"You almost ready to go Kelly?" Justin yelled from the hotel bedroom they were sharing.

"Yeah, just a sec" she replied. She just finished putting on the last coat of mascara on her already super-long eyelashes and then admired herself in the mirror making sure she looked perfect. She had to look her best as she and Justin were going to a big WWE party where every person possible from the company was going to be. She glanced at her outfit, a black short cut-out dress, silver opened toe pumps, her hair down in curls, and the best make-up possible.

She looked sexy as hell, she thought to herself, maybe even sexier than Maryse. She chuckled a little to herself as she walked into the bedroom where Justin was texting someone.

"Oh, you're ready. Let's go than." Justin said without saying anything to her about how she looked as he walked to the door still engrossed in his phone.

"You're kidding me right now! He didn't even say anything to me about how I look." Kelly thought to herself. She was so wrapped up in her own thoughts she hadnt even realized they made it to the car that was waiting for them at the lobby of their hotel. She looked around for Justin, waiting to see if he would open her side of the car but, when she looked down she saw he was all ready in the car still texting away on his phone.

"Who could he be texting right now? They only people he talk to our Wade, Heath, and I." Kelly conitinued to think in her head as they made their way to the hotel that the party was being held at. They arrived at the hotel in complete silence and it was really starting to annoy Kelly. She knew things between them had been a little tense for awhile now, but she hadn't realized it had gotten this bad. She waited to get to see if Justin would be a gentleman and open the door for her but; once again she was let down and had to do it herself. Kelly wasn't self-centered and believe that the boyfriend should always open doors for their girlfriend and pay them compliments all the time but, it felt nice for her to have those things done to her every once and awhile. She loved to feel like someone made her out to be a million bucks when she looked like crap.

The more she thought about it, she realized that Justin hasn't done any of that stuff for her in a long time. She felt like they were disconnecting from each other and they had no way of going back to how they were when their relationship first started. She was so upset and just confused at this point that she didn't really want to be at the party anymore and she felt as if she looked horrible compared to the rest of the Divas in attendance at the party. She saw everyone standing around talking to one another and she was just not in the mood anymore to be there with them. So she decidded to go to the bar to get a drink to hopefully clear her mind and start making this night at least a little bit better for her.

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