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AN: Written for the "Not Just Words" challenge, which was posted by bookluva98, and you know that I cannot resist any challenges. Unfortunately.

Prompt: "Broken, just another word for defeated. Fancy yet detached, yes, but meaning is one in the same."

It's over. We're done. Two, not one. Annabeth and Percy, not AnnabethandPercy. It's hard to believe. Our love, it's defeated. Hate won. Broken, that's just another word for defeated. Because our love has been defeated. Majorly.

It's fancy, but very detached, and the meaning is the same.

How? How did this happen to us, of all people? We always seemed so perfect, everyone said so, and it felt like it was perfect. But I guess that nothing perfect ever lasts.

I was so happy. I didn't know what was coming. He was going to leave.

I smiled at him, and slipped into the Athena cabin. I had promised that we would see each other the next day, and that we could go to the lake and make out –er -swim.

He wasn't at breakfast, but I wasn't worried. It was just typical Seaweed Brain. I just figured that he would come out of his cabin looking like a zombie of something. Maybe a hydra, or a chimera, but he would always look like a god to me.

But I was wrong. It seems that I'm always wrong.

I searched. A lot. All the time.

Not that I ever found him.

"Annabeth?" Chiron asked, "Where's Percy?"

"I don't know," I replied honestly, "I think he's still in his cabin. I could go get him, if you want."

"That sounds good, thank you Annabeth," Chiron replied, galloping off to stop Mr. D. from attempting to kill a camper.

I walked to his cabin and knocked. There was no answer, so I slowly pushed the very creaky door open slightly, showing the dark depths of his messy room.

I called, "Percy? Are you there?"

I got no answer, so I slowly entered the room, clutching my dagger and looking around, worry evident in my eyes.

He wasn't there. My Seaweed Brain was missing.

It didn't really sink in until later, though. There were so many places Percy could be…

I blame myself. I blame myself for our defeat. I blame myself…

A lot of people really do blame themselves, but it really was my fault this time. Wasn't it? I think that it was.

Though, I should probably continue…

I checked with Grover first.

"Hey Grover!" I shouted as I ran towards him, "Have you seen -oh crap, sorry."

He had been kissing Juniper. That was not…the thing I wanted to see most.

Really, I had kept searching out of desperation. I knew that he wasn't in camp from the minute he didn't show up at the pavilion for breakfast.

I knew, but only subconsciously.

The lake was glassy and empty; the beach only had two people-Travis Stoll and Katie Gardner-who appeared to be having a big enough fight to drive most everyone away. Except for, you know, those oblivious couples who didn't like each other except for a good make out session. They're so annoying. Right, sorry, back to the story.

The forest was filled with training campers, but no one had seen Mr. Invincible, aka Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon who took a bath in the river Styx.

I remember that Percy once told me that I was his anchor to the world of the living, but now that seems so far away, so hard to reach. Because we're detached now, our love has been defeated.

"Percy," I choked when I was finally alone in the Athena cabin, "Why? Why did you have to go and leave me here? I loved you, I trusted you. And now you're not here. Has our love finally been defeated, after four years?"

Malcolm and Lacey found me there, staring at the wall, not crying, not really doing anything. For those few hours, I was as stupid and shut down as Bella Swan when Edward left her. I hated that movie.

The next day I was strong and ready to find him. Because Percy would have done the same for me, no matter how much of a Seaweed Brain he was, and I had to find him. It was as essential to my survival as breathing, if not more so.

I've been searching, searching while dealing with defeat, and it's hard. And very, very painful.

For instance, there was that time with Blackjack…

"Come on," I muttered, soaring over London and ignoring the sparkly lights coming from some museum. A lead from some archeologist had led me here, and I was hoping that I would finally find Percy, but to no avail.

"Damn," I muttered, as Blackjack whickered softly in worry.

I wasn't surprised. Of course it was a false lead. There was nothing but false leads…

Just after that the winds shifted, and I found myself beginning to fall off of Blackjack. I looked, and saw a strange light inside the British museum. Then, I hit a building. I wouldn't recommend falling off of a Pegasus and hitting a building, it hurts. A lot.

I never did find out what those strange lights were…

Anyway, there were so many clues…

All of them were jokes, until…

"Butch, I think that they could be for real."

"Maybe," he said uncomfortably.

They were for real. Piper, Jason and Leo were a real clue…or clues I suppose.

I was so happy, ecstatic really. Because those three brought me a few steps closer to Percy, a few steps closer to being truly happy again. Because I somehow knew that he was still out there. He was still out there and he was waiting for me to come find him, because he probably would be clueless without me, his rational side.

I had been rational for him so many times…

"Percy, I really don't think that your mom needs an Xbox."

"Well, you never know."

"Percy, I think in this case, we know."

"Are you sure?" he teased me, softly pulling a strand of my long blonde hair.

Percy was always so much fun, a great boyfriend. But we were defeated, and now we're broken, and I can't do anything about that. I'm so weak. I'm so damn weak. I can't even find my boyfriend. I'm a terrible person, a terrible person. Zeus, kill me now, please. It would be an act of mercy.

Not now sweetie. I'm still hoping for Percabeth.

AN: In case you couldn't tell, this is about the time when Percy disappears, and I'm sorry if something contradicts to books, I'm too lazy to go read them right now.