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On an island off the coast of Japan, an epic battle was taking place.

"Gah!" Tsuna was thrown out of the sky and into the ground, sending up a cloud of dust as he hit the dirt painfully.

"Tsuna-kun!" Enma yelled, spinning in his position in the air to look down at his friend. Tsuna winced and shook himself, getting to his feet. He looked up at a worried Enma, eyes widening as Daemon approached the redhead from behind, a scary looking smirk on the man's face.

"Enma, watch out!"

Enma's eyes widened and he spun around just in time to dodge a near fatal stab from the man. He managed to escape a fatal injury, but still got a pretty big cut along his arm. He winced, flying backwards to put some space between him and Daemon.

"Tsuna! Get him!" Enma yelled, lifting his hands and using gravity to send Daemon towards Tsuna.

"Got it!" said Tsuna grimly, lifted both his arms and firing an X cannon towards the first mist guardian. It flew straight, hitting Daemon straight on the chest.

Tsuna let out a breath as Daemon hit the ground, dirt flying up and hiding man from their view.

The two leaders of the tenth generation families had been fighting too long. Both of them had various cuts, burns, and bruises all over their bodies. They had been using dozens after dozens of combo attacks, managing to destroy all of Daemon's decoys so only the real one was left. They also managed to break the others out of the illusion, but they were too injured to help, not to mention the fact Vindice wouldn't even let them. And even though they managed to destroy all the clones, Daemon still had every single flame, other then sky and earth. If they didn't hit the finishing blow soon, they would be screwed.

They managed to beat Daemon down quite a bit though, but Tsuna's hyper intuition was telling his something big was going to happen…And it wasn't good.

"Good job Jyuudaime!" Gokudera yelled from the sidelines.

"Haha, you did it Tsuna!" Yamamoto laughed.

Tsuna shook his head. The man wasn't gone. He was sure of it. But he must have sustained some kind of damage from an attack like that…

He could still feel Daemon's presence. It was there…

The dust started to part as Enma dropped down beside him.

"Is he…gone?" Enma muttered, staggering slightly. Tsuna glanced at him worriedly.

"No…" Tsuna said quietly. Enma stiffened at the word, starting to squint through the dust.

The dust soon completely parted, revealing a severely injured and angry looking Daemon.

"This…" He took a step forward "Isn't over…"

Tsuna couldn't believe it. He was critically injured and he still up? He thought he managed to beat the man down enough so he could move…but this was Daemon.

"You're done Daemon." Tsuna said, glaring at the first generation mist guardian. "You're too injured to do anything…and my intuition tells me that it's not an illusion." He said grimly.

Daemon's (technically Mukuro's) eyes narrowed. "Don't be so sure…" Daemon lifted the claw-like arms on his back, as well as his real arms, and pointed them all towards Tsuna and Enma. "This will be the final attack."

Tsuna's eyes widened, his intuition going wild. Some bad was going to happen. Really bad.

"Enma, get away!" Tsuna suddenly yelled. Enma glanced at the boy in confusion.

Daemon's arms started to glow Tsuna's eyes widened a second before the blast of multicoloured flames shot out of his arms. He quickly glanced at Enma.

Frantically, Tsuna shoved Enma out of the way, pushing the red head out of the line of fire. Enma staggered, looking back just in time to see his friend being swallowed by the flames. His eyes widened and his mouth fell open in shock.

When the flames disappeared…Tsuna was gone. Enma stared at the spot his friend just disappeared, eyes wide.

Tsuna was….he…

There was a silence.

"Jyuu…JYUUDAIME!" Gokudera suddenly yelled in panic, running forward. Enma was still frozen as Gokudera passed him, the self proclaimed right hand man running to the spot Tsuna last stood before kneeling down.

Yamamoto also ran forward, but instead of to where Gokudera was, he went to Daemon, who was now lying pathetically on the ground.

Yamamoto kneeled down beside him. Enma thought that Yamamoto was going to try to talk to him calmly…but the rain guardian was unusually violent.

He seized Daemon by the collar, shaking the man roughly.

"What did you do to Tsuna?"

Daemon smiled a creepy grin, poor Mukuro's head lolling slightly. "Somewhere where you will never get to him." He said.

Somewhere where you will never get to him? The words replayed in Enma's head. That sounded bad. It probably was bad. Bad.

Tsuna…he didn't die did he? Enma mentally cringed at the thought before banishing it from his mind. That was impossible.

"What do you mean?" Gokudera yelled, now standing beside Yamamoto. He punched Daemon straight on the jaw, making the man's head snap back. "Where is Jyuudaime?"

"I sent him…to my time." Daemon smirked, not seeming affected at all. "I will be meeting him there now." A wisp of sinister mist left the body, Gokudera's fist hitting Mukuro's now empty, fuglyfied body.

Okay. Enma thought, fists tightening. This is bad. This is really, really bad.

Tsuna was going to die.

Well, that wasn't his only problem at the time, but he was pretty sure it was the most important. The last thing he had saw after pushing Enma out of the way was the flames. The funny thing was, they didn't really hurt.

After he was completely engulfed in the flames everything went black. Then he was falling.

The first thing that registered in his mind was the sound of guns clicking, something sliding, which sounded like a katana out of it's sheath, and something metal, clinking. Tsuna blinked and look around to find himself on the top of a table.

Around the table were people. They all had a wide variety of weapons pointed at him, including guns, a sword and...handcuffs?

A man with chin length red hair and a tattoo along the right side of his face snarled something in a language Tsuna didn't understand. Italian? He shoved his guns in front of Tsuna's face. Tsuna gulped, staring.

But, even through the fear, He swore he's seen the man before...

Tsuna blinked. Wait a second...

"….G..." Tsuna's eyes widened in realization. What was the first storm guardian doing here? Tsuna blinked in realization, looking around the table with growing dread.

The man pointing the sword was the first rain guardian, Ugetsu. A priest sitting in surprise was Knuckles, the teenager cowering in his seat was Lampo...and the man now handcuffing his hands together was Alaude. That means the man behind him probably was - wait, handcuffs?

"HIIIIIEEEEE?" Tsuna felt himself being pulled backwards, being dragged backwards by the arms as the first cloud guardian started to drag him away.

G roared something in Italian that Tsuna, once again, didn't understand. Tsuna looked up and let out a squeak as G pointed his guns. Why was he pointing them? He might hit Alaude too!

By instinct (thanks to Reborn actually) Tsuna rolled (more like fell) off the table. He closed his eyes for an impact with the ground, but instead, he bumped and landed on something soft. There was a volley of gun shots, missing Tsuna's head and penetrating the wall behind him.

"G." Whatever Tsuna was now lying on awkwardly spoke calmly.

Tsuna's eyes flew open at the familiar voice, looking up.

Tsuna's brown eyes met surprised and curious sunset orange ones.


He was lying on Vongola Primo's lap.



Tsuna blacked out, fainting

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