Brand New Start

Chapter 1

Finn POV

"I told you he would be good for carrying all the heavy things." Kurt yells to Rachel as he sits with his feet up on the coffee table as I walk into the loft.

"HEY! You know there are things down there that even YOU can carry." I say as I kick his feet down off the table as I pass him. I stop by the kitchen where Rachel is taking things out of boxes and kiss her on the cheek.

"You doing ok baby?" She asks.

"Yeah, we are almost done. Blaine is bringing up the last of the boxes from the moving van." My mom finally got all of our stuff delivered this morning and we have spent the last two hours carrying everything up three flights of stairs to our apartment loft. "It would be done faster if we had someone else helping us." I yell loudly so that Kurt hears me in the other room.

"Remind me again why it was such a great idea to live on the third floor?" I hear Blaine say as he enters the room with two boxes and sets them on the table.

"Because your Uncle already owns this place and it's cheap." Rachel giggles.

"Yeah there is that! But why couldn't I have any other relatives with ground floor places?"

"Because then we wouldn't have this amazing view of the city." Rachel beams looking out onto the street.

"Well when we finally move out of here, you and Kurt can carry it all back down." I say picking the boxes back up and walking it back to the bedroom.

We've been staying at the loft for a week now. It's weird living in the city. I can hear the cars on the street at all hours of the night and Rachel keeps telling me that eventually I'll be able to fall asleep listening to it, but right now I just want to yell out the window and tell them all to just go home and go to bed so that I can sleep.

We haven't done much besides try and make the loft livable. Kurt doesn't move into the dorms for another week so he's been staying here with us. Rachel and I have been spending a lot of time getting used to sharing the same bed. I mean sure it's great to wake up and have sex whenever I want it, but it's really weird having someone always in your bed. Sometimes I forget she's there and I roll over onto her hair or her arm and once or twice when I rolled over and her face was inches from mine I woke up screaming at the top of my lungs. Rachel told me it's a transactional phase or transparent or some kind of phase we are in until we get used to things.

Either way it's still something I can get used to cuz really, do I need to mention the sex part again? Sure it gets awkward when Kurt starts pounding on the wall and yelling about his virginal ears and stuff, but I think the fact that I've walked in on him making out with Blaine on the couch more than once, makes up for it.

School starts next week and we still have to get our books and stuff before class actually begins. I don't know why they make you buy the book up front instead of after you lose them. I guess they figure college kids aren't real responsible since their parents aren't around to keep track of their books anymore. Though my mom would say that doesn't actually matter since I lost books even when I was still at home.

I start unpacking the first box and see that it's full of Rachel's clothes. Crap she has a lot of clothes. I start pulling them out and laying them out on the bed when I notice a book lying between a pair of her skirts. I flip it over and read the cover. 'Rachel Barbara Berry's Diary'. I look out the door to see where Rachel is. I mean I know I shouldn't read it or anything, but dude, it's a diary, it's almost like they would have to take my man card away if I didn't read it.

I flip it open to the first couple of pages. It looks like she started this diary in 9th grade. I read a paragraph a few pages in. 'Dear Diary, I hate high school. The boys are rude and the girls just don't understand what it means to have talent. And this jerk totally ruined my new training bra when he threw a drink in my face after lunch. Why would anyone waste a perfectly good drink? But the guy didn't appear to be too smart; after all he couldn't even afford a real haircut, choosing instead to only shave off the sides of his head. This guy is obviously an idiot. I think I will avoid him from this point on.'

I feel both sad that there was a time when Rachel was a target for such bullying but can't help but chuckle at her reference to Puck being an idiot. I flip through a few more pages.

