Cam Dunleavey was laying on his bed. He was thinking, something that was succeeding to do even if the latest CD of Scrap Heap, his favorite band, was playing really loud. Right after school, he had left his two best friends, Zack Greenburg and Spencer Sharpe, at the school's door and had walked to his house where he had went immediately to his room. He had rapidly did his homework, went supper and returned to his room, his den since he was little.

Cam was thinking about Gwen Killerby, one of his friends, the only girl of the school where he was going. She was the only girl because his father was the principal of the school. Cam was in love with Gwen since about 6 months, and although that Spence and Zack were probably knowing about that, nobody knew it. That was beginning to bother him. He didn't know what to do, all he wanted was to tell his love to Gwen, but the fear to be rejected was stopping him. Cam was one of the most popular students of Horace-Hyde-White school and if Gwen rejected him, he'll be probably ridiculed, like if he had on his forehead a label on which it'll be written : " Was rejected by the only girl of his school ". He was passing his day as thinking about the good and the bad advantages of telling Gwen. He was really desperate and he couldn't ask any help from Zack or Spence. Spence has never have a girlfriend, and Zack wasn't very good in relationships.

Cam sighed. He was passing his time by deny his love for Gwen, although it was sometimes obvious. He was only seeing the girl hugging another boys or talking to a boy and he was becoming really jealous. It had been worst the day where the boy in question was Zack. He had almost break his friendship with him, because he wouldn't believe that his best friend had dare hugging the girl of his dreams. But it was Gwen who hugged Zack, and it was because he had helped her to repair her bridge, a school work that she has to present to her teacher before the end of classes.

Cam looked at his clock. The big red numbers was showing almost 10 p.m. He decided to get some sleep. He stopped his stereo, turned off the light, took off his clothes (AN : Sorry girls, but Cam is sleeping in boxers!) and went to bed. It took time before he was finally asleep, because he was continually tossing and turning in his bed.