Pairing: SladexRobin

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Turn left. Run faster. Jump over bench.

Faster damn it, faster! Don't look back, there's nothing therefore you. Not anymore.

Robin ran through the alleys blindly not caring about who he might have run into. In the distance he heard the telltale sound of shouting. He had to run! The young superhero sharply turned into the next alley and stopped to catch his breath. How could things have progressed so badly was the only thing he could think about. He sighed and turned, only to be blasted in the side by a green star bolt.

"AAAGH!" Robin was thrown to the side and for a second he simply lay there while panting. Starfire levitated above the ground.

"You shall not be able to flee Robin!" the alien princess looked flushed in anger. Not far behind her the other titans gathered.

"Its too late Robin, we're takin' you down," Cyborg leveled his sonic cannon in his general direction.

Robin stood up on shaky legs and looked around in panic, "It wasn't me! You're supposed to be my friends. How COULD you?"

"That won't work dude, we know what we saw and the evidence is there. We should have seen it coming, ever since the apprentice fiasco you've been different. Why else won't you trust us with your identity, we know nothing about you! This is why Batman kicked you off his team didn't he? He knew you couldn't be trusted." Apparently Cyborg was on a roll today, that's more accusations than one in his positions should be allowed to make.

Robin only stared at him with sad and condemning eyes, his mind was going haywire. The only thing he was thinking about was escape. Subtly Robin reached behind his utility belt and while Cyborg was busy with his monologue he threw down five smoke pellets. Usually such a large amount would be unsafe but that suited Robin's purpose perfectly. Extending his bo-staff and using it like a vault pole Robin jumped over the building walls and pivoted onto the roof. Here he was in his element, on the roofs Robin could soar faster than even Batman.

Robin reached Jump's docks and glanced back, there he could see Raven and Starfire searching the other side of the city. With little time to make a decision Robin thought fast and cut his arm with a birdarang. He let the gushing blood drip on the edge of the railing and tore off his cape snagging it on a sharp rock. Robin hesitated for a split second but with a newfound resolve he ripped the mask off his face.

And here lies the death of Robin. It seemed all so dramatic to Dick. Unnatural calm and clarity surrounded him. He guessed he could blame this numbness on shock.

Dick looked around and jogged over to dumpster. Taking a second to fish around he retrieved an old tattered black hoodie and baggie oversized jeans. Ducking his head Richard Dick Grayson walked along the shadows to the train station. It seems he would have to disappear, if only for a short while.

Batman was pissed, and the entire Justice League knew that dealing with the Dark Knight when he was in this mood was potentially dangerous. Superman reached out and put his hand on the other man's shoulder, "Bruce we'll find him… but you have to admit that all evidence suggests that he fell."

Bruce shrugged the hand off and glared at his friend, "It's been two months Clark! This isn't like Richard; he would always come to me and he's not answering any of our signals. And I refuse to believe he's dead, we never found a body."

Flash and Hawkgirl looked sympathetic while slowly backing away. Though Batman had no superhuman powers, it was common knowledge he was one of the top dogs. As the man wore his famous scowl he paced the room, stopping at one of the walls he slammed his fist into the wall creating an impressive crater, "I want the titans disbanded and all of them interrogated. They went too far, as the team leader Dick was supposed to be trusted! To let things like petty jealousy and the ilk cloud their judgment is unacceptable."

Clark Kent sighed, "Bruce their just a bunch of temperamental teens, it's their job to be emotional. But I agree, we'll get Tony to gather them up since he has a mission near Jump City." He looked at the sullen Dark Knight, "get some rest, I'll do another round and see if Richard has been seen." Clark hoped he would be, or at least a body found to put Bruce's mind at rest.

The man walked through the expensive building walking right up to the office door. His muscles were rippling in agitation under the expensive Armani suit and his gait foreshadowed a quick, merciless death to any who walked too close. He walked in without knocking and glowered at the man behind the desk. "Well Mr. Luthor, I see you went through a lot of trouble to contact me. Now what does the great Lex Luthor want with a mercenary like me?"

The bald man smirked at the white haired man, "Deathstroke the Terminator, a pleasure to meet you at last. I was under the impression that you take contracts?"

At this the man raised an eyebrow, "Call me Slade." He proceeded to sit at the opposite chair. Slade was still quite irritated, " There are sources that one goes through to acquire my services Mr. Luthor and crashing my hotel room isn't one of them."

Lex, the bastard, only smirked. These were the type of men Slade killed for a living, he would even be willing to do it for free. Unfortunately he was here for business, not pleasure. "I want you to steal blueprints from Superman's home base. It's a simple grab and run, shouldn't be too hard for a man of your caliber."

Slade only gave the villain a stern glare, " And Superman is supposed to be fine with this? I expect the Man of Steel won't be pleased if he finds me there."

At this Lex gave an amused chuckle, "That's just it though. The entire Justice league has been occupied lately. Apparently a member of their superhero community is missing. Rumors have it he either went rogue or died. Everyone but the Bat believes he died though so I don't really understand this whole escapade. This creates a perfect opportunity for you to take the blueprints."

Slade narrowed his grey eye, "and who is this MIA hero?" He didn't like what his insinuated and it made him incredibly suspicious of who it could be.

"I believe it was the junior Bat and leader of the-former-Teen Titans. Robin."

Slade arranged his face in a cool indifferent mask, "…I see. You'll have your papers by the end of the week. I require a 40 percent advance to be sent to my account via Wintergreen." His voice was cold and clipped. Before Lex could respond the mercenary was out the door with a slam further amusing the multi billionaire.

Wintergreen was in the control room in Slade's mansion when he saw rather than heard the man walk into his office. It put the seasoned military man on edge to see his old comrade this angry. Not many things could affect Slade Wilson anymore, and Wintergreen knew when to head for cover if things got out of hand. The immortal mercenary was ruthless when things didn't go according to his plans. "…Slade, what happened?"

There was a pregnant silence while Slade typed on the computer. "Robin is gone."