The Blonde Girl

By Lumendea

Chapter Twenty-Six: Eve: A Few Answers

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who, Torchwood or the Sarah Jane Adventures because if I did this would probably be canon.


It took four days of careful study and examining each section of the damaged areas before Rose started to open up the ship's systems and start repairs. She has drawn almost every damaged section of the ship in her notebook to help settle the information in her memory. Reading the massive stacks of technical information that ship had translated had exhausted Rose and required translating the translations into something that she could actually understand. Each night she had to be dragged away from the alien spaceship for the hike back to the village where her friends made sure she ate a good meal before she collapsed in bed. And then, each morning she woke up very early and got ready to go back to the ship. To Rose's irritation, Sharon and Shareen had remained firm that she could not just take a sleeping bag to the ship and stay there.

Rose had been crawling around inside the inner workings of the ship for seven days and was pleased to note slow, but absolute success thus far. Harry had quietly supplied all the little bits and pieces she asked for, mostly computers for her to rip apart and alter as replacement circuits. Many of the ship's systems that had been damaged in the crash were back online even if Rose did not actually understand much of what she had actually fixed. Apparently, she had spent an entire day fixing the waste system without knowing it. Sharon and Shareen had taken to alternating who went with Rose to the ship and who went to Harry's to spend time with Eve. The only real problem that remained was how to complete recharging the ship and fix the problems in the energy system, but Rose had a few ideas on how to achieve that. Once again, in the future, Rose would come to see that it had all been going far too well.

On their eleventh day in Bucks Mill, the rain was coming down too hard for Rose to make the trek to the ship over the rocky beach and she was forced to remain in the cottage. She settled down on the sofa with her sketchbook after Harry picked up Sharon and Shareen to see Eve. The soft sound of the raindrops that normally soothed Rose made her irritable today as she could neither see Eve nor help repair the ship. Every hour ship was contacting her through the mirror to report on diagnostic checks and ask for reports on Eve's condition.

It was late afternoon when the rain intensified into a proper storm. Smiling, Rose set aside the book she's been reading that she'd stolen from Shareen's bag. She wasn't that impressed with the teen romance novel, but Rose had grown bored with doodling. Her mind needing distraction from the ship and nature now seemed to be delivering. Dashing upstairs, Rose pulled out a pair of flip flops before darting back to the front door. Pausing, she made a detour to the loo to grab a towel so she didn't drip all over the rented cottage. Rose grinned as she exchanged her trainers and socks for the flip flops and stepped outside.

Breathing in the moist air, Rose stood under the roof and closed her eyes. It smelled different here during a storm than London, she supposed there were fewer things in the air being washed down. She shrugged it off and stepped out into the rain. A few of the people walking on the sidewalks under umbrellas glanced over at her, a few smiling at her as she started to spin. For the first time in days, Rose allowed her worries to slip away and focused on enjoying the moment.

But then, there was a red flashing in the distance that caught her eye and as she turned to look a loud crash almost shook the village. Frozen to the spot, Rose stared off into the distance with baited breath. There was another red flash and another crash. Frowning, Rose turned back to the cottage and went inside. The moment she stepped into the cottage and kicked off her shoes, her mobile phone started to ring. Rose ignored the water dripping off of her and darted over to the phone, but was distracted as the compact mirror glowed red and the ship's computer image appeared.

"Rose," the computer said as Rose picked up her phone. "Eve has lost control. She must be brought to the ship."

"Can't you help her?" Rose asked in a rush.

"No, the emergency systems in the ship are her only chance now," the ship answered, a hint of worry in its computerised voice.

"But the ship isn't ready to fly, she can't leave Earth yet," Rose argued, her eyes wide.

"There is still a chance," the computer informed her. "Tell them to bring Eve."

Nodding, Rose reached for her phone, finally answering the ringing. Sharon sobbed into the phone that Eve had lost control. Rose flinched at the sound of Eve's screams in the background and another flash of light in the sky.

"Bring her to the ship," Rose ordered Sharon. "The ship computer said that her only chance in on the ship."


"I don't like it either. Tell Harry to bring her down the shore away from town. Maybe if we're really lucky and the people around here are thick they'll think her light show is the storm."

"We'll bring her as fast as we can Rose, but she can barely move. It is going to take time," Sharon agreed, hesitation thick in her voice.

"I'll meet you there," Rose promised.

"Be careful," Sharon said. "Between the storm and the rocky beach it won't be easy getting the ship alone."

"You and Shareen be careful," Rose said. "You'll have Harry and Eve with you. Neither of them move that fast. I promise that I'll be careful."

