Chapter 11: A Favor

Dr. Bernard Dunar Glar paced in his new lavish bedroom. Though it was more like a set of apartments. The room where the bed was, was actually huge. And he hand to wonder just what Riesling was getting at. He knew that servants should be placed in the 'servants quarters'. Honestly, if he wanted to subjugate him so damn badly then he should have simply tossed him in there to begin with.

Perhaps he wanted to gloat a little before he did so. Since it was apparent that the man was nothing like the image of him in Bernard's head was. He should have listened to Megamind! AUGH, if only his stupid friend were hear to let him say that! He'd never live it down.

At least Roxanne was safe…sort of. He'd lied to Megamind when he had first said that the woman was his cousin. He figured that if she were some relation to him, then maybe she would be safe from all of the confusing social rules and regulations that might have been imposed on her otherwise. But it was apparent that not even that was going to help her because what did it do? Nothing at all, not when she most needed help. He had to sit there and be silent, like some damn dog, while she was being accosted by those simple minded- "AUGH!" he said aloud this time.

"Where is that stupid Riesling?!" He shouted. He wanted answers, and he wouldn't be able to get them until the prince showed up again.

Roxanne, he hoped, was comfortable and being treated well in her new quarters in the west wing. He wanted desperately to go to her, or call her and talk with her about everything. But he was forbidden from doing a damn thing without his 'master's' permission. Ridiculous. Why didn't they just call them slaves, might as freaking well. He had to do any and everything that Riesling wanted until his debt was paid. And who knew how long THAT would be?!

Well, that wasn't entirely true. If the deeds asked of the master were to harm him or another person, then he could refuse under law. Many people on both planets saw being a servant to the royals, as a golden job that should never be turned down. It was an honor to be asked…or placed into servitude.

Where had she learned those words? He had run over the trial again and again in his mind and nothing made sense. Not how they'd gotten footage of a human ship over the planet, not how they CLEARLY doctored that clip from their cells, and damn well no idea how Roxanne knew to ask for Megamind's hand in marriage!

Megamind himself would have never told her, he's certain. Especially because when she asked him, the look on his face was rather priceless. Bernard couldn't help but chuckle at the memory. The humor was short lived however as he forced his mind back to the task at hand. It even crossed his mind that maybe the prince's cousin, the General may have let it slip? He shook his head, no. Not her, she was far too loyal and was too fond of Megamind to do that to him. Then maybe it was Minion? But. Why Minion? Why would Minion of all people tell Roxanne how to chain down Megamind?

"RAGUH!" He said loudly again and proceeded to ruffle his hair in frustration. "Makes no sense!" He huffed.

"I see, so that's why your hair always looks messy." Prince Rieslings voice sounded behind him and Bernard whipped around to see the prince standing in the doorway to his room.

"YOU!" He yelled. "How dare you! You know if I could punch you in the face and actually hurt you, I would?" he said as he approached the prince, not giving a fig for the consequences of addressing a royal so familiarly and without permission. "How dare you frame Roxanne and I for being spy's! That's preposterous! Outrageous, and unfounded!"

"I didn't do anything." Riesling defended himself in a serious tone, but he was honestly startled by Bernard's outburst and accusations. "I saved your life."

"Spare me." Bernard rolled his eyes. "You used doctored footage of Roxanne and I talking in our cell to convict an innocent woman to death!"

"I have no proof that it was doctored! And neither do you..well, aside from you and her being the only two in the room at the time." He argued, holding his stance in front of the door as he looked down at the smaller and clearly angrier man. His gaze shifted to the door behind him, and he eased his way in so he could close it. Not that it would matter, the way Bernard was yelling, people would hear them maybe despite the insulation in the walls. It was something to be said for the amazing hearing that he people possessed; it was hard to hide things from anyone.

Bernard backed up but only enough to let Riesling close the door, and as soon as it was he continued; "Just what did Roxanne do to you that warranted a death sentence? Or me for that matter?! Did she accidentally say something out of turn, and it pissed you off because you think that you're so above every other living creature you couldn't bare to be treated as an equal?!"

"I didn't want her to be put to death. And I never wanted you to be my servant." He admitted in a low voice.

"Oh? Well if that's true, then release me 'your highness.'"

"I cant do that, if I let you go right away and free you of your servitude then everyone will know that I was just trying to protect you because…" The prince actually looked stunned at his own words, and nearly didn't stop himself from talking, he took a step back, hitting the back of the door and nervously looked away from Bernard.

