One Piece: Rise of the Pirate Queen

Omake Corner

"Aroooo!" A dog howled in the night as the scene opens to a large town of the Edo period. On this night, the whole town was covered in a thick morning mist. No one was out other than a white furred dog itself, though unusually big for a dog, even a bit wolfish. The dog then then ran off as the announcer speaks.

[Welcome back!]

[It seems you've come to Grand Jipangu in the dead of night]

[The city still grows as a bustling urban paradise]

[Being protected by its famous duo teams, Boss Mika and Boss Akio]

[Ah! It seems that we have some visitors in the dead of night]

As the announcer (me) said, there seem to be some visitors on their way to Grand Jipangu. However there were two sets. On this misty night for the city, a large group was walking through the countryside where a green haired monk was taking his nap. He woke up abruptly and rubbed his eyes. He then took noticed of the group walking by and looked a bit surprised.

"What the? Who travels at this time of day? Oh well…" Zoro immediately went back to sleep not caring who the mysterious travelers. The travelers, a group of ten, seem to not mind the sleeping monk as they continued for the town.

On the other side of the city out in the ocean, a ship came sailed towards the town. On deck, three figures in cloaks looked out to the town. Their ship was fairly larger than the fishing vessel that was getting in some early morning fishing. As the ship sailed by a large man walked up examining the ship. One particular feature he saw was the symbol adorned at the end of the name, a swirl symbol that looked like a leaf. He smirked recognizing it.

"Well, seems this will be an interesting day."

"What are you talking about, old timer?" Jinbe eyed to the side as a young man rounded the cabin. Ryuudo raised a brow to the older, and fishier, looking man wondering what he was talking about. Jinbe just sent the teen an irritated smirk. "Get back to work, Ryuudo. I didn't hire you to call me old."

"Right, right." As Ryuudo readied to throw out the net, he looked back to the town to see the large ship coming into port. The teen was immediately curious about such a large ship, but decided inquiring more as the old fisherman shouted.

"I'm not seeing any new catches!"

"I got it, you old fish!"

Boss Mika Returns!

The Great Oyabun Race Begins

It was now morning and the city was bustling with movement as the townsfolk began their day. However there was a large commotion happening near the palace. There was a large cheering crowd standing in front of a stand where several figures sat. For the moment, everyone's attention was directed to the spokeswoman with long pink hair. With a paper megaphone, the woman cheerfully shouted towards crowd. "Hello~ Grand Jipangu! Welcome to this year's Great Oyabun Race~!" The crowd was sent into an even louder cheer. The pink haired woman waited for the cheering to die down before speaking once again. "All right! I am your host, Nela, and as you all know, the Great Oyabun Race pits Grand Jipangu, Kishihoa, Palarrar, and Hos-shot's finest oyabun's against each other to show off their respective city's law enforcement power. Here with us is each cities head official; Grand Jipangu's own Drake, Kishihoa's Shikamaru Nara, and Palarrar's Mikuri Matsumoto, and Hos-shot's Selim."

The crowd began to clap as each person stood up with their name. The first person stand was Drake, receiving the biggest ovation, waving to the crowd with a cocky grin. Soon after came Shikamaru. The man's expression showed that he really didn't want to be here, which only got him a very light-hearted applause, though the man still didn't seem to care. "Tch. This all troublesome." Finally was the female dressed much like a traditional samurai but suited for women. She gave the crowd a respectful bow and then stood with the other heads of their law enforcements. The last one was a young man with golden hair and a scar across his face waved to the crowd though his ovation was not as boisterous as the other heads. The man frowned slightly and remained standing with his fellow heads. With their introduction finished, Nela stepped back up and continued on.

"We also have here today is the King Kohza and Queen Vivi along with the princess, Titi." The crowd clapped and cheered as the royalties stood up and waved to the crowd with gracious smiles. The royals soon sat down, the clapping and cheering dying down, and Nela continued on with her speech. "And finally, we have Grand Jipangu's great duo team, Luffy and Usopp!" Everyone clapped again as now the former oyabun and his partner stood and waved to crowd many of whom stood up and applauded the retired team. After only a few minutes, the crowd began to quiet down and all those on stage sat down other than the Nela. "And now, without further delay, let's bring out our competitors!"