Snapping the phone shut, Rose paused and took a deep breath to steady herself. Then she went to the closet and dug out the rain gear that the cottage had stored there, it was huge on Rose's teenage body, but it would hopefully keep her from becoming soaked. Going upstairs, she changed out of her wet clothing and pulled on her hiking boots. In the kitchen, she packed snacks and bottles of water into her pack. Then she put on the rain gear and set out for the ship, muttering a quiet wish that she could get to the ship and the emergency option that the computer had mentioned would work.

She just kept walking. Her thoughts were focused solely on keeping her footing; the boots helped her keep traction in the pebbles of the beach as the water crashed harshly against the rocks. Rose worked her way slowly along the cliffs, staying behind rocks as much as she could and watching the waves when she needed to leave the shelter of the stones. The water was high and the howling of the wind made it impossible to hear anything as she struggled towards the ship. Pulling out the mirror, Rose ducked into a crevice and called out to the ship, sighing gratefully when it answered.

"Can I even get to you?!" Rose shouted to be heard.

"I will raise the ship higher so it can be seen and open the main entrance for you to enter. Hiding from the humans is no longer needed. You are almost here Rose, keep moving," ship answered, having to raise the volume so Rose could hear.

She did keep moving and could see a large curved metal surface in the distance when a huge wave came crashing up the shore. Rose tried to scramble behind a boulder to avoid the full blast of the wave, but she slipped on a smooth rock and fell. Groaning, Rose tried to get up as the water came rushing over her, but the pressure pushed her down and started pulling her out to sea. She tried to hold her breath, but the air was forced from her lungs and she started to feel lightheaded.

Then she felt her whole body being dragged up and she could breathe again. Gasping, Rose tried to open her eyes as she felt her body being picked up and carried. Her eyelids were too heavy and she couldn't seem to move anything properly. Whoever was carrying her hadn't said anything and Rose was slowly becoming aware of other things. The weather seemed to be starting to calm and she could hear her rescuers footfalls in the pebbles of the shore.

"Wake up Miss Tyler, you are at the ship," an unfamiliar, or possibly slightly familiar masculine voice called.

Rose groaned as she was set on her feet and warm fingers brushed over her eyes. A bottle of water was put against her lips and Rose took a long sip as she opened her eyes. Perhaps she had been expecting a local fisherman or maybe even the Doctor. She had not been expecting a tall man older man with neat white hair wearing an elegant white suit that somehow was not soaking wet and stained. Rose gasped as the sun suddenly came out from behind some clouds and the man looked up with a smile.

"That's better," he said with a nod. "I should have intervened sooner, but I confess that I enjoy seeing just what you can manage. Still, we couldn't have you dying today."

"Who are you?" Rose gasped as she stared at the same man, completely thrown off by the strange being that seems completely unaffected by the world around them.

"You have more important things to worry about," he reminded as he gestured behind Rose. She turned to see the large metal ship behind her. Rose gasped at the elegant curved slopes of the ship's body that moved down to a small arched doorway right in front of her. Turning back to her rescuer, Rose's eyes widened to find that he was gone. She blinked and looked around the empty beach that still showed signs of the storm and looked down at the footprints that were filling in with water. Shaking her head, Rose turned and walked into the ship.

The main entrance was much larger than the top hatch that they had been using, but it took longer to reach the main room. Rose passed large sections of machinery and storage that she had worked on. She shook her head at her own silliness for never thinking about the other entrance. The top hatch existed for quick access to the escape pod, which had been used by Eve as a child and long since lost. When she reached the main computer room, Rose dropped her soaking bag and pulled off the rain gear. She was still very wet, but not dripping too badly. Rose toed out of her shoes and socks before walking to the captain's chair.

"Welcome Rose," the ship said as the visual representation appeared on the screen in front of her.

"Eve is on her way, she will be here soon. I'm afraid she is internalising much of the energy she is producing to avoid harming her friends."

"Ship… did you pick up any odd readings before I got here?" Rose questioned softly, her mind a mess. "Did you pick up anyone else on the shore?"

"No, there was only you. Eve, Harry, Sharon and Shareen are still a mile away."

"Your sensors didn't see anything else outside?"

"Negative, do you have a reason for this line of questioning?"

Rose shook her head and quickly answered, "No I don't. Tell me what I need to do to finish repairs. The only thing left is the energy problem."

"If you and Eve work together that can be solved," Ship informed her. A hiss behind Rose made her turn as a tall smooth red crystal like structure rose from the floor. It glowed softly and Rose stepped forward to examine the structure. Light shimmered through it, moving from the base to the pointed tip and she reached out gently only to find that the surface was like a gel. She quickly pulled her hand away.

"How can Eve and I fix the energy problem with this?"