The messy haired doctor's eyes widened and he lifted a hand up to slide his glasses up the bridge of his nose. "Um..because?" he urged, very curious now to see what the answer would be.

To his further surprise, he saw a red hue begin to darken over the prince's cheeks. Was…was he blushing? No, that couldn't be right.

Well now, this was interesting, the prince appeared to be embarrassed over something. Riesling hesitated a moment before he continued, "I told you that I respected your work, doctor Bernard. I wasn't lying. I um..have actually been following you quite closely, the way you give speeches and how you write your scientific articles is really captivating."

This managed to take the wind out of Bernard's sails. He sort of deflated, feeling just how tired he was after all that he'd been through. He sighed and turned around to walk to the bed. He eased his body down to sit as he took in what the prince said. "You said you didn't mean for her sentence to be death hm? But yet, you did nothing to stop it from happening. You pushed the final nail into the board on her coffin, and if it were not for her quick thinking- she would be facing death right now." He shook his head. "Somehow I don't think that you even care because to you, she's just another insignificant human. Someone until today had no title."

The prince just stood there and looked down at Bernard, he didn't have anything to say against the words from the doctor.

Bernard looked up and added, "And your hatred of Megamind really goes that far, that you'd kill someone, just to hurt him? To make a point."

He shook his head in disappointment at the prince. "That's just psychotic. What kind of a man are you?" His brown eyes pierced into the princes blue ones.

It was silent for a long while as the two stared at each other, weighing the words that were said. As if trying to figure out if it was the truth, and if it was perhaps a judgment that was made too quick on the prince's part.

Finally it was Riesling who broke the silence. "I'll allow you a few days to recover yourself, but then I'll have to come back so we can figure out how to present you while I'm out in the public eye." His voice was soft and his body seemed to look defeated. He didn't really know what to say to make it up to the other man, and Bernard didn't understand why he'd want to. "Please try to rest, and if you need anything you are free to it, you may roam about the castle as you see fit. Good bye for the moment, doctor." He turned around to leave, and as his hand held the door knob he hesitated for a moment.

"…I'm sorry." Riesling said and then he pulled open the door, and left Bernard to his thoughts.

The doctor fell back against the bed. What the hell had just happened?! He just yelled and berated and accused the prince of Metrobec- AND HAD GOTTEN AWAY WITH IT?!

His mind was too exhausted to try and figure things out at the moment. He closed his eyes and tried to clear everything that was running around up there. Within minutes he was lightly dozing off into a peaceful sleep.

Mycellosta's frown deepened. "Don't you dare patronize me with a simple, 'Hi.'" She said angrily. Her black dress moved around her as if it were sentient while she floated towards him. Her feet touched the ground and she walked up to the prince.

Megamind visibly winced at her words, his eyes flicked over to his Minion who shared a similar expression on his scaled face. It looked like there would be no getting out of this discussion; at least not in any easy manner that he could figure out.

"I deserve to know what exactly is going on!" The hair that was left down around her face gracefully moved as she did. Her right hand shot out and she grabbed the prince's face. Megamind didn't have a moment to react other than to utter a rather pathetic, 'Uhm', as she turned his face to the side so she could see the mark for herself.

It was there, below his ear, slightly raised skin as if it were scared into his perfect blue flesh. The mark that should have belonged to her was from another woman. She felt a surge of anger boil beneath the surface of her lovely exterior. "So then, you've broken our truce." She could only reply.

How could he defuse this situation? He could practically feel her anger, as if it were pressing between their bodies. Megamind lifted his hand up and gently wrapped his fingers around her hand. He slowly brought it down away from his face, and then turned to focus his gaze on her. "Princess Mycellosta Rhian-"

"I'm not my brother Syxus, you may use my first name to address me." She hissed out. It seemed his attempt to start by calming her with her title wasn't going to work in this instance.

"Forgive me, I meant no disrespect Princess." He said sheepishly. "I don't believe that I've broken anything. And if you will allow me to explain what happened, then you can see how unnecessary your anger is."

She seemed to think about that for a moment, weighing his words. He wasn't admitting to what she believe had happened, had she not been informed her correctly? "You may." She replied.