The crowd once again cheered as the main event was about to begin. Three teams of two then walked onto the stage and presented themselves before the crowd. Each team stood in front of their respective leader, and the announcer named off each one. "From our hometown, we have the combined team of Grand Jipangu's finest. Representing Grand Jipangu is Boss Monkey D. Mika and Boss Akio!"

"Hey everyone!" Mika greeted everyone in her usual fashion, a wave and a huge grin. Akio accompanied her greeting with just a silent wave and smile. The much of the crowd cheered for the team. Within the crowd, though very much separate from the rest of the crowd, a group of personal cheerleaders for the team was cheering loudly.

"Go Mika! Go Akio!" Lena, Nicole, and Ryuudo shouted out with full vigor for their friends. Along with them was Nore, remaining stoic, but supporting them without a shred of doubt. Of course, many of Mika's family were also cheering on. The most notable being Chopper, Franky, Brook, and the kids – Ace, Sabo, and Toby – while on the side were Onami, Mao, and Sanji cheered on in normal fashion.

"Come on, Mika! I've got a lot of money on you to win!" Many in the group sweat-dropped as they looked over to Onami having heard her shout. Even after becoming a mother, she still couldn't help but be a little greedy.

"Next, from Kishihoa – a city across the sea – we have the three man team with the child of the legendary oyabun that brought peace to their war-torn city. The Kishihoa's oyabun, Boss Kushina Uzumaki with partners Minato Lee and Satsuki." The crowd clapped as the next team was introduced. They looked fairly younger than the previous team, possibly even preteens, and wore the traditional robes as oyabun and partners as well as having the juttes. Much like the previous team, there was a small crowd cheering exceptionally louder. They looked to be the same age as the team with some adults behind them. They were even similarly dressed (Shikamari, Chouma, Inoko). The announcer then continued on.

"And next from our sister city from over the mountains: Palarrar, we have the famous female duo with a whole task force behind them. The Palarrar oyabun, Boss Oxenstierna D. Yuki-Rin and partner Molly O'Flannigan." Nela continued with the introduction introducing the next team. The young girls were waved to the crowd as they clapped for the team, and much like the Jipangu team they seem to have their own cheering section. It was comprised of many unique individuals; a samurai (Kazuma), a young gentleman from a foreign country (Heathcliffe), a young kunoichi (Hana), a young maiden from China (Aki), a merchant (Wolfgang), a female doctor (Agetha), and man wearing a black belt (Enlai). They stood near the same groups that were cheering on the other teams. The announcer then continued.

"And finally from across the desert the city Hos-shot, the extraordinary team said to have a success rate of ninety-nine percent. The Hos-shot oyabun, Boss Ty and his partner Zeichi!" The crowd clapped, though half-heartedly, as the final team came up. It consisted of a bald headed man with two juttes on his back and one with short red hair who was very portly enjoying a sandwich. Despite the lack of their own cheering section, the two waved to the crowd with a smile. Their boss, however, did not seem as pleased. As the crowd finished, Nela spoke up again. "Each one of these teams will race against each other across our city using their skills as law enforcement to reach the finish, but don't forget your duties. This is still a restless city with as much crime as any other city. You must patrol-slash-race through the whole city, dodging obstacles, and then come back here. The winner will be named this year's Greatest Oyabun. Now, let's get ready to start!"

The crowd cheered and the participants proceeded to walk off the stage heading for the starting line. The crowd parted as the teams walked their way to the line. As they did so, they began to become acquainted with each other started by Mika. "Hey, I know we've already been introduced, but – Hi! I'm Mika, and this is my fellow oyabun and current partner Akio."

"Yo!" waved Akio following his friend and partner's lead.

"Hi, I'm Kushina Uzumaki. I'm the oyabun for Kishihoa."

"And we're her partners. I'm Minato Lee-"

"And I'm Satsuki."