"Eve's species can read minds and see the energy of timelines. You have a… unique timeline and that just may be enough," the ship told Rose carefully.

Rose wasn't sure how to respond and sat down in the captain's chair. Everything lately seemed to be coming back to that idea of Rose having some kind of great future. Eve had enjoyed teasing her about it but had always respected Rose's wish to learn about her future by living it. She was seeing that odd man in black that Eve said wasn't a foe but also wasn't a friend. Now she had been saved by a strange man dressed in white. Lost in her thoughts, Rose sat slumped in the captain's chair until footfalls finally made her look up.

Sharon and Shareen entered the room in wet clothing Eve between them and leaning heavily on each. Harry followed, carrying a huge mass of rain gear that had been thrown off when the storm suddenly cleared. Standing up quickly, Rose backed away from Eve as the tired girl raised her head and looked straight at Rose. Eve managed a small loving smile before she flinched and closed her eyes.

"Ship, please help me," Eve whimpered softly. "My head hurts. I can hear all of them and see all of it. It hurts so much."

"Eve, place your hands into the core before you," ship instructed firmly.

Sharon and Shareen looked up at the computer and then over at the softly glowing structure. They carefully moved her next to it and adjusted their grip on her to allow Eve the use of her hands. Eve slid her hands into the core through the gel-like surface and her face relaxed. Harry dropped the rain gear next to Rose's pack and moved over to Eve. Sharon and Shareen stepped aside to let Harry gently hold his daughter. The core's glow intensified to a dark red and Eve opened her eyes and looked over at Rose with a grin.

"Rose Tyler, please place your hands into the core and take Eve's hands," ship requested.

"Why?" Rose and Eve both asked looking up at the screen.

"Eve must be taken from Earth, the changing time has become too strong for her to remain here. Eve's condition is stable enough for her to translate the energy of Rose's timeline and time possibility glow into energy for the ship to leave Earth," ship explained.

"Will that harm Rose?" Eve demanded.

"It will not harm Rose," the ship promised. "It is dangerous only to you, but the risk to you remaining on Earth is much greater. The energy you released into Earth's skies was seen by many and detected."

"What does this energy translation do?" Rose asked carefully, looking over at Eve.

"Eve's ability to read your timeline has become fixed on you over the last few days," Ship answered and Eve averted her eyes from Rose. "If she now opens her complete senses to your timeline while in contact with the core and you it will generate a harmless, but powerful field. This is the power of Verlas, to observe time and feel the energy of living potential."

"Okay then," Rose replied with a nod and a deep breath. She glanced at Sharon and Shareen as she took a place across from Eve. Sliding her hands into the core, Rose couldn't help but grimace at the strange texture against her hands. Eve reached forward and took both of Rose's hands as her eyes slid closed. Rose tilted her head in interest as Eve smiled widely and giggled at whatever she was seeing. Then the core began to vibrate and glow gold.

"Hey Rose," Eve said with a grin as she opened her eyes to look across at her.

"What?" Rose asked.

"Bad Wolf," Eve whispered with a mischievous smile.

The glow intensified so quickly it almost seemed to explode and Rose turned her head away, closing her eyes to avoid being overwhelmed. She heard the Ship say something to Eve, but her mind didn't pick out the actual words. Then Eve released her hands and she felt herself being pulled backwards. Opening her eyes, Rose blinked and saw Sharon and Shareen supporting her gently.

"You okay?" Shareen asked gently as Rose steadied herself.

"Yeah," Rose responded with a nod that made her head hurt.

Eve walked over and gently hugged Rose before she turned to the computer and asked, "Are all systems operating?"

"All systems are operational and energy levels at 100 percent. Scan indicates that both you and Rose are unharmed. It is time to leave Eve," the ship informed her.

"Yes," Eve admitted with a nod. "I know."

Harry smiled at Eve before turning to the three human girls. "I've arranged for a car to pick you up in the morning and take you back to London," he told them.

"You're going with Eve," Rose verified with a smile.

"She's my little girl," Harry replied with a grin. "I can't have her running around space by herself."

Rose hung back while Sharon and Shareen hugged Eve and bid her goodbye. Her friends glanced at her before they grabbed their things and headed for the main entrance. Sharon looked like she wanted to say something, but pulled back at the last moment.

"They're not sure if you're staying here," Eve told Rose as she moved over to the blonde girl.

"I… I'm staying," Rose said with an embarrassed shrug.

"For now," Eve agreed with a smile. "You've got A-Levels and university still ahead of you before you leave Earth."

"Good to know," Rose told Eve with a smile before it fell. "Will I ever see you again?"

"If you follow where your greatest potential leads, yes you will see me again, but free will remains. Rose, it will still all come down to the choices you make."

