One Piece: Rise of the Pirate Queen

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Happy Father's Day! My Daddy's the Best!

Time: 11 years before Mika and Akio would set out for there own adventure. Or several months before Mika and Akio would be asked to leave.

All was calm on the Thousand Sunny. After gathering supplies from the previous island, all that was left was to wait for the next adventure. Thanks to the curious nature of Mika, and by an unwillingly included Akio, the Straw Hat crew had discovered a great treasure left behind by a once famous pirate. However, another crew had also set their eyes on the same treasure. Of course, no crew can beat the Straw Hat crew and the other crew was soundly defeated. Most of the treasure was given to the town due to the other crews actions in searching and finding the treasure. The townspeople were so grateful that they hosted a party for them and gave them the supplies they needed without charge.

Although all was calm, something seemed off about today, Luffy, who was sitting comfortably on the Sunny's head, found it too calm. There was no sounds of any of his nakama doing their usually activities; Zoro sounds of either snoring, training, or yelling at Sanji, mainly insulting him, or at Mika and Akio, mainly to stop bothering him. No Usopp or Chopper playing some sort of game with Mika and Akio. No Sanji yelling about lunch or swooning over Robin and Nami. No Franky building or tinkering on something or Brooks playing music or joining in on Usopp's games. He usually couldn't hear Robin or Nami due to their work usually being quite. But he found it extremely odd that neither Mika or Akio had yet to show up before him to play. He could never refuse to say no to his own daughter.

Luffy just blew most of it off as everyone being too tired, everyone had done their best to help out the previous island and it's people, even the kids, they deserved a bit of a brake. Luffy just continued to stare out into the open sea with his blowing in the breeze hanging from his neck. Suddenly, his view was covered by a black cloth.

"Hey! What's going on?" questioned Luffy without a hint of fear, but definitely surprised.

"Just come with me, Luffy." said Nami as she grabbed Luffy's hand and lead him onto the deck. She than sat him down on a chair.

"Oh! Can I borrow this for a bit?" said Nami as she took Luffy's treasured straw hat.

"Sure!" smiled Luffy. Like Mika, Luffy could never sat no to Nami, his wife and mother of Mika (a.k.a Namika), and only trusted his hat to them.

"Thanks!" said Nami. "Now don't move and don't remove the bandana until I say so, okay." Luffy just smiled and nodded in agreement. He then heard Nami walk off and then followed by more movement as well as construction noises.

"Oi! Moss-head! Watch where you place those!" Sanji

"Maybe you should watch where standing, Dartboard." Zoro

"You wanna fi..."

"Stop Arguing!" Mika. Luffy chuckled, she could always get Zoro and Sanji to stop fighting without resorting to violence herself.

"Yes, Mika-swan!"


"Come on, bros. I need more materials." Franky

"Quite guys! We don't want Luffy catching on." Nami

"That idiot can't even figure out that Usopp is...SMACK...Hey!"

"Don't insult my daddy!"

"Chopper! I think Zoro needs medical help." Usopp, while snickering.

"Is Zoro hurt!" Chopper, while panicking.

"Don't worry, Mr. Doctor. Mr. Swordsman is only being educated." Robin.

"Educated my as..."WHACK

"Watch Your Language!" yelled Nami, Usopp, and Sanji.

"Everything ready, Skeleton bro.!"

"Yohohoho! All is set and ready." Brook.

"Alright! Everyone in your places." yelled Nami as the sounds of construction ended.

"Come on, Akio!" yelled impatiently Mika.

"I'm coming." Akio, the new addition to the crew. Soon it started to get quite, causing Luffy to become increasing curious and by default, impatient. After some minutes, Luffy finally heard some noise.

"Okay, Luffy. You can remove the bandana." said Nami.

"Yosh!" shouted Luffy excitedly. He then took off the blindfold to find himself looking at a stage on the Sunny's deck. It was very well done, probably because of Franky's expert shipwright skills. Though he was curious as to why their was one to begin with.

"Whoa! A mystery stage!" A typically response from our favorite idiot captain. He didn't wait long until Brook came walking out with his violin in hand.

"Good afternoon, captain." said Brook in a gentlemen manner. "We would like to present to you a special showing of the Straw Hat Theater entitled."

