A/N: Happy Father's Day (?) I am pretty sleepy today, so don't judge me too hard, lol. Just give an explanation, not only "This story is horrible, you should throw in the trash can, then burn it and make it jump off a cliff." - Humor intended. Set days before the Cell Games.

Fishing out Memories

"Man, Gohan, why did you hide?" Goku wiped the sweat from his forehead. He still had not found Gohan, who had proposed to play hide-and-seek. Currently, Goku was looking for him, unfortunately, Gohan had hidden his ki signal.

"Gohan, come on, I'm starving!"

"Dad, you are always hungry!" A bush 'said' nearby.

Goku looked at the bush confused. He poked the bush. "Gosh, I guess it is alive…"

Gohan came out of the bush. "Dad! How can the bush be alive?"

Goku grinned. "Found you!"

"Aww, great!" Gohan looked at Goku happily. He held out a small gift box. "Happy Birthday dad! Since your birthday also happened through the course of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, I decided to make you this."

"What's this?" He looked at the box curiously.

"Open it!"

Goku took the box and took the wrapper off. It was a picture of Goku, drawn by Gohan. It surely showed the wild hair his father possessed and the orange gi he always wore. It was very colorful and it looked like he had put a lot of work into it.

"Thanks Gohan! But I don't know when my birthday is though." He said thoughtfully.

"But it happened sometime in the year, dad!"

"True, but let's go fishing! I am really hungry."


5 Big Fishes later…

"Dad, I feel happy."


"You took me out to fish. You had promised."

Goku looked at the water, thinking, and trying to remember.

"Yeah, I remember!" He laughed. "Also, I remember when Chi-Chi tried to make me change your diaper one day."

Gohan looked at him curiously. "What happened dad?"

"Well… It all started when…."

"Goku! Change your son's diaper; I am busy in the kitchen."

"But Chi, I don't know how to!"

"Try! Or who is going to cook for you?"

"All right…" He faced Gohan. "Okay Gohan, let's see."

1 minute later…

"Chi! He doesn't move anymore! CHI!"

"What! What the heck did you do to our son? I'm gonna kill you, Son Goku, if he is hurt!"

Gohan looked at him curiously. "What happened next?"

Goku looked at him sheepishly. "You just fell asleep."

Gohan burst out laughing. He shook his head. "Really?"

"Yeah." He laughed along with him.

Gohan just fell on his back and watched the clouds, still laughing. His father would never change. But that was what he loved about his dad. He was unique. He was fun to be with.

He was, overall, the best father he could ever have.

A/N: You know, I don't use "father" or "dad" to describe the man that contributed to help to bring you to life. I use it for the man who loves you, who takes care of you, who cares, who would do anything to make you happy, knowing you will leave him, as an adult, and probably think less of him as days go by. Your dad doesn't even have to have the same blood as you. He only has to be your dad.