Tsuna yawned, rubbing his eyes sleepily as he made his way to the dining room blindly. He was exhausted. He barely slept at all, having just been staring up at his bedroom's ceiling all night, l wide awake. He was just so worried about Daemon...at least he had a reason to be wary around Daemon now. The man had tried to drown them with illusions of little children...

Tsuna wondered now, how the war was going to turn out. Would Primo still know of Daemon's deflection? Would G and the rest of the guardians still go to save Cozart? Would they still win? Tsuna sighed.

"Good morning Tsuna-kun." A sleepy voice said from behind him. He turned to see Enma, looking like he had a lot more sleep then Tsuna. Actually, he looked better rested then he ever had before. Huh.

"Good morning." Tsuna said, smiling as he slowed down for the redhead to walk beside him.

Enma studied him for a second, looking at Tsuna. "Tsuna-kun, are you okay?"

Did he look that bad? Tsuna grinned sleepily. "Yes, I'm fine. I just didn't get enough sleep."

"How come?"

"Um..." Obviously, Enma was getting more sleep thanks to peace in mind, because to him, Daemon was no longer a threat in one way. Should Tsuna ruin that by telling the redhead about how his hyper intuition acted up at the mere thought of Daemon?

"…" Tsuna threw on what he hoped was a convincing smile. "No...It's nothing."

They made it to the dining room by now, and Tsuna pushed the door open to step inside the room.

His eyes immediately fell on Daemon, out of all the people in the room. All the guardians were crowded into room, even including Alaude to Tsuna's surprise. As usual, the man was standing away from the group, looking as bored as usual. Tsuna glanced back to the mist guardian. He was eating toast. He didn't look that evil… Tsuna tried to hide his nervousness and avoid looking at the mist guardian. No, this man was definitely evil. No matter if he was from the future of wasn't. Gulping, he took a seat next to G, Enma taking the open seat next to him by Cozart. Quickly, one of the rarely seen servants (Tsuna had the suspicion that they didn't have many) placed a plate of food consisting of eggs, bacon, and a cup of coffee in front of him. Tsuna sighed lightly at he gazed at the warm food. He wanted a bento…Sighing again, this time in resignation, he lifted a fork and speared a piece of bacon.

"Tsuna, Enma-kun." Both boys looked up at their names to see the Primo sitting at the head of the table. The man looked at them with shining eyes and a wide smile to Tsuna's surprise. "We're going to be having guests today if you don't mind. The party's going to be this afternoon, so I hope you two will make the appropriate preparations for yourselves."

Tsuna stopped gnawing on the corner of his bacon piece in confusion. Looking up at Giotto, he stared with a small frown on his face. "Party?"

"Oh." Primo let out a small chuckled making Tsuna feel even more confused. "I forgot to tell you two." He gave them a wide smile. "We're throwing a party! Not just for Daemon's return, but for the new Mafia Alliance!"


Tsuna honestly didn't know what to say. "Um…oh…" He said, trying to sound enthusiastic, but was pretty sure he was failing miserably.

"Um…" Enma spoke up, sound slightly hesitant. "Who will these…guests be?"

Primo beamed at the question. "Just the members and close friends and relatives of those in the Alliance. Mostly the Bosses. Not many people really, much less then at the Mafia Banquet."

"Giotto." Asari suddenly said, giving a smile at the blond's obvious excitement. "Is Leonardo coming?"

At that one name the whole room seemed to shift. Alaude, whose eyes had been closed the whole time, looked up, eyes opening then narrowing dangerously. Giotto grinned wider, Lampo squeaked at the angry aura emitting from Alaude, Daemon said "oya oya…", G threw Asari a glare for no apparent reason whatsoever, and Cozart chuckled at Tsuna and Enma's confused expression.

"He's Giotto's cousin." The redhead explained to them. "Their very close, like brothers almost."

"Yes." Giotto said, still smiling. His happy aura contrasted violently against Alaude's pissed-off one. "Do you two mind if I tell him about where your from? It's a bit hard hiding things from him. He's completely trustworthy, dont worry."

Tsuna wondered how the he would be like. Would he be scary?

"If...if Primo-san trusts him...sure..." Enma said slowly, and Tsuna nodded in agreement.

Giotto smiled. "Great. Also, I was thinking of telling the Bovino family, since they know quite a bit on timetraveling. Maybe they can help you get home."

Tsuna brightened at the words. He'd never thought of that! "Okay."

Primo sighed, nodding and relaxing back into his chair. "Hm, I haven't seen him in awhile, since he's been in Japan...am I right, Alaude?"

Tsuna winced at the expression on Alaude's face, a look of complete irritation. It was very, very close to anger actually.

G snorted at Alaude's glare. "Leonardo is...was Alaude's tutor you could say."