"My Daddy's the Best!"

The last part of Brook's speech was finished by Mika from behind the curtain. Brook immediately started playing on his violin, it had a very adventurous tone to it, one that Luffy liked a lot. The curtains soon parted, revealing an ocean scene with the coast of an island with a small village in the distance. Luffy was definitely curious, then a small figure came out from the side wearing his straw hat and wearing an outfit similar to his own with the only difference being a white shirt was added. The figure soon revealed to be Mika, dressed as her father.

"Hi!" yelled Mika trying to imitate her father's voice. "My name is Monkey D. Luffy and I'm going to be King of the Pirates!"

"Yeah!" cheered Luffy acting as if he was an audience.

"I'm the strongest pirate there is with the bestest crew in the whole world!" After Mika/Luffy's statement another figure entered the stage this time looking like Zoro.

"I'm Roronoa Zoro, I'm this idiot's first mate and my goal is to be the world's best swordsman." said Akio/Zoro trying his best give a serious face causing Luffy to laugh.

"Shishishishish!" laughed Mika/Luffy much like he would in the same situation. "Hey! Wait! Where's Nami?"

"Huh? I don't know?" Soon both characters began looking around the stage.

"Gyahahahahaha!" a voice suddenly was echoed through the stage catching everyone's attention. Appearing on stage was Usopp, ridiculously dressed up as Buggy. Next to him were to other figures, Zoro, dressed as Arlong, and Sanji, dressed as Eneru.

"We took your precious navigator, Straw Hat. I, the great Captain Buggy, have joined up with Arlong and Eneru to take you down." exclaimed Usopp/Buggy trying to put on a Buggy voice.

"It's payback time, you rubber fool."said Zoro/Arlong sadistically.

"This time I'll teach the really meaning of God*1." said Sanji/Eneru grinning evilly. By this point, Luffy was in a fit of laughter.

"I took you all down once and I can do it again!" said Mika/Luffy as she mimicked Luffy's fighting stance. Akio did the same, pulling out a wooden sword readying for battle.

"You'll have to catch us first, you flashy idiot." yelled Usopp/Buggy as he through a smoke bomb. The smoke covered the entire stage, but was quickly blown away revealing only Mika and Akio.

"Ah! Where they go!"

"Luffy! Help me!" yelled Nami from off stage.

"Luffy, there already out to sea." said Akio/Zoro pointing towards the painted sea.

"Then let's get to the Sunny!" exclaimed Mika/Luffy. From stage right came Chopper, in Walk Point, dressed as the Thousand Sunny.

"Let's go!" yelled Mika/ Luffy as she and Akio jumped onto Chopper. However, Chopper did not move instead the scenery itself moved changing from a coast to the ocean. Luffy was definitely enjoying the show, he found that all his friends and child acting as foes from his past was hilarious.

"There they are!" shouted Akio/Zoro as he pointed to an oncoming see of another coast. Soon enough the scenery stopped moving, indicating that the boat had stopped. Both kids soon slid off Chopper/Sunny and landed on the beach.

"Aha! So you caught up to us did you!" shouted Usopp/Buggy appearing from stage left with Zoro/Arlong and Sanji/Eneru, who were holding Nami as if she was captured.

"Luffy! Help me! They trying to force me to draw bad maps for them so they could rule the world." said Nami acting as if distressed. Luffy laughed, the situation was so child-like.

"Don't worry Nami! I'll rescue you!" shouted Mika/Luffy as she and Akio got into battle stances.

"Bring it on runt." said Zoro/Arlong as he pulled out a weapon similar to the actual Arlong's sword, however, this one was made from just wood. The dressed up swordsman then charged at Mika/Luffy, but was blocked by Akio/Zoro.

"I'll take care of Arlong, Luffy. Go get the other two."

"Got it!" said Mika/Luffy and ran towards the other two villains.

"I guess it's my turn." said Sanji/Eneru as she brought forth a gold painted staff.

"Get ready to lose!" shouted Mika/Luffy and Akio/Zoro.

"Gum Gum Pistol!"

