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Airport Outtake


"I still can't believe we actually convinced Daddy E to let us come to the airport alone. This is so exciting!" Alyssa squealed, as she flipped through the channels of the TV in the limo.

"I know; I didn't think he was ever going to let us out the door. I don't want to know what Mom whispered in his ear to finally get him to let us go," I said, shivering dramatically.

"Ew!" she responded. We weren't stupid; we knew our parents were very sexually active, but it wasn't anything we wanted to think about.

"So, what is going to happen when we get to the airport?" Alyssa asked, effectively changing the subject.

"Well, we will get there and check in with the airport manager. Then, we will be escorted to the 1st class lounge and wait for our luggage to be taken aboard, and then the flight attendant will escort us to the plane; and we will get ready for takeoff," I explained to her.

"Well, that shouldn't take too long; we should only have to wait about 10 minutes or so for that," Alyssa said excitedly.

When we arrived at the airport, we went to check in with the manager, Mr. Phillips.

"Hello, Miss Masen. It is so good to meet you," Mr. Phillips greeted us.

"It is nice to meet you, Mr. Phillips," I said. He looked like he wanted to tell us something, but looked nervous about it. If I had to guess, I would imagine he was on the phone with my father.

"Your father asked us to do a full inspection of the plane before takeoff. I apologize for the inconvenience, but Mr. Masen insists on the inspection; it should only take an hour," he said apologetically.

"We understand, Mr. Phillips. We will wait in the VIP lounge for the inspection to be completed," I told him sweetly. Mr. Phillips looked relieved at my statement. He probably thought we would throw a temper tantrum like the spoiled rich kids he undoubtedly thought we were.

We exited the office and were escorted to the VIP lounge. It was a comfortable room with comfortable chairs, couches, and a huge flat screen TV.

"I am hungry," Alyssa said after we had been in the room for about 15 minutes.

"Me too; let's go out and see what they have in the food court," I said.

We got up and walked into the food court. The only thing of interest to us was pizza. We decided to sit at one of the tables, so we could people watch while we ate. We still had 45 minutes before they would come to get us to board the plane, and it was much more entertaining out here. We sat there and ate our meal and discussed what we wanted to do in Italy, when I felt someone watching me. I turned my head and noticed a man in his 30s staring at us. When my eyes met his, he winked at me. I didn't acknowledge him and turned back to Alyssa, but I still watched the creep in my peripheral vision. It was then that I noticed that he got up and walked toward us.

"Well, hello pretty ladies; are you two traveling alone?" he asked in a slimy voice. I looked at Alyssa, and she looked very nervous. I could take this creep with my eyes closed, but Alyssa didn't know that. She knew I was half vampire, but she didn't know what all that entailed.

"I'm sorry sir, but my friend and I would just like to be alone," I told him as politely as possible. Hopefully, he would take the hint and leave us alone. The last thing I wanted was a scene because if that happened, security would have to call my parents; and Dad would never let us go to Italy by ourselves.

"Oh, come on now; don't be that way sweet thing," he said raising his hand in an attempt to touch me. I scooted my chair over before he was able to touch me.

"No really sir, leave us alone, or I will have to call security. I don't think they would look too kindly on an old man hitting on two teenage girls," I said in a low growl.

"Fine!" he sneered. "You'll be sorry later you turned me down," he said, leering at us as he walked away.

"Oh Ren, should we tell security about him?" Alyssa squeaked out; poor thing was terrified.

"No way, they will call Mom and Dad, and then they would never let us go alone!" I told her.

"Besides, I can handle him; there are some major perks traveling with a half vamp," I whispered to her and winked. She looked at me confused, but didn't have time to ask when I suggested we go to the restroom. I knew creepy guy was still watching us, and he was waiting for us to get in a less conspicuous spot to corner us again.

Alyssa looked very unsure, but followed me anyway. We went to the restroom and got cleaned up and headed back out to the food court. As we were heading down the corridor where the restrooms were located, we saw creepy guy come around the corner with that same leer.

"Well now, look what we have here. Let me see if I can get you girls to change your minds," he said chuckling.

"I don't think so, mister," I said and pulled a shaking Alyssa behind me.

"Oh, come on now. I just want to show you a good time, and I promise you will benefit from my experienced age," he said and with that, he lunged at me; but instead of cowering down like he expected, I met him head on. I grabbed his arm quicker than he expected and flipped him over and buried my $1500 Prada boots in his crotch. With a loud girl-like scream, he landed on the floor clutching himself with tears streaming down his face.

"Let's see how much experience you get after this, you creep; and think next time before you try and bully girls half your age," I said and pulled a shocked Alyssa down the hall.

Once we got back to the VIP lounge, Alyssa threw herself at me and hugged me.

"I can't believe you did that! You are my hero!" she squealed, giggling.

"Yes, well, he deserved it! I am just glad I didn't ruin my new boots," I said, and we started giggling. Just then the flight attendant came in and said we were ready for takeoff. I grabbed Alyssa's hand, and we headed off on our new adventure!

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