"I'm the oyabun for Palarrar, Yuki-Rin."

"And I'm her half-sister and partner, Molly."

"Hello, I am Ty and the one enjoying the sandwich is Zeichi. We both are from Hos-shot"

"Munch, munch…Hi." Each of the participants got acquainted with the others as they showed off good sportsmanship. The people beamed proudly as they watched such a display between rising rookie oyabuns and partners. As everyone reached the starting line, the oyabuns lined up with their partners behind them. As Nela got in front of the line she readied to begin the race.

"Is everyone ready?" The partners nodded as they readied to support their respective partners. However the oyabuns themselves suddenly glared at each other with competitive stares. It seemed that a fire had been started between the three.

"I'm so gonna win this." said Yuki-Rin.

"You kidding, I'll wipe the floor with both of you."

"Yeah, yeah, my home, my win, shrimp."

"This is a man's work, ladies. Why not sit this one out?" All the oyabuns then growled at each other as they readied to start. All around them, everyone within earshot sweat-dropped as the earlier moment was lost. The oyabuns' partners did the same with a sigh, some more than others. Seeing as nothing would stop them, Nela decided to continue on.

"O-Okay, let's start." The crowd watched in intensity as the young woman readied to start the race. The partners geared themselves as they watched their leaders practically clawing at each other's throats. Nela raised her arm as she ignored the growling oyabuns. "On your mark…get set…"

"I'm Gonna Win!"

"Go!" All the teams launched forward, the three oyabuns cheek and cheek, as they began their race. The crowd cheered as the teams raced down the stretch of road into the city. Eventually the teams met with a split in the road and each went down different roads. Who will win the race?

As everyone cheered and were distracted by the excitement, including those on stage, Selim stood stoic and far behind the rest. In fact, he stood surprisingly close to the edge of the stage. Barely above a whisper, Selim spoke to someone. "Make sure they don't win."

"Yes, Pride." Several voices spoke to answer the man. The man smirked and continued to stare out where his team and the others had run off. He didn't speak again afterwards.

"Hand over your money!" At a bank, Brock and his Coyote Gang were stealing money from said bank. As the cashier finished withdrawing and depositing the last amounts into their bags, Brock's men picked up the bags and began exiting. But not before Brock could be a little showy. "Thank you for participating in today's robbery, we hope to see you again really soon." With a cruel grin the man bowed then exited the establishment. With all his men waiting for him, Brock congratulated the gang. "Well done everyone. Now, let's get out of here before Boss Mika or Boss Akio come-"

"I saw them!" Brock ate his words and had two helpings as not only did Mika show up, but so did the other oyabuns Kushina and Yuki-Rin. Each one came from a different direction jumped over the roofs and charging straight towards them. The whole gang, even Brock, gasped in shock as the three oyabuns attacked them, two of them using their juttes; Mika and Yuki-Rin.


Bong! Bzzt! Smash! Pow! In little to no time the whole gang was defeated and tied up. As the gang was taken in by the regular forces while judges tallied up the numbers. The three oyabuns were already gone as they were determined not to let the other get ahead. Elsewhere, their partners were doing their jobs as well.

"What the hell! Who are you kids?!" Tony and some of his men ran as they were being chased by Boss Kushina's partners, Minato and Satsuki. Both were quite determined to catch them as they had tried to skip out on the bill at a restaurant. They shall pay dearly.

"Alright, Satsuki, you-"

"Banzai!" Before Minato could tell Satsuki is plan, a sudden shout made them pause. While the Big Fist Gang tried to flee, Mika suddenly shot out flying out of nowhere and kicked Tony to the side. The two from Kishihoa was confused as were the men in Tony's gang. Before the men could do anything, Ty crossed from an adjacent street and swiftly knocked and captured some of the men out and continued on his way. From another street, Yuki-Rin and Molly quickly caught the remaining with the oyabun flashing a cheeky smile and peace sign to the preteens as they left. The two partners stood dumbfounded.

"What just happened?" asked Satsuki.