Tsuna glanced at Alaude again, nervously. "Um...did they not like each other or...something?"

"Ha, no. More like...mutual respect, at least on Alaude's account."

Tsuna nodded slowly, glancing up, only to shrink back into his seat in horror. Alaude was glaring directly at him and G! Even G seemed a bit nervous, but he put on a tough front.

"What?" He snapped at the cloud guardian redirected the wrath if his glare on him. "I didn't do anything wrong. You have no reason to arrest me."

He should not have said that.

"Don't!" Primo warned as Alaude started to stalk straight at G, that deathly glare on his face. He ignored Giotto without a second of hesitation. Giotto sighed, looking a bit frustrated. "Alaude-!"

Suddenly the door of the breakfast room flew open. Tsuna blinked I surprise as a man with black hair breezed in, a charming smile on his face.

Tsuna blinked again before lifting a hand and rubbing his eyes. He looked again. His mouth fell open.



Tsuna mentally shooed the thought away. No, that wasn't possible. This man had jet black hair, not like Dino, golden blond, and he wore a, unlike Dino who preferred to wear hoodies and those sort of casual stuff. But other then those small detail, the main looked exactly like the 10-years later Cavallone Decimo. Like, exactly the same. Right down to the bangs hanging down the on side of his face, and his brown eyes, and the cheerful smile on his face.

"Giotto!" The Dino lookalike laughed in a voice eerily similar to Dino's. The man threw an arm around Primo's shoulders, grinning. "Mio caro cugino![1]"

Giotto looked extremely happy. "Leo! It's been awhile!"

Dino's lookalike blinked. "Eh? Japanese?" To Tsuna's surprise, unlike Giotto and most of his guardians, this Dino lookalike barely had any Italian accent in his Japanese at all.

"Yes." Primo turned to Tsuna and Enma. Tsuna was pretty sure he looked like a gaping fish, and Enma was probably confused on the reason why Tsuna was impersonating a gaping fish. Giotto didn't seem to notice this, and went on, smiling the whole time.

"Tsuna, Enma-kun. Meet my closest cousin, Leonardo Cavallone, also known as the Cavallone Famiglia Primo."

Tsuna's eyes twitched.

THE CAVALLONE PRIMO IS VONGOLA PRIMO'S COUSIN? Tsuna mentally screamed, restraining himself from screaming out loud. Did this mean he was…he was related to Dino?

"Oi oi oi oi, Giotto, why Japanese?" The Cavallone Primo pestered Giotto, frowning with confusion written all over his face. "I just came back from Japan, and I was looking forward to speaking Italian again…" He trailed off as his eyes fell on Tsuna and Enma. The man's eyes widened dramatically, and Tsuna winced at the amount of surprise in them. It was like their first day in the past all over again.

"Giotto, Cozart! You have children?" He exclaimed in disbelief, looking quickly from the blond, to the redhead and back again accusingly. Giotto sighed and Cozart just slapped his forehead, shaking his head.

"No, Leo," Giotto said, trying to explain. "You see, they're actually-"

"No excuses! Wow, they look exactly like you two! Who's the lucky mother? I'm surprised though, I would have thought you two would know better, bring children into this Mafia business. But really, how old are they? Wait, don't tell me, they can only speak Japanese? Is that why you were speaking Japanese?" The man nodded in satisfaction. "That makes sense. No wonder I never saw them. Shoot. Wait a second." Then the man's eyes widened again and he looked at Cozart and back to Giotto again. "Holy crap, this is the first time I ever heard of two men having kids. A medical breakthrough! I always knew you two were close but not that close-"

"Leo!" Giotto suddenly yelled, stopping Leonardo's rambling. Tsuna mouth was gaping in horror at the implications, and he was pretty sure Enma looked the same next to him. He could faintly hear G, Lampo, and Daemon snickering in the background. Tsuna stared at the black-haired man in horror.

"What the hell Leo!" Cozart yelled uncharacteristically, his face matching his hair. "What…What the hell?" He seemed lost for words.

"Right there!" Leonardo said in triumph, pointing at Cozart's beet red face to Giotto deathly pale one. "There's proof!"

"Proof? W-What…What the hell?" Cozart seemed to be repeating that same line quite a few times.

"Hm…" Daemon murmured. "That might make sense actually. Compared to that completely unbelievable story about them being from the future…"

"You believed it yesterday!" G suddenly said, glaring at Daemon angrily. "Are you calling Primo a liar?"


"Why you-!"

"G." Giotto said sharply, cutting G off. Sighing again, Giotto looked up at Leonardo and glared. "Really. Leo."

Leonardo let out a small laugh, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly. "Yeah yeah, I know, sorry." He grinned at Tsuna and Enma sheepishly before starting to walk over to them. "Hey there, sorry about tha- GAH!"

