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On any other day, this forest would have been beautiful. The splendor of the trees was never marred by a dying leaf, and not a single thorn covered the beauty of the wildflowers spotting the forest floor. Today, however, this enchanted forest was only a meaningless background for a truly gorgeous image. A young man, only twenty-five at the most, had wandered into the forest. His perfect snow white skin contrasted marvelously against his flowing ebony hair, which was covered by a wide-brimmed hat. He wore the dark armor of a hunter, and his black cape billowed slightly against the crescent long sword on his back. The forest was silent, as if all occupants were captivated by the face that would break the hearts of angels and demons alike. Suddenly, a voice too harsh and gravelly to have come from this god of night broke the silence.

"Where the hell are we?" rang out the mysterious voice. Silence was the reply of the gorgeous youth. "I can tell you right now, wherever this is, it's bad. There's some kind of magic here. Magic! You hear me? Now, I know you're a bit of a dolt when it comes to staying out of trouble, but I think even you can figure out that this-"

"Enough." The man's reply was surprisingly calm compared to the other voice, which sounded edgy and tense at the situation. However, his unintentionally seductive voice was heard by the forest, and it shuddered as a young woman would at the same voice. The shudder did not go unnoticed.

"Ha! See? Magic! It's covering this place. I strongly suggest that we about face and get out of here!" shouted the voice. Was it coming from the man's hand?

The youth ignore the voice and continued forward on his steed. After a few moments, the man came upon a trail, as if the forest had simply stepped out of his way. The youth could feel the will of the forest begging him to take the trail provided. Slowly, he turned his horse upon the path and urged it forward. The horse shied, and there was an agitated voice muttering about the horse containing intelligence vastly superior to that of the young man's. The rider urged the horse again, and this time it obediently took the path. Eventually coming to a small grove, the man stopped. His stunning silver eyes surveyed the scene and rested upon the form of a sleeping girl, perhaps a few years younger than the man. Silently dismounting, the man walked closer to the girl when something caught his eye. A silver dagger, finely jeweled and intricately carved had been stabbed into the ground. He quietly stooped to retrieve the blade, and a small sizzling noise came from his hand. Had the knife burned him? Placing the dagger in the many folds of his cape, the youth returned his attention to the girl. Laying in a bed of lilies, the girl was a vision of beautiful serenity. Her long hair acted as a blanket of silver and gold for her lightly tanned skin, and she wore a silver necklace with a pendant hidden by the neckline of her pure white nightgown.

"Well would you look at that! She's as pretty as you, D! Yet here she is, all alone, asleep, and in nothing but that little gown... C'mon, I know what you're thinking..." Right as the gravelly voice said that, the man stooped and reached out a hand to move the girl's necklace. "Hey! I was kidding! You can't just-"

"What's wrong with her?" the youth apparently known as D asked. His hand had stopped before reaching the necklace, and he had lost interest in it.

"Hm? Oh, right. Looks like some sort of sleeping curse. She should be fine if she just gets out of here, though."

Without another word, D lifted the girl in his arms and placed her on the horse's saddle. Silently lifting himself up behind her, he pulled her close to keep her from falling off. With her head against his chest, a sigh of content escaped the girl's raspberry lips. As they left the forest, the same mysterious voice could be heard saying, "You just love a good damsel in distress, don't you?"


Where the flip am I? I wondered lazily. Hm... Trees. Multiple trees, in fact. So... a forest. Great Scott, I was a regular Sherlock. After shaking off the general grogginess that ten years of sleep can do to someone, I surveyed my surroundings a little more thoroughly. I had already deduced that I was in a forest, but it wasn't my forest. The forest I had slept in had fed off of my power while I slept. It was thing of beauty, power, and mystery. This was a forest of... of... well, regular stuff. Looking up from my regal bed of dirt I noticed that, not only was I surrounded by trees, I was also under a tree. The ancient Mydia trees of the Frontier are known for their elevated root systems, which lift them approximately thirty feet off of the forest floor. So that was it. I was in the Mydian Forest, exactly three days of travel (if you were a skilled rider, which, heck yeah, I was) north of my forest. The forest that, quite frankly, was not the place I wanted to be.

What else is there? I gazed around some more and noticed the reason that I was so very far from where I used to be. A man. Sleeping (thank God) a few mere feet from me with his face covered by a traveler's hat and the biggest freakin' sword I had ever seen. I frowned. What is the polite thing to do upon waking scantily clad next to a sleeping young man? Well, I should probably assume that he saved me, so killing him in his sleep is a "no". For now. But... watching him while he sleeps is obsessive and creepy. After deciding what not to do, I ended up aimlessly wandering around the forest, getting distracted by a flowery vine, and carefully weaving it into my waist-length hair. Five minutes had passed.