Pow! The two turned as someone (Gedatsu) came flying out unconscious. From the building itself, Akio ran out snatched the man out of the air right as Kushina tried to take him. The young girl landed just in front of her partners as they stared at Akio in shock. As some officers took Akio's capture, the man turned to the preteens and gave them a sly smirk. "You gotta be quick, as long as the criminals are caught, it doesn't matter."

"Hey! Come back here and fix this!" Once again from the building, Team Kishihoa looked over to see Mai come storming out look quite pissed at the young oyabun. When they turned back to Akio, the man was gone. "Hey! You three!" They looked back, flinching, as the woman came storming towards. Before she could reach them, they swiftly disappeared with Mai roaring in fury.

"What the hell is with all these flashy brats?!" In another part of town, Buggy and his crime family, currently Cabaji and Mohji, were running as a large hippo man was trying to snap down on them. They ran through a maze of streets until finally getting tired. The man was then about to get his prey.

"Dynamic Enrty!" Just as the hippo man was about the catch them, Minato kicked all three out of the man's mouth along with himself. The man snapped down, but immediately noticed he had nothing. He looked to the side to see his prey already captured by the team from Kishihoa.

"Damn, you stole my meal."

"You mean catch, right?" asked Minato a bit worried. Zeichi shrugged and went about transforming back into his human form. The preteens found the man's attitude rather strange.

"Oh, good, you caught another one." The team turned as they were met with the local law enforcement being head by the second-in-command of Grand Jipangu, Justin. As his men took the captured criminals, Justin tallied the numbers.

"Um, excuse me. Could you tell us who's in the lead." asked Kushina to Justin.

"Sure. At the moment, you are third, the team from Palarrar is fourth, Mika and Akio are second, and the Hos-shot team is first with twenty."

"Twenty?!" shouted all three.

"Yes, a bit strange as the numbers is five, seven, and ten respectively. I guess that ninety-nine percent success rate ain't just for show." Justin and his team then left taking Buggy and his men with them. The team, however, looked a bit concerned by what the man had just said. It didn't seem that the team from Hos-shot was trying all that hard.

"That seems odd." Minato and Kushina nodded in agreement with the red head girl. They weren't the only ones this oddity.

Back at the festival as everyone went to through the vendors, the groups that supported their team were gathered under a pavilion. While many of them were just talking amongst each other, Onami and the oyabuns' partners were off to the side talking with the ever-elusive Robin. All three looked to be in shock. "What do you mean that Mika and Akio are behind?!" shouted both Onami and Lena. Robin just nodded.

"It's as I said, Mika and Akio are behind the Hos-shot team by nearly ten points."

"That can't be right! How can some other team get to so many faster than the actual home team? Even when Luffy was a part of this, the most any of them could get was twelve. I'm sure most of those idiot criminals are aware of this day."

"But didn't they boast a 'ninety-nine percent' success rate?" spoke Lena putting air quotes around the specific number.

"Even so, that can't be so in a town they know little about." said Nami.

"An informant told me a little something about the captures by Team Hos-shot. Most of them are unconscious, yet the ones that were not. I've also tried looking into their crimes; many of them don't have any reports. Also, all those unconscious have quite unique injures that don't match others."

"So there may be others." Nore finally spoke as he deduced what the woman was stating. Onami and Lena were shocked. Even more so, they felt insulted.

"Why those no good…Dammit, I wish we could help." Lena slammed her fist into her hand very angry with the oyabun team cheating. Nore felt the same though only expressed so through his disappointed expression. Though while the two partners believed they were useless to the situation, they soon heard Robin chuckle gaining their attention.

"Now…who said you couldn't?"

"What happened to all that vigor and energy from before?" Elsewhere in Grand Jipangu, Team Jipangu and Team Palarrar were walking next to each other as they now patrolled streets. A lot of their handy work was everywhere, which many people were wondering who and what happened, but they ignored this as they continued talk and walk. Yuki-Rin was currently talking with Mika with Molly and Akio next to them respectively. Responding to Yuki-Rin's question, Mika sighed as she hunched over in depression.

