Hey, I wanted to make a sad but SUPER KAWAII story of L and Light. Hope you like, I will be writing alot! Please R&R! ^.^

Light sits on his and L's bed as L actualy sleeps for a few hours. I guess even the greatest detective need sleep at time, but you can hardly tell because he always looks sloppy and like he hasn't slept in months. L has many flaws. He only eats sweets, he doesn't care for his apperence therefore he looks sloppy, he has a horrid hunch, he sits wierd, he acts childish, and he barely sleeps. But even after all these flaws, Light can't help but love that man. He's told himself many times to hate him. To wish him death. But it turns out, love is greater than justice. Love can be a bitch.

Light recently got the note book back. He got all his memories back. He once again became Kira, but his feelings for the crazy detective is the same. Fucking love. Damnit! it pisses Light off so much on how much he loves that damn, cute, abnormal yet cute panda bear! Damnit!

Light sits up and reaches under his matchress. He then grabs the Death Note and a pen he then does what he knew he should've done a long time ago.

Dear L,

You really piss me off! I don't know why but you do. You fuck with my head, making me think of you so much than I want to! It kills me to want to kill you!It might be selfish of me, but I only am giving me three months with you. Three is the lucky charm, right? I know, I shouldn't even give myself one hour, but I...just want to have some more time with you. Stupid, right? Well I just one thing to say for you. I hate you. I hate you so much that I've fallen in love with you. Love is a bitch. It eventualy bites you in the ass. Hurt me. Make me cry. I just have three wishes, can I at least see your face everyday? Can you not tell my family about me being Kira? And lastly, once I finaly die, can you burn the book that brought me hell. Can you make sure know one ever touches it again. Also, for making me love you. I know, I'm an ass. I'm making you kill me. Everything that involves my death, will be below. I love you you asswhole.

~Light, Kira.

Light Yagami will die by the hands of the greatest detective, L on September 19, 2011 at a minute before midnight. Light Yagami's breath will finally end at exactly midnight.