'Dear Diary, today the most amazing thing happened. There is this guy at my school. Total hottie. He's in my second period English class. He's pretty quiet most of the time. But I passed him in the hall today and he made eye contact which caught me off guard causing me to drop my books and he actually stopped and helped me pick them up. And we both went for the same book and when our hands touched it was like electricity. And then the most amazing thing happened. He smiled at me. It wasn't one of those normal guy smiles either. It was the kind of smile that makes your knees go weak and your heart start to pound. When I thanked him he actually spoke to me. Sure all he said was 'No problem' but it was actual words so that counts. I wanted to talk to him more, but that idiot with the Mohawk came over and started talking to him and then he seemed like he was weirded out by me so I left. Tina told me his name is Finn. Do you think that love at first sight really exists? Because I've already started thinking of names for our children and I don't know if that's strange.'

"See anything you like in there?" I hear a voice from behind me and I drop the book.

"God you scared me." I yell holding my hand to my chest. "Sorry, I just found it and I only read two pages Rach."

"Finn, it's ok, really. I have nothing to hide from you."

"Did you really start naming our kids after that time in the hall?" She blushes and walks over and sits on the bed.

"Do you even remember that day?"


"No you don't. But thank you anyway." She giggles.

"Hey, that's not fair. Why do you think I wouldn't remember that?"

"Because I wasn't exactly something people remembered back then."

"I remember you were wearing a pink and blue striped skirt. And your hair was shorter back then. And you were wearing this pink shirt with some sort of fish or something on it."

"You remember all of that?" She questions.

"Yeah, I mean I remember walking past you in the hall and we made eye contact. And then your books sort of just fell all over the place and you freaked out. I thought it was kind of cute how nervous you were about your books and stuff being on the ground so I stopped to help. You seemed kinda scared of me I thought."

"I wasn't scared of you." She says smacking my arm. "I just thought you were super-hot."

"Well if it makes you feel any better, I couldn't stop thinking about how soft your hands were the whole day." She looks up at me shocked.

"No you didn't." She laughs.

"Seriously I did. I was going to ask your name and then Puck showed up and well, I wasn't exactly good at not being a jerk back then. I tried to make it seem like I wasn't talking to you. Sorry about that by the way."

"It's ok. Pretty weird that we ended up this way don't you think?"

"Nah, I think we just sort of proved that we were meant to be."

"How do you figure that out?" she asks as I sit down next to her and take her hand.

"Well, I think it was after that day that I started looking for you in the hall. I mean sure I wasn't cool enough to just ask you out and then I started dating Quinn and stuff, but I always remembered the way your hands felt on mine. I know that's like chick stuff and everything, and while I didn't start naming our kids or anything, I always thought back to that time we touched."

"Really?" She says looking up at me with tears in her eyes.

"Maybe that electricity we felt was our hearts finding each other for the first time?"

"Finn Hudson, that is perhaps the most amazing thing you have ever said to me."

I look down at her and smile feeling pretty proud of myself for coming up with that on my own.

"Wait, does that mean you felt electricity too?" She asks looking up at me surprised.

"Like I just touched an electric fence babe." And suddenly her lips are on mine and she's tossing me back onto the bed. I smile against her mouth and wrap my arms around her waist.

"I love you too." I whisper.

"OK OK OK! The door is open!" I hear Kurt yell as he walks past our room.

Rachel jumps up off the bed quickly. "Ok I guess that is enough rest. Time for more unpacking." I groan and sit up on the bed as she walks out of the room. I see Kurt walk by with a smile on his face.

"COCKBLOCK!" I holler after him.

"That's offensive Finn!" He shouts back.

I walk back out to the kitchen and walk up behind Rachel and wrap my arms around her as I nuzzle into her neck. "I'm glad my heart found yours." I whisper against her skin.

"Me too." She says softly. She turns around and her lips softly graze mine.

"Ok where do you want me to…..oh Lord, they just moved it out into the open now!" Kurt says standing in the hall holding a basketball.

"Baby, leave them alone. I don't want him yelling at me every time I want to kiss you."

"Yeah Kurt! Listen to Blaine!" I say sticking my tongue out at him, out of Rachel's sight.

"Oh hey, look at that, we finally have dishes." Blaine says walking in and noticing the box Rachel is unpacking.