"Can't fine anymore idiots doing bad things."

"Hmm, same problem here."

"We've been all over town, so far, only the usuals were out." commented Akio as he crossed his arms. As the group traveled down the down there was a sudden crash that came down a nearby street. The teams looked to each other – all concerned – and then were quickly off to check the scene.

As the group rounded the corner, they gasped as they saw the team from Kishihoa on the ground injured. The group instantly ran over to the downed preteen with Molly and Yuki-Rin checking them over. "What happened, laddy?!" Minato opened his eyes hearing Molly speaking to him. He lifted himself up and rubbed his head.

"We were attacked…"


"We were following the Hos-shot team." The group looked over to Satsuki as she and Kushina sat up checking over their bodies for any serious injuries. Seeing that they only had a few scratches, Satsuki continued. "They're cheating!"


"They have some other guys catching people, not just criminals, and counting them as criminals." Shouting, Kushina then pointed to the dust cloud where three shadowed figures stood two of them covering their faces and the other caught up in something. As Mika and Akio stood ready to fight, the dust soon settled revealing the figures to be Ty and some over man whose body was partially covered in black. The other figure was Zeichi tied up while trying to transform into his hybrid form. Mika and Akio glared at the men as did the rest as they all stood ready to fight.

"I can't believe you would stoop so low as to arrest the citizens. Have you no honor as an oyabun?!" shouted Akio etched with angry as he equipped his fists with his Iron Knuckles Jutte.

"They are not my citizens to protect." Everyone's eyes widen in shock as Ty spoke in all seriousness. To the local oyabuns, this was a great insult as Akio was near enraged while Mika was producing an electrical discharge. The others, despite not from this town, were just as angry as this broke the code they all followed to protect the citizens.

"Why? Why would you?" asked Kushina unable to comprehend why this oyabun would turn his back on the citizens.

"You see, our leader is ever the prideful one. Despite the excellent record in our home, Hos-shot has yet to win the Great Oyabun Race. This year, he planned to win, by any means necessary."

"That's disgraceful!" shouted Yuki-Rin holding onto her jutte.

"Well, it won't matter. We'll be crossing the finish line and finally win, either by points or just getting there. But we can't have you stopping us." Suddenly several more people ran out into the street. Team Hos-shot numbers tripled as they now had six members in front of our heroes including the announcer Nela. That shocked the group a bit.

"Wait, aren't you the host?" asked Satsuki confused.

"And my brothers' babysitter!" Everyone minus Akio looked to Mika as they were surprised by her shout. Nela sweat-dropped and held onto her bo staff shouting back.

"I'm actually from Hos-shot and worked with the law there."

"Take care of them. We'll head for the finish line." Then Ty slashed his swords setting Zeichi free from the trap. After the hippo man brushed off the string, the team ran off leaving their cohorts to deal with the other teams.

"I am Don! I am the ultimate shield! Cha!" As the man shouted out, his arms and began to be covered in a black substance. The blue haired was next.


"(Slap!) Say something, Yoyo!"

"….I am Yoyo….I am….the fastest in our town…"

"Not with that kind of speech." Yuki-Rin said to the others in a hush tone as everyone sweat-drop as they thought the same. Meanwhile the other people continued.

"Arkan is my name, but I wish I had a better name. I can copy any fighting style and use it with deadly force."

"And I'm Nela. And with my Rose Rose powers, I'll trap you in a never-ending fantasy." With the group done announcing themselves they all rushed the group of oyabuns and partners. They all were ready to fight them and stop their disgraceful plan. Poof! Suddenly a smokescreen enveloped the group blinding them all.

"What the hell? What's going on?" shouted Don as he tried to peer through the smokescreen. Eventually the smokescreen died allowing the group of three (Wait, wasn't it four?) from Hos-shot to see. However it wasn't who they were expecting to see. Instead of the oyabuns and their partners, they found themselves surrounded by others they had seen in the crowd. All of them were looking down at them with very angered expressions.

