It is a nice spring day, there is a gas station, Littlefoot and everybody from the last story are waiting, as Cera is getting tired of waiting.

Cera: " What is taking Richard so long?"

Ducky: " I don't no, but he will be here, yep, yep, yep."

Darth: " He is a little late."

Then they see a Black Peterbilt 379 entering the gas station, then two people come out it is Me and Judgment, as Cera says.

Cera: " Your late."

Me: " Yeah, yeah, I know, I had to get my laptop back from it getting fixed."

Littlefoot: " You got it working?"

Me: " Just checked it, going green, so what are we waiting for lets do this everybody."

Judgment: " This is the third home alone story."

Red Claw: " And Review his story."

Everybody: " Welcome to Home Alone 4: chapter 1: Reunion in Chicago, so read."

Me and Judgment: " As we all enjoy our ride."

Me: " Come on guys."

Me and everybody else gets on the Semi, as it leaves the gas station.

Kevin was walking around, he had just used his magic key to see Littlefoot and the gang, so he then say Littlefoot and the gang playing in the snow, as he yells, " Hey guys!"

Kevin waves his hand, Littlefoot and the gang see Kevin, soon they all jumped him, they were all nuzzling him, Littlefoot has seen Kevin when he was with Jack the pumpkin king, that acted for Santa Claus, to help deliver presents, but for the others they haven't seen Kevin for a year, so they got off of him, they soon began talking to each other, then after they finished talking to each other, then Ducky asks, " What should we do now?"

Kevin then says, " I got an idea."

Kevin the picked up some snow rolled it into a ball and threw it at Cera, then he yells, " Snowball fight!"

Kevin, Littlefoot, and the gang ran for it as they started to do a snowball fight, everybody was having fun, even Cera, Cera liked it, it was like a fight, but it was for fun and it was safe, they played in the Great Valley all day, but that was three days ago, today it is December 28, Littlefoot and the gang want to see Kevin again, but only Kevin had the key, but they didn't, Littlefoot was a little depressed, as the gang then came to see if he was okay, as Chomper then asked, " Littlefoot, are you okay?"

Littlefoot then says, " I wish I could see Kevin more often then seeing him for just one year."

Cera then says, " You and us both."

Petrie then says, " Don't worry, we find way to see Kevin again."

Then they heard Ducky call to them, " Guys, I found something."

Littlefoot and the gang ran to where she was, soon they found Ducky, she had found a cave, as Cera says, " This wasn't here before."

Ruby says, " I wonder where it go?"

Littlefoot then says, " There is only one way to find out, lets go."

Littlefoot go inside the cave, they have walked for about a few minutes, then they came out of the cave, and saw a new different world, Littlefoot knew that this is the human world as he says, " Will you look at that."

Littlefoot and the gang awed, they had now realize, they are in Kevin's time, they saw a city, they all walked into the city, Littlefoot and the gang walk around as Cera asks, " Where are we?"

Littlefoot says, " I think we are in Chicago, Kevin's home city."

Ruby then asks, " But where does Kevin live?"

Littlefoot then says, " He lives in a house with Christmas lights on it."

Littlefoot and the gang kepted on walking in the streets of Chicago, so the people then start a news report of dinosaurs in Chicago, soon Littlefoot and the gang walked into a residents area, and saw lot's of house's, but then they saw Kevin's house, Littlefoot then says, " There it is."

Chomper says, " Let's go say hi."

Ruby says, " I agree on that."

Soon Littlefoot and the gang started walked toward the house, wondering what will happen next.

Everybody are enjoying the ride, Littlefoot and the gang are riding with Me and Judgment, until Littlefoot and the gang see a hugh line of Semi's all driving in one direction, as Littlefoot get my attention.

Littlefoot: " Richard look up ahead."

I look up ahead and see the trucks, I pick up a C.B. radio and try talking to the lead Semi, as I talk.

Me: " Breaker 1 9, this is the Terminator, calling to the lead Semi."

?: " 10 4, I hear you, where are you?"

Me: " I'm right behind you, right by your trailer."

?: " I see you, nice Rig you have."

Me: " Yeah, it's a nice truck."

?: " Don't you recognize, who this is, come back."

Me: " Negative, who is this?"

?: " This is the Rubber Duck."

Then I yell in excitement, Judgment, Littlefoot, and the others just watch get excited, as Ruby asks.

Ruby: " What are you so excited about?"

Me: " In that lead truck, it's Rubber Duck, the famous Rubber Duck."

I pick up the C.B. radio and say.

Me: " Hey Rubber Duck, I heard about you men, can you tell me, what's going on?"

Rubber Duck: " I am leading a Convoy, I am heading for New Mexico."

Me: " Hey Duck, if you don't mind, can I join your little Convoy, with y'all."

Rubber Duck: " I like that, come on in."

Me: " 10 4, good buddy."

I drive right behind a Moving Van Semi, as Me, Judgment, Littlefoot, and the gang join Rubber Duck's Convoy.

Me: " For those that don't know Rubber Duck, or any other characters in the next chapter, go to youtube, watch Convoy Part1 orginal movie to learn more."

Everybody: " Review this chapter, if you like, bye."