Tsuna's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as Leonardo tripped over a foot of G's chair and did a faceplant with the floor, letting out an ungraceful sound as he hit the ground.

Tsuna, who had just recovered from shock, let his mouth fall open again. The exact same as Dino! He thought in disbelief.

G snorted. "As clumsy as ever."

"Ugh…" The man clambered back to his feet clumsily, looking up at a shell-shocked Tsuna and Enma. He smiled, standing back up and rubbing his forehead sheepishly. "Sorry." He told them, holding out a hand to shake theirs. "Er, I'm Leonardo Cavallone. But call me Leo."

Tsuna hesitated before shaking the man's hand, Enma following. "N-Nice to meet you Leo-san…"

"Nice to meet you too! What's your name?"

"Oh…um, Tsunayoshi Sawada…but just call me Tsuna…"

"Enma…" Enma seemed to hesitate briefly. "Enma Kozarto."

Leo blinked before his face broke out with a grin. "Kozarto? Cozart, if you wanted to hide that this kid is yours so badly, why give him your first name as his surname?" Tsuna saw Enma gulp audibly as Leonardo stared at him. "Wow. Same eyes. And the same hair." He scratched his head. "Huh, you look like a mini-Cozart. Seriously Cozart, unless you had a younger twin that you never told me about, this guy has to be your child."

Cozart twitched. "Look…"

Tsuna blinked as Leo didn't seem to hear (ignored) Cozart and turned his glance on him. He stared at him for a moment, and then frowned.

"Okay, seriously now, do you guys mind telling me why there's a mini Giotto and Cozart-"


Everyone in the room froze at that one word. It was spoken quietly, yet it dripped with such malice and murderous intent that everyone seemed to hear it. Tsuna paled as he saw Alaude's eyes were absolutely murderous now.

Leonardo stiffened at the word, looking for a moment like a rabbit caught in a spotlight. Leo turned looking at Alaude with a slightly nervous smile. "Alaude. It's been awhi- GAH!" Leo ducked just in time as a dangerously spiked handcuff hurled past the spot his face had just been and impaled itself into the wall. "Er, Alaude, that's kind of a mean welcome back- AH!"

The next thing Tsuna knew, Leonardo was dodging fatal looking spiked handcuffs by the second. Unluckily for Tsuna and Enma, Leonardo was standing directly behind them so some handcuffs came dangerously close to hitting them...

"HIIIE!" Tsuna let out a startled squeak as Leo deflected a handcuff by grabbing a stray plate from the table, causing it to rebound and miss Tsuna's head by less then a inch.

"Sorry!" Leo yelled, crouching down to avoid the torrent of handcuffs. "Er...Uh oh." He side stepped quickly as another handcuff whizzed by him. "Er. Um, I think we should take this outside." He said quickly, sprinting for the door. "If you need me, I'll be in-" He cut off as he slammed the door closed. A handcuff impaled the wall where he just stood. "-The usual place!"

The next thing they all knew, a blur wearing a trench coat knocked down the closed door and was out of the room in seconds.

Giotto looked around at the ruined meeting room and sighed, shaking his head.

"Repairs again. Take care of that, G?"

"Already on it." G said in a bored tone, standing up and walking out of the room, ignoring the two traumatized looking teenagers he walked by.

"Asari, Daemon, Lampo. Will you two overlook the preparations of the party."

Asari grinned and nodded, Daemon disappeared into mist, and Lampo looked like he wished he could do the same.

"Of course, Giotto." Asari said cheerfully, grabbing onto a struggling Lampo's arm and following G's lead."


"Yeah." Cozart nodded, standing. He looked down at Tsuna and Enma and patted them both on the shoulder. "You two. Let's go check on Leo and Alaude, alright?"

Tsuna blinked, shaking his head to clear the shock. "Y-yeah." Tsuna glanced at Enma, who was staring at the place Daemon had been sitting. "Enma-kun?" The redhead glanced at Tsuna, nodding.

They stood up, receiving a quick nod from Primo and exited the room, Cozart leading them. They walked in silence for a little bit through the halls, and Tsuna noticed there were more people in the halls then usual, maid and butlers. They were all moving around rather frantically, most likely getting ready for the party.

Tsuna's mind drifted back to Leo and Alaude. It was odd, how Alaude immediately attacked Leo once they met. Their…relationship reminded him oddly of Dino and Hibari.


The man looked down at Tsuna. "Yes?"

"Why did Alaude attack Leo?" He asked hesitantly, hoping it wasn't a touchy subject. Cozart raised an eyebrow before chuckling.

"Ah. Well, let's see." Cozart looked distant for a second. "You saw how Leo was pretty clumsy, right?"

Tsuna and Enma both nodded.