He had to be careful with his wording. Though she had already said that he didn't have to address her formally, prince Syx knew that one wrong word against her or her family could prove his undoing. "As I was saying, I don't believe that I have broken our truce. If you'll have a closer look once more;" He reached up and pulled the side of the cloth away from his neck so that she could see the full mark. "Its incomplete. We are not wed." After he said this, he waited for her reply.

"It matters not, I was to be your Mir Melinec." She replied to him but he could see that she wasn't as upset as she had been a moment ago.

"Mycellosta, you do know that I may have more than one head mistress and at my choosing." He said slowly, taking his hand away from his neck and then using it to prop up his other elbow. "I have in no way interrupted the plans laid forth by our people regarding the truce. We are still to be wed, if you so choose."

"Yes, of course." Those beautiful honey colored eyes looked away from him with a hint of sadness. "I only thought that I would be your first choice. I know it's silly to feel disrespected in this case, but I do."

"If it pleases my lady, I would happily accept her invitation whenever she decides to ask." Ugh, that was the last thing he wanted. Not another one so close together, and to think of how they might act in the same quarters. No doubt Mycellosta would request an entire floor for her use just to stay away from Roxanne. And he hated to think about the sting of another slap from the blue-eyed beauty if he informed her about the new circumstances.

"That's…" She looked away with a slight blush on her cheeks. "You know that I am in no rush Prince Syxus. I still wish to ask you on the date that was chosen." She sighed and looked back up at him. "Did she trick you into this? I was told of what happened at the proceedings; the evidence was quite convincing enough to prove her guilt."

The prince turned to his Minion who of course could offer no help in this matter. "My lady if you'll walk with me?" He lifted his arm out and she eased her hands against it. Megamind turned and started walking in a light unrushed way towards the nearby gardens. Minion followed behind at a distance, as he never left the prince's side unprotected.

Megamind then told her about how the events had occurred. About how Roxanne had no idea how she'd come to be on the planet and how she had insisted an accidental quarrel with his brother. "I know you and my brother are close friends, so I wasn't sure if he'd told you yet or not." He added. "I was a bit harsh when we argued." He frowned at the memory.

"I hear what you're telling me Syxus but I don't understand." She shook her head and the flyaway's of hair, followed suit. "This woman gave you no reason to trust that she wasn't here to do harm."

"Mir Lady has given me no reason to believe that she wants to hurt anyone or anything." He said using Roxanne's new title. "She was simply trying to find her way back home. And I had given her my word that I would help her and no harm would come to her." His expression changed as he recalled all that had happened since then. Perhaps he wasn't as good a prince as he had once thought himself to be.

"Its true then, she's used this against you so that she could save her own skin. I don't see how being your Mir Melinec would have voided her accusations." Mycellosta's dress billowed out behind her as they walked, and it got caught in Megamind's cape, both flapping in the light breeze that moved around them and through the flowers.

He was quiet for a moment as he thought about what she said. The flowers moved with the wind and he heard all of life moving around them. It was very possible that Roxanne was what they had accused her of being. Should he dishonor his vow to help her because of that? He recalled how upset she had been, how scared and angry she was with him tonight. He'd seen some amazing actors before, but seeing her eyes grow puffy and red from her tears and feeling her shake with the sadness against him, he just couldn't believe that she was guilty.

"I don't think that she is a bad person. I truly believe that she only came here accidentally. And I must carry out what I have given my word on. I will help her. And it has not completely voided the crimes she has been accused of. However, since I have accepted her offer- there stands the chance that I might be taken down with her, should she be put to death. And so, she will for the moment remain in the West Wing." At least until he could find a way to get her off of the planet unnoticed. Maybe Mycellosta could talk to his brother about the information he'd received which claimed that Roxanne was a part of the curious ship that had hovered so close to their planet.

"I see." Mycellosta had nearly forgotten that part about the truce. The pact that she and Megamind was to make in order to seal peace between their two planets was now also casually in the hands of a human woman, who before her appearance had held no title and was no one of importance.

"What I myself still don't understand is the final video that they showed. Because I was so sure that she was innocent until your brother, Prince Riesling played the tape that he had of Mir Lady and Bernard talking in their cells." He recalled the words she'd used and how her expressions for the subject they were discussing seemed so…off. He felt that perhaps Riesling had messed with the video footage somehow. It wasn't always that they had such courtroom proceedings turn into such scandals.