"Deadly Nine Swords Style: Asura: One Mist Silver*2 "

"Once Fleur"

Needless to say, Luffy was amazed at what he saw. After yelling their respective attacks, Robin had used her Flower-Flower powers to sprout four arms for Akio, while he was quickly given more fake swords, and sliced up Zoro/Arlong. As for Mika, Robin sprouted about five hands, each with closed fists, jetting off her own closed fist that shot right at Sanji/Eneru knocking him out as well. Once their opponents were defeated the hands disappeared as they normally did. All that was left was Usopp/Buggy.

"Now don't try anything funny! I still have your..." Usopp/Buggy quickly looked to where Nami should be only to see that she was gone. "Where She Go?"

"I'm over here, meanie head." yelled Nami from behind Mika and Akio. Around this time, Sanji and Zoro had sneaked off the stage getting ready for the end.

"What! But how?"

"I used Gear Second to rescue her." smiled Mika/Luffy. In the one man audience, Luffy laughed.

"Go get him captain."

"Send him far away honey." said Nami acting as if her daughter was her husband.

"Right! Gum Gum-" yelled Mika/Luffy as she threw her hands back and ran towards Usopp/ Buggy.

"Ocho Fleur" At the same time, Robin once again used her Flower-Flower powers and made it seem like Mika's arms were stretching back like Luffy's.

"Bazooka!" With the arms disappearing, Mika thrust her own hands into Usopp/Buggy acting out the Gum Gum Bazooka.

"Ahhhhh!" yelled Usopp/ Buggy as he was pretending to be flying away.

"Yeah! You did it Luffy!" cheered Nami as she ran up to her daughter, crouched down, and hugged her.

"Aw. It was nothing." blushed Mika/Luffy causing the real Luffy to also to slightly blush.

"You really are my hero honey, your always there to protect and rescue me." said Nami in a caring fashion that caught the real Luffy's attention.

"Of course! You my nakama and my wife, I'll beat up anyone who tries to hurt you!" said Mika/Luffy as she placed the straw hat on her mother.

"What about our daughter?" questioned Nami. Upon hearing, Mika seemed confused she didn't put herself in this story.

"Daddy!" yelled Chopper, now in Brain Point, trying to copy Mika's voice as he ran out from stage right wearing clothes similar to her own and losing his pink hat.

"Hooray! You rescued mommy!" said Chopper/Mika as he ran to hug both actresses. Luffy had caught on that this wasn't part of the show, but he definitely wanted to see what will happen.

"Well, honey?" asked Nami waiting for her to answer. Mika wasn't sure, she had done this for her daddy to show how much she admired her dad as well as show how much her mother loved him. She never accounting to say what her dad thought about her. She knew that he loved her like no other father could, but could she truly say how he actually felt.

"I would protect her with my life." Suddenly attention was drawn away from Mika and onto the real Monkey D. Luffy. "Just like I would protect all of my nakama and Nami. I would always make it so that she would have the best adventure ever and that she could depend on me and her family. Just like her mom, I would never want to see her cry."

"Yeah." said Mika/Luffy as she began to tear up. "And everyday we, you, me, and Mika would go on adventures finding treasure and beating up bad guys. We would have a party after every adventure with our family and every night we would sleep together until Mika came walking into our room worried about being lone, but we'll." tears started to fall freely at this point realizing that her dad and mom had always done for her.

"And we would let into our bed because we also have the same fear." smiled Luffy standing from his chair and walking over to Mika. At this point, everyone dropped out of character. Chopper had moved away from the couple and child by the time Mika started her part of the speech and waited with Akio, Zoro, and Robin at stage right. Usopp, Franky, and Sanji were over of stage left and Brook was still playing his violin, but changed the tone to a more happier and warm tone.

"And in the morning, I would personally go and wake Sanji up to make her favorite breakfast while me, Usopp, Chopper, and Brook come up with awesome games that you and Akio could play with us. Then Nami would." Luffy was now on stage and next to Mika and Nami by this time, but before he could finish Mika had pulled Luffy down to her weight and gave him the strongest hug ever.

"And." said Mika softly as she smiled through the tears. "And that's why my daddy is the best daddy in the whole world. Cause he not only protects me, but makes me, and everyone, smile everyday."

"Well, I try." smiled Luffy still holding his daughter crying tears of love and joy.

