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The night continued, throughout the only disturbance being Miss Spider coming in the door from work, and Grasshopper returning as well. Rhonda had slept pretty well in the guest room, which was fairly small, with the hint of one of those old houses and the continuous being of stillness. She had first thought it wouldn't work out, but she did manage that night.

The next morning, Rhonda awoke with a small yawn, her head feeling heavy, as she just got up. She blinked a few times, and then moved her shoulders back onto the pillow, stopping herself from collapsing back onto the bed. Her legs were still under the comforter, which gave her a sense of security in the dimly lit room. Sunlight barely made it's way through the window, the small closet near her reflecting light onto the other side of the room through the specs of dust.

She moved her feet onto the floor, getting up with slow movement. It was still early, around 6:00. She usually woke around this time working at the school, so it didn't surprise her. She, however, was shocked to hear voices of the family coming from the kitchen. She slowly made her way to the door, and pressed her ear against it.

The voices on the other side were Miss Spider's and Grasshopper's, Rhonda could tell due to the members of the family each having a different accent. " And you're sure it was her?" she could hear Miss Spider saying, in a confused tone. 'Her?' Rhonda thought. The only other female in the family was Miss Ladybug, and surely they wouldn't be talking about her. Which only left herself.

" I'm sure, clear as could be. She has to leave." Grasshopper stated. Rhonda could hear Miss Spider sigh, as she had used her hearing to accurately escape the darkness. Her hearing had become very keen through the months, struggling to live freely once more. " James will be heartbroken, but it is for the best." Miss Spider quietly said. Rhonda could detect movement aiming for the room, and she dashed into the bed, not wanting to be seen eavesdropping. Sure enough, the door had opened, light peeking into the room. Miss Spider was looking at her, and she knew it. She could easily sense when she was being looked at.

Her presence was then added to, by Grasshopper walking in. " She's still asleep, we'll tell her when she awakes." he said quietly. Miss Spider nodded, and then closed the door. Rhonda shot up in the bed, fears overwhelming her. Tell her what? She began to feel a lump in her throat, now knowing it was about her. Was she causing trouble, did she do something wrong,…would she have to leave? The questions raced ni her mind, and for the best, she decided to go back to sleep.

But she would have to stop dreaming eventually.

About an hour later, Rhonda had unsteadily awoken to a ringing in her ear, and opened her eyes. The room was lit to where she could see it entirely, but barely. She tried to ignore what she had heard earlier, and got onto her feet much quicker. Confidence, something she was going to try. She opened the door, her arm shaky, and scolded herself for being nervous. With a seemingly forceful step, she walked forward and into the kitchen, where she saw Miss Spider talking to James.

" But why does she have to leave?" James asked, not crying, but definitely close to it. Rhonda tuned our Miss Spider's words as the fears inside her head seemed to grow closer. She was caught, she'd be thrown back. Or worse. She could be killed, thrown into prison, anything. Her eyes widened in fear, and then she noticed something. Miss Spider had seen her. Her look didn't stayed full of scorn, but of sympathy.

"I'm sorry, Rhonda, but you have to leave." she said quietly. Rhonda, although shaky, nodded slowly and sadly. She saw the pleading look on James, his eyes begging Miss Spider to let her stay. But Rhonda knew she could get the entire family, including James, in huge trouble with the government. She heavily walked through the kitchen, opening the door slowly. She was outside, and felt a cold chill run down her body. She closed the door then, and walked away from the house. In her mind, all she was picturing was doom.

Which was exactly what happened.

As Rhonda continued walking, she had found a place to hide from authorities, in an alley. It wasn't god, but she knew it was her only hope. She put her arms around her legs, and closed her eyes. She didn't like this at all. In fear, she had drifted off into a sleep, hoping to escape reality. Wanting to know that she wasn't going to be alone.

Meanwhile, Miss Spider was watching TV, absent-minded. She felt horrible about kicking Rhonda out, and she didn't want to do it. She knew James was crushed, and it was because of her. It was her fault that James wouldn't even go fro a walk with Centipede or water the garden with Mrs. Ladybug. It was all her fault. She closed her eyes, trying to ignore what happened. But she knew James would be upset. James probably wouldn't want to talk to her for a while.

That alone hurt her, worse than she could've imagined. She heard footsteps, and knew it was James. He was probably trying to cheer himself up. The last thing he needed was to see her and be reminded of what happened. Miss Spider rushed into the kitchen from the living room, and she walked to the door. Grasshopper stopped her by placing a hand on her. She turned around.

" Where are you going?" he asked her, eyeing her. He didn't have to look twice to know when Miss Spider was in a bad mood. Her pale face looked over to the door. " I'm going for a walk." she said solemnly, and pushed his hand away. She walked out the door, and didn't listen to his comment about it being slightly chilly outside. She just continued walking.

Until she spotted a familiar face being torn away by a pair of cops, pulling her back into the car. Miss Spider watched, her mouth opened slightly in shock. Rhonda was caught, and they were taking her away. She saw her kicking, and desperately trying to get away, but failed. Miss Spider watched the scene after Rhonda had been shoved into the car. The cops quickly got in to leave.

But what got her was Rhonda's look. It signaled she knew she was there, and she was asking for help. But Miss Spider couldn't seem to do anything but stare sadly. Before the car had left, she could have sworn she saw Rhonda turn around and look at her one last time. One last look in the eye, begging for her to help. And all she did was stare back, unable to move.

When Miss Spider had returned home, her face was down. She was trying to hide the tears she was crying. She had upset James deeply, and now she knew this news was just going to hurt him worse. She didn't even notice the fact Centipede was in the kitchen, staring at her sobbing silently in her hands. He didn't want to startle her, so he tapped her gently. She did jump at the touch, but then looked up and saw him. " What's the matter, Love Legs?" he asked. She didn't even acknowledge he had called her Love Legs, a nickname she had particularly disliked. She had to stop crying before telling him exactly what had happened, how she felt. Everything.

After listening to this, Centipede was pretty shocked himself. But he wouldn't admit it, at least not while Miss Spider was there.. Seemingly, talking about it calmed her a tad, but she still was upset about the entire thing. " I just can't stand seeing James this upset, and what happened to Rhonda.." she trailed off. It then hit her, if she wanted him to be happy, there would have to be a way to get Rhonda back. And she had to think of it.

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