Egad! I'm so booored. Luckily for me, I suddenly heard voices from where I had left the young man. Visibly perking at the thought of entertainment, I silently stood and headed back. As I peeked around the root of the tree, I saw three men in full hunter regalia. Two of them were a full head taller than the other and had pale washed-out eyes partially covered by platinum bangs. They were most likely twins. The leader of the group, or at least I assumed he was the leader because of his overly confident smile, stepped towards the young man. Using the end of his rifle, he flipped the man's hat off of his face.

Oh. My. Goodness. What a sexy, gorgeous, handsome FOX.

"See? I told you it was him. It's gotta be. There ain't a single man in the whole Frontier as good-lookin' as him." The cocky man said as he turned back to the blondies. "Sure is a waste." He added as he turned the safety off on his gun. I decided that was the point in time where I needed to make myself known.

"I don't think you should be here," I told them in the polite yet imposing tone that I save especially for strangers and people I don't like. In this case, they were both. Startled, Mr. Cocky Murderer stepped away from the young man and I silently took his former place. While slowly crouching down for the man's sword, I continued to speak to the leader to keep him from doing anything stupid. "By the look of things, I'd say you were about to kill this man. I'm afraid I can't let you do that." As I unsheathed the sword (Holy cow, this is a nice sword!) I quickly added, "Now, before you try anything, I think it's only fair that I should warn you: If you upset me, I will kill all of you without hesitation or remorse."

There was a pause. The leader, rifle practically forgotten in his grasp, continued to stare, while only one of the blonde men had the good sense to take his broad sword off of his back. The leader glanced at the end of my sword, which I held comfortably by my side. I knew my way around a blade, and he could tell. As his gaze returned to mine, I held it. Ever since I was twelve, people didn't feel very comfortable making eye contact with me, and I knew it. As the seconds ticked by under my gaze, the man started to fidget.

Come on! Try something. I dare you. I double-dare you! And to my surprise, try something he did. He laughed. Oh. No! He did not. I don't care what he does now. That man is going to die. He continued to laugh. I could feel my grip on the sword's handle tighten and I glared at him.

"Oh, I get it!" He snickered. "So, what are you? His little snack in between towns? How much did he have to pay the whorehouse so he could keep you?" By now, the twins had decided to join in the fun and were having a grand ole time laughing their heads off.

One of the twins decided to chime in and cackled, "Hey, just let us finish him off and you can come with us." Lewd smiles sprang up on each of their unwashed faces. "I promise we'll be sweeter to you than he'll ever be."

A concubine. They think I'm a concubine. A harlot. A slut. A lady of the evening! That was it then. They had upset me. I would kill them all. I moved so quickly that before any of them could register it, I was kneeling directly in front of their leader. Like a flash of white light, I swung the sword horizontally and bisected him. Then, seeing as I was already down there anyway, I swung a leg out and tripped the twin that had been smart enough to take out his sword. Rising to my feet, I kicked the man's sword out of his hand and loomed over him.

"P-please. Wait, I-" He pleaded while grabbing my ankle. I turned and decapitated him in one swift motion. The second twin was the only one left, the one that had invited me to join them. He was staring at me with his back to a fiery sunset in the west, the vibrant red sun matching the blood dripping off the sword.

Pretty... No! Focus. You're in the middle of slaughtering people. What can I say? I get distracted by beauty. I returned my attention to the man. He hadn't moved at all. Hm... Frozen with fear? It wouldn't be the first time. I frowned at him. Striking fear into the hearts of men isn't always what it's cracked up to be. As I stepped over the corpse of his fallen brother, his survival instincts kicked in and he wielded his broadsword in both hand and swung at me. Raising the sword, I deflected his attack and stepped to the side. It was almost funny that I hadn't realized what a giant the man was until he was lobbing a sword at my head. Almost. He was swinging wildly now, and all I could do was simply parry each blow and try not to trip over his twin. Becoming frustrated, he raised his sword above his head and struck it against the blade which I had managed to place a few inches from my face.

"You killed my brother!" he shrieked, taking me off guard. His fury was pushing him forward, and he pressed down harder with the blade. I pushed back and pressed on until his outstretched arms were parallel with his nose. Alarmed by my apparent strength, the man gaped at me. "What are you?"

Meeting his eyes for the first time, I replied, "I'm different," and used my free hand to rip out his throat. As he fell, I flicked the blood of the blade with a swift snap of the wrist and turned around to run straight into the gorgeous young man.