Looking around, he could see that many of the other crew mates, Usopp, Chopper, Franky, and Brook, were balling their eyes out from the touching scene before them. Sanji, Zoro, and Robin were not doing the same, but gave off there own sense of joy for this scene. Turning to Nami, she was crying, but it was more controlled then the others and she was smiling.

'I'm glad that this worked.'

"Mika." said Nami softly. Mika released her father and turned around to see her mother holding a nicely wrapped square package.

"Go on. Give it to him." urged Nami as she handed the gift to Mika. With the tries slowing and smile adorn, Mika nodded.

"Happy Father's day." said Mika after she turned around and handed Luffy the package. Luffy looked at the package confusedly, he then looked at Nami. Sensing the confusion, Nami gave Luffy a nod.

"Thank you Mika." smiled Luffy as he took the gift. He then preceded to open it, though very delicately.

"Whoa!" exclaimed Luffy finally seeing what the gift was. It was a picture in a silver picture frame, the picture was of the whole crew in front of Sunny.

"Do you like it?" asked Mika innocently and a bit nervous. Sensing her nervousness, Luffy pulled Mika into a hug.

"Like it? I love it!" smiled Luffy. Getting over the initial shock of the unexpected hug, Mika hugged back as they both accepted each other's love.

"Oh! And thanks for putting on a show for me, it was the best ever."

"No problem Luffy." replied Zoro as he walked out removing all the stuff he was wearing.

"But most of the thanks should go to Mika." said Nami.

"Yeah! She came up with all of this all by herself." shouted Chopper.

"Mika is such a genius!" shouted Brook

"Though the last part was Nami's plan." calmly said Robin

"It was so SUUUUUPPPERRR!" cried Franky though he was trying to hide it.

"Oi, everyone! Dinner is ready." shouted Sanji from the kitchen.

"Yeah, food!" exclaimed Mika as she dragged Akio into the kitchen and soon followed by the crew.

"Thanks for doing that Nami." said Luffy as he gave Nami a kiss.

"I thought that it was missing a little something, and I'm glad you liked it." said Nami as she returned the kiss.

"Eww! Gross!" shouted Mika from the door way not wanting to wait for her parents. Luffy and Nami stopped kissing, looked at their daughter, and laughed.

"Fine, fine, we're coming." laughed Nami as she and Luffy walked towards the kitchen.


Flash forward: One Year later.

Mika awoke from her bed that her aunt Nojiko had made for her when she and Akio had first arrived at Cocoyashi Village. After rubbing the sleep from her eyes she looked at the clock; it was well after her usual wake up time. She and Akio had to wake up early almost every morning to help her aunt with the chores as well as the plantation. Slowly getting out of bed, Mika went to grab her clothes so she could get to her chores before Nojiko found out she slept in. Before opening the selves, she looked at the calendar, it was June XX.

"Father's Day." mumbled Mika as she continued with undressing and redressing herself. No wonder she had that dream, or more like recalled that memory. Once finished she reached for the door, but stopped midway. She pulled back her hand and grabbed hold of her locket, given to her by her parents. She opened, both pictures were still there, but the one she was most interested in was the one of here parents wedding picture. After some minutes staring and reminiscing, Mika closed the locket and return to opening the door.

"Happy Father's Day, Dad. Please return soon." smiled Mika and walked out to do her chores.

Meanwhile, in the Calm Belt on Rusukaina.

"You seem quite Luffy what's a matter?" asked Rayleigh as he took another drink from his booze bottle.

"Nothing, but today feels special somehow." said Luffy as he ate another piece of bear.

"Well it is Father's Day." replied Rayleigh after taking a bite. "I don't know why that would be special to you, though." Realization hit Luffy like one Nami's punches and almost choked on his bear.

"Oi, Oi. You okay?"

"Yeah! I am." gasped Luffy after finally swallowing his bear.

"Alright, but don't be doing that again. I'm trying to get you stronger, not kill you before you even get to the New World." joked Rayleigh as he took another drink. Luffy just returned to his meal needing to prepare for the next part of his training.

'I hope your okay Mika. I'm sorry I couldn't be there to celebrate Father's Day for you'


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