"W-What's going on?" asked Arkan nervously. Everyone's expressions turned into smirks as they geared up to fight. They then shouted before jumping into the fare.

"A taste of your own medicine!"

Back at the finish line, the crowd was starting to get impatient. Standing behind the finish line the three heads along with Justin, Luffy, and Usopp were waiting patiently for one of the teams to show. As they waited, Usopp whispered to Luffy in concern. "Still no sign of Mika or the others."

"They'll be here soon, I know it."

"And if the 'other' team doesn't allow it?" Before Luffy could answer, a commotion began to stir amongst the crowd. Everyone directed their attention down the street as a single group came jogging up. In the crowd, Onami and the others of the Straw Hat group pushed through to see who it was. Onami tried to peer down the road trying to see which team it was.


"It's the Hos-shot team!" Out of nowhere, Nela suddenly popped up near the sidelines near the finish line. While the crowd began to cheer, the Straw Hat group along with the heads of each town was surprise to see the team jogging up all alone. "It looks like Team Hos-shot will win the Great Oyabun Race!" Selim smirked as he was filled with pride of this great accomplishment. The team easily walked past the crowds waving and receiving their praise. The Straw Hat group looked on in disbelief. Would the Hos-shot team really win?

Boom! Suddenly a building exploded near the end of the crowd surprising them greatly. Everyone looked back in shock wondering what had happened. As the dust reached the raceway, figures could be seen in the smoke and dust. As the group cleared it they all shouted. "It's Not Over Yet!" All three teams, Jipangu, Kishihoa, and Palarrar, all shot out of the dust cloud with amazing speed as they caught up to the Hos-shot team. The crowd gasped in surprise.

"Amazing! The remaining three teams have just caught up!" Still doing her job, Nela announced with much enthusiasm. The crowd began cheering once again especially the Straw hat group as now all the teams began running for the finish. At the finish line, all the heads – and Justin – were fairly amused with their team sudden entrance with the exception of Selim who looked stricken with shock. Seeing the man's expression, Luffy and chuckled in pride.

With the teams nearing, Team Hos-shot immediately picked the pace only just as the teams reached them. In disbelief, Ty looked at the teams almost flabbergasted. "How could you all catch up so fast?! It's impossible."

"You're not the only one with friends." smirked Akio.

"If you're gonna use your friends, we might as well use ours." added Satsuki smugly.

"They're all handling your friends as we speak." said Molly being as polite even to these cheaters.

"We're not going to let you win so easily." Minato bumped his fist together as he seemed ready to brawl.

"Especially with a dirty trick like that." smiled Yuki-Rin almost like she knew something. Both Ty and Zeichi noticed and didn't want to risk any chances. The both tried to attack the teams, but they dodged. They were then left wide open as Mika and Kushina came right at them, both wearing triumphant grins, as they went to strike Ty and Zeichi respectively. They both shouted out confident.

"Know your place, Hos-shot team!"

"Lightning Jutte Strike!"

"Combat Seal: Unconsciousness Seal Jutte Strike!"

The Hos-shot team went to block the attacks coming at them. Zeichi was utterly defenseless as he tried to punch the girl, but she easily dodged and struck the hippo on his head. What landed was a piece of paper that had the Japanese kanji for unconsciousness on it. It glowed brightly and then Zeichi went out like a light. Shikamaru couldn't be prouder as he showed off a rare smile. Meanwhile, Ty tried to block Mika's attack he didn't count the jutte being electrified. While he did block, he his was riddled with electricity as Mika smile cheekily at the man. Ty then dropped as he was clearly toasted and out. Luffy laughed at this easy victory while Drake just gave a wide grin. On the sidelines, the Straw Hat group was cheering loudly.

"Go Mika! Go Akio!"

"Minato! Kushina! Satsuki! Get moving!" Sakura and Lee shouted from next to the Straw Hat group to get her son's team moving.

"Hurry, captain! Hurry, Molly!" From far behind the group, all those that took on the remaining group from Hos-shot came running up. At the head was the group from Palarrar waving to their friends. Not too far behind Nore and Lena along with Team 19 waving and cheering their own team.