"Be careful then," Rose answered with a raised eyebrow.

"No, be yourself, be the best Rose Tyler you can." Eve hugged Rose tightly and took a deep breath, whispering, "You'd better go before I decide to abduct you."

Forcing a laugh, Rose felt stray tears running down her cheeks that she desperately ignored. She gave Harry and smile and nodded before she grabbed her things and dashed for the entrance. It was still sunny outside and her two friends grinned when they saw her. Both hugged her tightly as Rose stepped out onto the rock shore. Then the soft rumbling behind them made them all dart away from the ship. Rose shielded her eyes from the sun as Eve's ship rose from the shore and flew higher into the air. It turned slightly and pointed the nose towards the sky, then it was flying towards the sky at an extreme speed. Rose cheered and jumped around the shore along with Sharon and Shareen. The ship was out of sight in only a moment, leaving the three human girls standing on the beach.

"Well," Shareen said after a moment. "Come on it's a long walk back to Bucks Mill."

It was indeed a long walk and all three girls were exhausted from the extremes of the day. They ate dinner in near silence, all too tired to really discuss what had happened. Rose took a shower to wash the saltwater from her hair before collapsing into bed, but only dreamed of glowing figures and the whispered words of Bad Wolf.

Rose was not in a good mood the following morning as they packed up to go. Harry's car was due in less than ten minutes in the town square. All around them there was gossiping about the strange red glow in the sky with many different theories. The van picked them up and Rose slept most of the trip back to London, vaguely aware of Sharon and Shareen talking quietly during her brief moments of waking between more of the strange dreams. They arrived back to the Powell Estates and Shareen quickly headed home, promising to call them both later that night. Sharon's father arrived to pick her up and helped her with her things. Rose took her things up to the flat and was grateful that her mother wasn't home.

Wandering the courtyard, Rose was considering taking a long walk to clear her head and chase away the last remnants of a headache. She nearly choked when she saw two figures, one in a white suit and the other in a black suit, sitting at a little outdoor table playing chess on the far side of the courtyard. Walking across the courtyard, Rose did her best to control her nerves and closed on them. The two figures were indeed, the odd man in black and the strange man in white. Rose stopped next to the table and tried to find something to say.

"So Eve is back in the stars," the man in white remarked as he moved his white knight. "And you survive, I'd say it was a success."

"You had to step in," the man in black growled.

"Oh you stepped in first," the man in white responded. "You entered her knowledge first."

"It was I who started this process by moving Spellman into her path," the man in black hissed as he moved his black bishop. "At your agreement I should add, it is only proper that she is aware of me first."

"We agreed on what course to take with the girl, do not forget that our actions here are in balance," the man in white countered, moving his queen.

"Who the hell are you?" Rose hissed, her fists clenching at Spellman's name. "How do you know about that and why did you save me yesterday?"

"You have potential Miss Tyler," the man in white told her with a smile as he looked up at her. "A great deal of potential that we've decided to nurture."

"Is that what you are calling it?" Rose asked.

"For the moment, you'll understand in time," the men in white said kindly.

Frowning, Rose was trying to formulate a response when the two men vanished right in front of her. There was no light, no shimmering or any other special effect from the films, they were just gone leaving the table and chess pieces behind. Rose took a step back and looked around, but did not see them anywhere. Groaning, Rose shook her head and walked back to her mother's flat where strangely a man in a delivery uniform was knocking.

"Can I help you?" Rose asked and he nodded, holding out a sealed letter and a clipboard for her sign.

"Just sign here for delivery and have a nice day."

Rose signed and bid the man a good day before going inside. She sat down on the sofa and opened the letter, gasping as she glanced over it.

My Dearest Friend,

I am in great pain as my mind and body turn against me. Right now you are far from me, working on my ship so that I may return to the stars. My abilities have all become focused on you and while I do not know my own future I can see your most likely path with great clarity. Therefore, I am aware that you have just encountered two very strange men, one in black and one in white. I wish that I could tell you everything, but you would not know what to do with the information and I know you to be one of those people that grows most when you have a challenge to meet. Please know that neither of these men means you harm despite what the Black one may suggest. Please take care of yourself and remember that despite my ability to see the most likely future, it remains in your hands. I have faith in you and know that the next time we meet I shall be very proud of the woman you will be then.

Always remember that you have my gratitude and my love.

Your friend Eve

Rose smiled and leaned back, relaxing on the sofa as a small smile played on her lips. She looked at the envelope and saw that it had been picked up by a special service with orders of the date, time and place for delivery. Shaking her head, Rose stretched out on the sofa and finally let herself fall into a restful slumber.