Uncle Maddy

A Music Man Prologue

Note: This fan fiction was inspired by the scene in the play where Marian and Harold are at the footbridge and talking about rumors. There is a brief mention of Mr. Madison the person who leaves the library entrusted to Marian. I assume that in the play Marian is about 26 so this story places when is in her teen years and early 20s. I do not own rights to any Music Man characters.

Marian Paroo loved to read. She could spend hours upon hours in the library just roaming the aisles and dreaming of either working in a library or bookstore. At nine years old she would make this a life long dream of hers.

Her father's best friend Humphrey Madison took notice of this from afar. Humphrey had gone to college with Edward. Paroo and was a few years older then him. After college he gone on to own a multi-million dollar company in New York City while Edward Paroo choose to live a more simple life and start a family in River City Iowa. Though Humphrey was not directly related to the Paroos Marian affectionately called him Uncle Maddy.

One day the summer before she was to start eighth grade they had a conversation about the library which he owned.

"Marian, you love to read don't you?"

"Yes, Uncle Maddy very much."

"I've noticed the way your eyes light up every time I take you into the library. What's your favorite book?"

"Anything romantic. I often picture myself in those plots out to find true love. I hope to find some one to love someday."

"I'm sure you will dear. Marian I've got a question for you."

Marian regarded the older man with interest.

"How would you like to someday work there?"

Marian's eyes lit up. "I'd like that very much. I am a little young through don't you think?"

"Not now darling. I was thinking more so when you're about to graduate high school?"

"Won't I need to go to college to become a librarian?"

"I think with enough practical training from the other librarians you should be fine."

Marain threw her arm around the older man kissing him."

"Thank you so much Uncle Maddy."

"You're welcome."