Darkness and Light, it was one of the major things that split people into separate dimensions by personality, or the amount of greed in their soul. Some were destined to fade away into the darkness naturally or by influence of those they grew up with. Others, who kept quiet and showed no greed or haste belonged in the light, where joy was the most of everything.

And then, there was one place in between the two battling sides. It was an eternal and ongoing place, where the un-destines survived, newcomers being thrown into it every day. For it's small size, it had many. But with this place, where you chose neither Darkness or Light, came a price. The price that you can suffer for as long as the cruel world makes you, as with others in the Dark side greed themselves with plentiful meat and vegetables. The Light side kept only what they needed, but in the middle, it was scraps.

And then there was one place, New York City, who had never taken a side, not even the small place which was extremely reserved. They hadn't been involved with the separations, as it'd be too hard to separate many people there. New York had soon become the final resort for desperate souls who desired nothing, or people who had only wanted a bit of freedom in their final years. But New York did not want to side, or come in contact with these people, and sent guards all around them to make sure no one from Darkness or Light would enter.

Schools in New York flooded with news of this, and many children were being informed of it. To make sure they never made one wrong move if they found a desperate soul begging, every kid individually was informed of the sides. As many asked questions, they weren't answered. Which wasn't a good thing. James Henry Trotter was the last to hear the speech of the two sides, but his mind did not go about it. He didn't judge, and was told never to do so.

" Young man, are you listening?" Mr. Wesley, the principle, asking without any hint of patience. James could only nod as he pretended to listen. Every once so often, he would nod to make Mr. Wesley think he was listening. All he wanted to do at this point, with all the bickering and lecturing, was go home. With 30 minutes of the school day left, he couldn't be kept in the office much longer. Suddenly, the door opened.

" Mr. Wesley, I suggest sending James back to his final class for the last minutes of school." said a lady with black hair, green eyes, and a pale complexion. " Of course, Rhonda. James, you are dismissed back to your class. Rhonda will lead you back to make sure you don't skip." he said. James had no habit of doing so, but because of the bad reputation of kids, no one could be trusted. Rhonda gave a weak smile and walked through the hall with James, closing Mr. Wesley's door behind her.

Rhonda kept a grim frown on her face as she walked with the young boy. By the looks, Rhonda was about 22, and she was very quiet. James looked up at her. " Miss Rhonda? Why do you look so sad?" he asked. He hated seeing people sad. Rhonda looked down and smiled lightly, barely enough to notice. " I am not sad, just with all the chaos in this world, I've forgotten how to smile." she told him, although she was warmed by his concern. James sighed," I don't like this either. Most of my family isn't liking this."

Rhonda looked at him as they began walking down the stairs to James' teacher. They still had a few moments to talk, so she wouldn't waste them. " Who are your parents?" she asked. " I don't really have parents, but Ms. Spider acts like a mom. She's really nice." he replied. Rhonda raised an eyebrow. " Ms. Spider? What an odd last name, not to offend her or anything." she quickly said. James frowned slightly. " no, I mean, that's her first name. She's a real spider. Both of my original parents… well they.." James started to tear up slightly. Rhonda quickly lifted his face with her hands.

" I'm sorry, I was just being too nosy, wasn't I? I have a habit of that." she apologized honestly. She was intrigued by the fact his family was made up of insects as he continued talking with her. She would not judge his guardians though, James was a very kind and respectful boy. She frowned whenever she reached his classroom. " Good luck through the rest of the day James. I should see you tomorrow." she smiled, and let James go into the classroom.

Although Rhonda had seemed innocent, she wasn't from New York. She had sneaked her way past the guard and used New York as a last resort. But no one suspected Rhonda would have lived in the middle of a war. She seemed so nice, and innocent. She decided she would tell James and possibly be able to live with his family, but as of now, she had no home except for the streets.

James was finally on his way home, sitting on the bus in the very back. He never sat up front, because all of the "popular" kids sat up there. He didn't want to get messed with. In the back is where he would sit alone and talk amongst himself, wondering what surprises awaited him at home. Today, unusually, a kid named Francis was sitting back there with his twin, Franny. They were obviously gossiping, as most kids did. Franny let out her usual excited squeal and turned toward James. " Hey, look Francis, the kid is taking to himself!" she giggled. Francis looked at him. " He looks like a little shrimp!" he laughed, and moved over to James seat.

James moved to the metal bus wall and Francis huffed. " What's the matter with you shrimp?" he hastily commanded. James gulped, and Francis began to scoot closer to James, crushing him close near the wall. Franny smiled. " Hey bro, you're making shrimp into a smoothie." she laughed, and fell backwards at her own joke. Francis got up and then sat next to his crazed sister. James was near tears, he didn't like Francis. Francis began laughing. " Look, the shrimp is crying!" he laughed. James stopped his tearing up. " Leave me alone, Francis." he sniffed. " What are you going to do if I don't? Huh?" Francis taunted.

" I'm going to tell Rhonda!" James cried back. Francis laughed, and then the bus stopped. It was James' stop.. He quickly ran off the bus and into his home, away from Francis. He saw Miss Spider quietly looking form her room to see who was there. " Welcome home, James." she smiled, and then noticed him frowning. " What's the matter?" she asked. He sighed. " This mean bully, Francis, kept picking on me. He called me a shrimp and laughed at my friend Rhonda." he explained sadly. Miss Spider looked at him, and walked toward him.

" James, let it go through one ear and go out the other. It doesn't matter what people think of you, it's your opinion that counts." she said. James sniffed a little bit and then nodded. " I guess you're right." he said to her. She smiled at him. He was about to walk off when Miss Spider was getting curious." Who's Rhonda?" she asked him. James turned around. " She's a friend. She walked me to class today." he replied. Miss Spider nodded, and watched James go to his room. So James had made his first friend? That was good, but she didn't know much background information. Her parents, her personality, any siblings, and other things. With this in mind, she simply went back to her room and daydreamed.