"Right, so, when they were both younger, Leo tripped and accidentally knocked both himself and Alaude over. He tripped over a rock or something."

Tsuna winced. Alaude wouldn't have taken that well.

"So, Alaude was pretty pissed off, so he attacked Leo. And, to Alaude's surprise, he lost."

"Alaude was angry, wasn't he…" Enma stated, looking a bit sorry for Leo.

"Oh yeah. After he lost, Alaude attacked Leo wherever they met. I heard once, that Alaude attacked him when he was in the middle of a bath…or maybe that was just a rumour." Cozart grinned as Tsuna made a strangled sound. "Yeah, well, eventually, Alaude met Giotto- this was when we were still young, in our teens –and then Giotto found out Alaude was "friends" with Leo, and he recommended for Leo…to help…Alaude as a kind of…tutor. A fighting tutor. Since Leo's quite a few years older then us."

"Uh oh."

"Yeah. Well, at the end, Alaude's still trying to beat Leo, as well as Giotto. But Alaude respects Leo in some way."

"Really?" Tsuna couldn't help but feel a bit sceptical.


Tsuna and Enma exchanged looks behind Cozart's back. Somehow, by the murderous intent in Alaude's attacks they both doubted it. But then again, Tsuna thought. Wasn't Hibari and Dino the same? Tsuna was pretty sure Hibari had some kind of respect for Dino.

"Oh, here we are." Cozart stopped at a large wooden door. He strolled forward, grasped the door handled, and pushed the doors open.

The bright light made Tsuna blink rapidly as his eyes adjusted. His mouth opened in surprise as he realized it was the stone courtyard. The three of them walked out of the mansion and into the courtyard Tsuna had rather painful memories of. Tsuna winced as he remembered the pain…Luckily, Alaude was too busy to continue their training (more like torture) due to the war, so Tsuna no longer came into the courtyard unless absolutely necessary.

In the middle of the courtyard was Alaude and Leo were locked in combat.

They were like a flurry of motions to Tsuna's eyes. Both of them dodging at attacking perfectly, as if every move was planned. Tsuna caught glimpses of Alaude's handcuff, flames around them, and the glint of silver from something Leo was holding.

"Cozart-san." Enma spoke up quietly, making Tsuna glance at his friend. "What is Leo-san's weapon? Is it a…"

"Sword." Cozart said, keeping his eyes on the battle. "Not like Asari's though. It's a European sword. I'm not sure which one though, Leo specializes in many of them…" Cozart squinted. "I think right now he's using a one handed long sword. He would have to be, looking at how fast their fighting." Cozart shrugging, taking out a pocket watch and flipping it open. "Anyways, it's already afternoon. We don't want them too injured for the party." He observed before snapping the watch closed again. Tsuna watched, eyes widening as Cozart cupped his hands around his mouth and yelled. "ALAUDE, LEO, TIME TO GO!"

Tsuna looked at the fighting duo nervously, but neither reacted. "Um, C-Cozart-san, I don't know if that's a good idea…"

Enma, who had winced at Cozart's shouting nodded quickly and frantically in agreement.

Cozart waved them off dismissively, looking unconcerned. "No no, it's fine. We do this all the time. Usually G though. Like G usually yells like this: HEY, QUARRELING COUPLE! TIME'S UP, LET'S GO!"

Enma and Tsuna exchanged panicked looks as Alaude and Leo froze at the words.

Even Cozart looked nervous. He chucked, eying the weapons they were holding. "Er…um…sorry…I was kind of...I didn't mean that…"

Alaude took off running at the three of them.

"N-No, wait, sorry, Alaude!" Cozart yelped, jumping out of the way as the man threw handcuffs at him. "I didn't mean it!" He dodged as Alaude attacked him, going for hand to hand combat.

Unfortunately, Tsuna and Enma, who were standing behind Cozart, were both exposed to the handcuffs moving faster then they could process. Tsuna blinked and was prepared to go into Dying Will Mode…

There was a clang, and a startled Tsuna was suddenly looking at Leo's back. He had deflected Alaude's handcuffs with his sword! But Tsuna didn't even see him move!

Leo glanced back at the two teens behind him, and grinned as he nodded at Cozart and Alaude. Cozart was now in Dying Will Mode, the Earth Flame on his forehead flaring as he concentrated on deflecting Alaude's attacks.

"Let's leave them to be for now." Leo told them, grabbing their shoulders and spinning them around, walking them back through the door they came through.

"But what about Cozart-san?" Enma said, sounding nervous as he glanced back at his ancestor, looking worried.

"Eh." Leo shrugged. "His fault for calling us a couple."

Tsuna shook his head at the thinly veiled satisfaction in his voice (he obviously knew how effective a punishment Alaude could give) and could only hope Cozart would still be able to walk a straight line by tonight.

[1] "My dear cousin!"

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