None of them had to tell the teams twice. All three teams soon went off as the cheaters lay defeated and unconscious. All three teams were neck and neck as the all saw the finish line in sight. While the heads and former oyabun team moved away from the finish, Selim stood dumbstruck as his entire team was defeated. He couldn't believe it. "How?! How could my plan fail?"

"They had help." Not expecting an answer, Selim looked over to the side to see that Nela was the one to answer. He stared at her speechless as he understood what she was trying to say, which only made him angrier.

"How dare you betray me?!" Selim then transform into a lion man surprising much of the crowd into back away. Only the heads, those related to the oyabuns and their partners, and Nela stood their ground against the lion man. However the lion's anger was directed strictly to Nela. The pink haired woman barely batted an eye as she smiled and waved to the man.

"Bye, bye, Selim the Prideful."


"Oyabun Dynamic Entry!" Selim was suddenly attacked by a three person kick by all three oyabuns, who happened to all be female, and sent him flying. All three oyabuns landed across the finish line all wearing a triumphant grin. The crowd cheered as the partners crossed the finish line at the same time as well.

"Amazing! All but the Hos-shot team made it across in a three-way tie! The first one in history. What does the king and queen has to say about this?" Still doing her job, Nela turned to the royalty still sitting on the stage nearby. Queen Vivi stood up as she and her husband had already discussed the outcome. She walked up to the front and proclaimed for all to here.

"We have decided to, due to the outcome of this race, to allow the tie and share the award between the three cities." The crowd cheered as they agreed with the decision from their queen and king. However, while everyone seemed to accept the decision, Mika did not seem too pleased. Vivi saw this and gestured the crowd to quiet down. The crowd listened, though looking really confused, while the queen looked over to Mika. "Is there something you wish to say, Mika?"

"Yeah! You think that Hos-shot could have our part of the award?"

"EH?!" The whole crowd looked at Mika in disbelief, even her friends and family. Vivi was also surprised by what her niece had requested from her. The oyabuns and partners as well stared at Mika in the same disbelief the crowd was giving her. Though the most stunned was the recovering Ty who had heard the girl. While everyone just kept staring at her, Mika only smiled back.

"I mean, it's not like we don't have enough awards already. I don't mind if you don't, Akio." The other oyabun of Grand Jipangu, who was just as speechless as the rest, finally shook away his shock and looked at Mika. The girl turned to him flashing a bright smile it instantly made the man blush seeing her cute side. As everyone waited for the oyabun's answer, Akio frown and crossed his arms.

"Only if they promise not to cheat next year." Akio was immediately hugged by Mika as he had willingly agreed with her. The man tried to stay cool, but one could easily tell he was faltering. Akio then turned his head to Ty, noticing that he was awake, and sent him a harsh glare. The man, realizing what this was, nodded.

"Yes, you have my word as a oyabun that I will never falter from the path of justice again."

"Then, I'm fine."

With a proud smile, Vivi nodded. "Then it's decided, the winners of this year's Great Oyabun Race is Kishihoa, Palarrar, and Hos-shot!" The crowd cheered, not only for the contestants, but in pride of their hometown oyabun as she had made a very willing sacrifice. Even amongst her friends, family, and partners they were proud of her decision.

Sometime later, Vivi handed out the awards to the winning teams and the final festivities took place. Mika had invited all her new friends to her mother's restaurant for a big feast to which all agreed happily. As night fell on this bustling city, the Pinwheel restaurant was alive as always filled with good friends and family. What a fitting end.

"You Cost Me So Much, You Brat! You're Going To Be Paying Me Off Until You Have Grandkids! And That's Only Because You Did A Good Thing Earlier!"

"But mom~." whined Mika as washed the dishes while the party was still going on. And that night, everyone had a good laugh at Mika's expense. Too bad that she also charges interest.

[And that is another day in Grand Jipangu.]

[Come visit us next time for some more fun!]

[Until next time.]

[Ja Ne!]

Author's note: Happy New Year everyone!