara mentioned, Bai-Lan." Mr. Ping said, stuttering.

"Yes, and you must be Mr. Ping. You have a wonderful village here, and not to mention a cozy little noodle shop. Though a woman's touch wouldn't hurt." She said teasingly, smiling at the other goose. Bai-Lan had arrived at the valley a few hours prior to coming to see Mr. Ping, but went straight to the Palace to find Disara.

"Lan-Lan!" Disara said, running towards the elder goose. "I was afraid you hadn't received my letter!"

"Well I did, and here I am, my dear. My, have you grown. I recall the last time I saw you, you were no taller than the pocket on my apron." The goose replied, hugging tighter before letting her go. "Now tell me, what was so important that you had me come all the way to the Valley Of Peace."

"Well... I wanted to see you, really bad. And I knew how your were pretty much on your own so I took the liberty of finding you a place here so you could be closer, to me that is." Disara said, wanting to get this part over with so she didn't have to dread it later.

"Well that is kind of you Disara, but who says I want to move?" She asked.

"Call it wishful thinking, but I was hoping you'd want to be closer. I miss you. It's not like you didn't take care of me for the first nine years of my life." Disara said.

"Well wishful thinking is persuading me to consider it, or it could be motherly instincts. You was always my favorite little girl at the House Of Lions." She laughed. "Alright, I'll at least go look around the Village."

"Well if you pass a place called 'Dragon Warrior Noodles', that's the place I found for you, as well as a job. Ask for Mr. Ping and say I sent you." She said, hugging her old nanny. "I love you, nan."

"I love you to pumpkin, I'm glad you wrote, it means a lot to me that you still care."

"A woman's t-touch might help, yes." Mr. Ping stuttered again.

"You seem nervous Mr. Ping, is everything alright?" Bai-Lan asked.

"Y-yes, I'm just not used to speaking w-with s-someone as pretty as you..." Mr. Ping said.

"Well I'll take that as a massive compliment, it's been years since anyone took the time to compliment me." She replied, sitting down at an empty table by the window and smiling at the other goose causing his face to turn red through his feathers.

Abandoned Panda Village, four hours later, night time:

Night had already descended upon the village when Po had woken up. The cicadas had already began to cry and the nocturnal animals were gathered around his foreign form. He slowly opened his eyes, instantly clutching his ribs.

"Tigress!" He tried to shout, but it came out as a hoarse breath. He tried to sit up, but fell back to the ground with a loud hiss. "Tigress!" He tried to shout again. This time he managed to gain some volume.

No answer. He shouted again and again but an answer never came. He tried to get to his knees, he succeeded to get that far so he decided to try to stand up. He stumbled a few times but managed to hold his balance. He looked up at the cliffs by the waterfall.

No way, I'm not even gonna try. I'm no use to Tigress with a broken neck. He thought to himself, cursing his weight and non-acrobatic body and species.

He began his agonizing journey back to the Jade Palace, passing through the bamboo with great difficulty. He tripped and fell numerous times and stood back up, determined to make it back. After a few hours he could see the lights of the Valley Of Peace. Determination surged through his veins.

Within minutes he was standing at the base of the stairs and without hesitating he began to climb them, pain surging through his chest with every step, the taste of blood an unwelcome companion, and the a foreboding sense of panic, not knowing what had happened to Tigress clenched at him and refused to let go.

Po was finally almost to the halfway point where the stairs opened into the farthest place that anyone from the valley was permitted to go, and also where the contest was held to select the Dragon Warrior, when his foot missed the next step... He tumbled, yelped, and howled all the way back to the bottom of the stairs where he lay crying and pounding one fist against the ground in frustration.

"I can't do anything right." He sobbed, beginning to cry harder.

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