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Two chapter post.


Today, of all days, it had to rain.

Big, wet droplets, falling from the sky, splattering against the sodden grass. Dark grey storm clouds, this rain was here to stay for a couple of days.

I parked the car in the lot, watching the window wipers swish and flick the sleeted rain away from the windscreen. "We don't have to do this today."

"Yes, we do," Kory said, stretching her hand across until she could place her hand on my knee.

"No, we don't," I said again, angling my head so I could see straight up through the window. "That rain's not going to let up for a while. I don't want either of you to get sick."

"Dick," Kory said, her voice soft and stern. "There is no other day we can do this. None. Today is important."

"I know. It's just—"

"We have umbrellas. We shall be quite protected. Go. I shall join you shortly."

"Are you sure?" I fretted.

She leant across the small distance between our seats, grabbed my ears and pulled me roughly toward her for a kiss. "Of course. Go."

"Ow," I complained and rubbed my ears.

"You love it."

I smiled. "Okay… see you soon then." I opened the door, opening up my massive umbrella at the same time to protect my suit from the rain. "Are you sure you don't need help?" I asked, turning around to peer through the door at Kory.

"I am certain I can manage," she replied and shooed me. "Go."

I tossed her the car keys before I closed the door. Staring at the huge gates, I took a deep breath, squared my shoulders and started on the wet footpath.

It's usually so well kept here, and today is no exception, once you look past how sodden everything is with the torrential rain we've experienced over the past few days. Kory's right, of course, there wasn't any other day I could do this.

As much as I hate coming here, it's the first lesson Bruce taught me. Never forget.

I knew where I was going. I always knew. The path is achingly familiar, I go this way every year. On their anniversary.

A plain headstones, a shared one. "John and Mary Grayson", the plaque reads, "Parents and Performers. They still soar in our sky."

My parents weren't ones for fan fair. They liked the simple things, like being together. Laughter and love. Acrobatics. Soaring through the sky.

"Hey, Mom, Dad. It's been a while. Things have been good for me this year. I mean, I've had my ups and down, but all in all… it's been good." I shuffled my feet and listened to the rain plunk against my umbrella. "Cyborg got married last year. Lovely girl called Sarah, she's wonderful. They're in the process of adopting, but they won't tell us more than that. Want it to be a surprise I guess. Remember how last time I told you Beast Boy and Raven got married? They had a little boy a couple of weeks ago. Cute little green skinned, purple haired dude. Beast Boy's so proud. They called him Joshua Mark Logan. He's a real cutie."

I shuffled my boot on the ground. "Mom, Dad, I'm getting married. Next year, Star finally agreed to marry me. Or, well, she asked me to marry her, but I'm maintaining I asked her first. She and I built a house just outside of Bludhaven." I smiled, smelling the jasmine shampoo she uses in her hair and turned my head. "There's one more thing. Someone here who I want you to meet."

I turned to Kory, stroking her cheek with my fingers, before I gathered up our little bundle of joy in her arms. I repositioned the blanket around the cute little sleeping face and kissed my child's forehead before I turned back to my parent's gravestones while my fiancée curled her hand around my arm. "Mom, Dad, I'd like you to meet Mar'i, your granddaughter."

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