"I haven't seen it." The princess replied, her eyebrows drew together in concentration. "But you said that our brothers had agreed and were sort of coming at Mir Roxanne from both sides. With information that neither of you knew existed, or were unaware anyway." She found a bench as they walked nearer towards the middle of the gardens, where there was also a large statue in the center of a fountain. Letting go of Megamind's arm she lifted her dress slightly so that she could ease her body down onto the bench. The prince lifted a leg up and rested it beside her on the bench; he leaned down and crossed his arms to rest on top of his knee. He brought a hand up to tap at his chin as he thought.

He didn't want to offend her by bringing it up, but it was no secret that Riesling hated him. And hated the fact that his sister and Megamind were to wed as part of the treaty. But why harm Roxanne? What was she to him in all of this? It didn't make any sense, other than just a way to annoy Megamind. He could pick any number of reasons to do that though.

"My lady would you perhaps do me a favor?" the prince turned to look down at her.

Her dark eyebrows lifted curiously.

"Might you inquire as to how your brother received the footage from the cells of Mir Roxanne and Doctor Bernard? And the footage of the mysterious ship as well? I'm sure he wont speak to me, but perhaps you?" There might be a small chance that things were doctored. If it turned out that they were though, that would be a serious offence to not just Megamind and his people, but to the courts themselves.

"I shall try." She agreed. She was reading between the lines and following his line of thinking. But if her brother were guilty of such things, she would find a way to save him of the shame and punishment. "Its getting quite late now that I look around at the darkening sky. I'll do what I can to get what you have asked of me. And when I return I'll wish to speak with Mir Roxanne." Mycellosta said as she stood up abruptly.

"Thank you, I- wait what?!" Megamind did a double take and he moved back from the bench as she stood. "You'll talk with- but why do you need to?" he held his hands out as he asked.

"Why indeed. I'm not stupid, Syxus. Though you are quite clever at changing the subject on people in order to steer things the way you wish. You have evaded taking a Mir Melinec, me included, at every step and chance that was presented to you or forced upon you." She continued to talk to his dumbfounded face; he really must not have thought that she'd noticed. "I wish to see the woman who you decided to give in to. She must be quite the spectacle, this human woman."

"I-uh-um, she's…" His hands moved around as if trying to help him find the words and when he couldn't locate them in that enormous brain of his, he ended lamely with, "Are you sure?"

"I am positive." Had she not just returned home from her travels and been met with the extensive excitement of the galaxy, she might be up to going to Mir Roxanne's rooms now to have that discussion. But after Syxus had asked for her help she figured that the human woman wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. So she could rest up and come at her with a fresh mind.

"V..very well then, my lady." Oh gods, this would not end well. He'd never taken Mycellosta for a particularly jealous woman, but she was territorial like her brother and would still probably see Roxanne as a threat. Even though she seems cool-headed at the moment and Megamind did try to reassure her that Roxanne was nothing special to him…she had somehow read past all that and had gotten right to the truth of the matter. When had she grown so perceptive? He wondered.

"I'll be taking my leave now, have a good night prince." She said as her body lifted off of the ground slowly hovering above him.

"And you as well, my lady." He gave her a gracious bow and she smiled with a nod before she flew off towards her planet.

He waited until she was out of sight before he allowed his body to fall into a tired heap down onto the bench. He brought his left hand up and slapped his forehead, dragging it down his face slowly. Everything had been turned upside down in his life in these few short weeks. And he had one woman to thank for that, Roxanne Ritchi.

"Well, that didn't exactly go as planned." His Minion said from beside him. The fish in a suit seemed as perplexed and exhausted as his master.

"Yes, thank you for that obvious assessment, Minion." Megamind replied.

"You're welcome."

Looking out through his fingers at his Minion, Megamind moved his hand and sighed. "I do have to wonder if this is some sort of bad karma."

"You do seem to have stepped into it, Sir."

"More like drowned."

Mycellosta landed on the terrace outside of her bedroom, she began to slowly pull out the pieces that kept her hair in such an elegant arrangement. Walking into the room she headed to turn on the lights. As her free hand moved to flip the switch, she felt someone grab her around the waist and force a hand over her mouth.

"Don't try anything funny princess, or I can't guarantee that I wont hurt you." The man's voice whispered against her ear and she had a moment to count the beats her heart was making as it drummed against her chest, before her eyes rolled into the back of her head and her body went slack.

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