"Yeah my mom must have sent them, because I didn't pack any." I say grabbing the bowls out of Rachel's hand.

"I think that means tonight I can make us all a really good pasta." Blaine says as he checks out the food in the fridge. "One that we don't have to eat off of paper plates."

"Sounds excellent!" I say as my stomach growls. "And just in time too it seems." I pat my belly as Kurt rolls his eyes.

"Maybe I can bake some cookies for dessert." Rachel says as she pulls out some more kitchen supplies from the box.

"I love when you bake baby." I pick her up and spin her around as I kiss her neck. "Especially when you wear that one sexy apron with the bows on it." I growl against her neck.

"No, don't ruin dessert for me." Kurt says putting his hands over his eyes. "I don't need to know about your apron fetish dear brother!"

"Well it's not like she's JUST going to be wearing the apron this time Kurt!"

"THIS TIME! THIS TIME? There was another time with JUST the apron? Please tell me it was at HER house and not ours!"

"Hey, this kind of talk, that's how pornos starts!" Blaine says laughing behind us. Kurt's face drops and he quickly leaves the kitchen.

"God how I love doing that to him." Blaine says as I high five him.

"Right on B!" I laugh. He turns and leaves, most likely to find Kurt and try and get back in his good graces.

"I like that you and Blaine get along." Rachel says suddenly.

"Yeah, he's way cooler than I thought. Did you know that he learned how to play Call of Duty in like thirty minutes? And not like Kurt learning to play, but actually learning to play! It's totally awesome."

"We are sort of like our own little family now aren't we?" She says smiling.

"Yeah, it's pretty cool." I walk back over and pick her back up as I kiss her neck gently. I smirk at her and then ask, "SO, what did you name our kids?"

"Ok that's enough of that Finn, no more joking!" she says backing away from me and crossing her arms.

"What? I think it's cute."

"It's embarrassing." She says turning red.

"Why? You didn't name them Elvis or anything did you? Cuz I don't think I could handle that!"

"No, but you won't like them."

"Come on Rach, I won't make fun of you. I mean seriously, I wanted to name my kid Drizzle remember?"

She laughs and I quickly walk over and tickle her sides. "No fair, if I can't make fun of you, you can't make fun of me!"

"Ok fine! If it was a girl I wanted to name her 'Fanny' and for a boy 'Brice'"

"Wait, isn't that from that movie you force me to watch all the time?" She nods her head. "Well I will not have any girl named 'Fanny' in my house! That's like a name for your butt right? That's just an invitation for boys to check her ass out! No way!"

"Oh my God Finn! That name is iconic, and the first thing you think of is that she'd be named after a butt!"

"No daughter of mine is going to be named after a body part that guys stare at."

She walks over and wraps her arms around my neck and pulls me down to her lips. She crushes her lips against mine and I feel her fingers in my hair and I back her up against the stove. She pulls away and stares up at me smiling.

"What was that for?" I ask.

"I don't know. Just hearing you talk about having a daughter. It was kinda sexy." She giggles and I feel my own face burn and bend down to kiss her again.

"Well, one day when we do have kids, I hope they turn out like you."

"You really want to have kids with me?" She says stunned.

"Um, unless you want me to have kids with someone else, which I gotta say I'm not real comfortable with."

She throws herself into my arms again and brings her lips to mine.

"Oh God what did I do now that my eyes deserve this torture?" I hear Kurt say walking back into the kitchen.

"Sorry Kurt, but you're ruining a really nice moment dude!" I say with my lips still attached to Rachel's.

"I told you not to go in there!" I hear Blaine yell from the living room. He turns and walks out of the room mumbling to himself. "They need some kind of freaking make out alarm. Why I am subjected to this kind of indecent exposure day in and day out, I have no idea!"

"I love you, Finn." Rachel whispers in my ear as I feel her hands traveling under my t-shirt.

"I love you too Rachel, but I don't care what you do to me right now, I'm still not naming her Fanny."