This one may or may not be a long shot but what the heck. I got this idea after reading Pendragon book seven: Quillan Games. If you have ever read the series you know what I'm talking about. If you haven't. LE GASP! You really should iz awesome. Back to the story. There are a lot of things that are very alike if not the same so I just want to disclaim the main ideas from the start. That be all.

So without further ado,

Oh and P.S. it is in the POV of Skipper, you'll find out why in the last chapter.

I guess I could say I never saw this coming. I mean none of this seemed possible a few months ago. A world without animals or imagination would've seemed so farfetched. Yet here I am. Truthfully I don't know if I regret anything or not.

First off, I'm supposed to be dead. And that's what caused this world to be. My death. I never thought I'd be so important to the future of the world. I always thought I was just another living creature out of tens of thousands of billions of others. One of the meaningless inhabitants of the earth. But after I died, I became so much more than that. My death caused destruction. Well it caused corruption anyway. Corruption of Kowalski. He is the new dictator by the way. And he's smart enough to hold himself there too. Oh and one more thing. He's the dictator of the world.

Yup someone finally did it. Kowalski took over the world. Scary isn't it? Well the way he's ruling is. People have compared it to the way Hitler took over Germany. And I can see why. He preached his way there. Oh so I've heard. He used everyone's hatred towards war to preach his idea of the world being ruled by one leader. One leader would mean no wars, no more devastation. Like how Hitler preached relief from the bad situation they were in. Both were bull, but people were getting tired of fighting. Sure leaders and governments didn't like the idea, but they're the power hungry parts of countries. Citizens weren't so happy about wars. But you never really hear about them. They have marches and picket lines and whatnot, but even that takes a long while to have any effects.

What Kowalski did was smart; evilly smart. Like Hitler. He preached his way into power. Once there he was able to do everything else. He made his own political party appropriately named (at the time) the 'Peace party'. He became the president of the United States. Oh yeah I forgot to tell you, he turned himself into a human. But this isn't the worst part. His party had voting rights in the State senate and Congress. His party voted out the others. No more democrats and no more republicans. Sound familiar? He knew his history, and he proved that history repeats itself. He became the second Hitler, without the killing and Arian race concepts that is. There was no concentration camps or anything like that. He was still a bad dictator. The United States of America had always been ruled by Capitalism. It promoted and fought wars over it for Christ sake. But when it finally fell to a dictator, the world seemed to freeze in shock. The wars stopped; men were pulled back to their home countries for defense. It didn't do a lick of good. Kowalski still got them.

But before he moved across the sea he finished off the Americas. In the beginning he was a great dictator. He made it seem like no one needed the two lost political parties. He continued to preach forming treaties with Canada and Mexico. He then moved on to gain treaties with all of South America. Those lasted for a year or two. Then he invaded. Canada was the first to join. Annexed to the United States. After Mexico fell the entire continent was the United States. After he ruled the continent he reinforced the military draft. If you got the paper you joined up or died. He attacked Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, Venezuela, Chile, and Bolivia. After that all it took was occupation for the countries to fall. North and South America's were then the United States. From there he moved to Europe. He promised to spare Britain and France if they helped. So they helped him take over Europe and Asia. First to neutralize threats, he came up with this indestructible plastic and had it mass produced into gigantic domes. He used twelve military helicopters to place them over nuclear plants and missiles. Then he blew them up. No evacuation or warnings. Every nuclear weapon and plant was destroyed. The domes were pushed into the ground and are actually still there.

Then he took over Africa. With all the power and military force he had it wasn't very hard.

And then he took over France and Britain. Stabbed them in the back. It was easy because they didn't expect it. Like I've said before, a friend is just an enemy that hasn't attacked yet.

Taking over Australia and the little islands that dotted the globe were easy from that point on. Controlling his land wasn't too hard either. He created these, perfect robots who ruled over each country. He made a hundred armies worth of them. Some actually watched over each area. Others were for security and were basically the police. He called them Dados. They were big, emotionless, strong, and carried around these golden pistols that made a fum noise when fired and hurt like hell. They were like high powered, Star Wars-like tazers. But they looked like regular pistols.

Then he got rid of animals. He used his Human serum and broadcasted it like a radio does music. He turned every animal in the world into humans. He took over Antarctica when it was still full of animals. The penguins became Eskimo's as did all the animals in the north and south poles. Animals on the equator or even close to it became dark skinned people and people far away from the equator but not at the poles- halfway in between- became white skinned. Oceanic animals became mermaids. Mermaids ruled by water proof Dados who lived in Atlantis-like cities dotted all over the bottoms of the oceans. Same went for animals of larger lakes. Animals where were in smaller lakes, ponds, or swamps became regular humans and were forced to swim to land and get used to walking around. He enforced taxes and equalized every town, city, and village on the face of the planet.

I can't really explain it straight out though. I guess I have to tell you the story for you to understand how bad things were. He took away imagination and a lot of free will, though he gave people a little bit of a choice. It was basically you do what you were told or you go to the pit or die.

All I can say is… something happened to Kowalski when I died. Something snapped. And the whole world had to pay for it.