Brand New Start


Rachel POV

"Good morning future wife."

"Good morning to you, future husband." I feel Finn's hand under my chin as he lifts my face to meet his gaze.

"Hi." He whispers as his lips brush against mine.

"Hi." I say softly, returning his kiss with more fever. My hands instinctively move into his hair and I catch my breath slightly when I see something glittering on my hand and I hold my hand out behind him as I stare at the new ring on my finger.

"Um hey Rach, am I boring you?" His lips move into a grin against mine.

I pull back and look at him embarrassed. "No, I'm sorry. I just….it's so beautiful." I pull my hand down between us and he lightly kisses my finger and the ring.

"It's nowhere near as beautiful as you."

I giggle. "I can't believe we're engaged!" I squeal.

"I still can't believe you said yes."

"Finn! Why wouldn't I say yes?"

"I dunno. Because I'm me. It's not like I haven't been an idiot a few times. I wouldn't have blamed you for laughing at me when I asked you."

"I think we have both played the idiot card a few times Finn."

"Well thank you anyway."

"For what?"

"Believing in me and seeing something in me that made you take that chance on me all those years ago."

"You believed in me too."

"I still do Rach."

I quickly bring my lips back to his as I roll into his side, draping my leg over his and letting my hands roam across his chest. I hear him moan loudly when my hands reach the elastic of his boxers and he grinds his hips toward me.

"God I've missed you." He whispers into my ear as my hand slips beneath the material and grips him, slowly pulling my fingers around the tip and then sliding them back down his shaft.

"I missed you too." I coo against his neck, my hot tongue leaving a wet trail up to his earlobe and I feel him twitch against my hand.

"I need you so bad right now." He says pushing his hips against my hand.

"Your mom is in the other room Finn." I giggle into his ear, knowing how crazy I am making him.

"I don't care. I want you." He pulls back and quickly pushes the hair out of my face, staring at me with what can only be described as pure lust. I've never been able to turn down Finn Hudson and this morning is no exception. I've wanted him for weeks now and not being able to do more than just touch each other has been torture. His hand slides between us as his fingers brush against my panties and this time I find myself moaning softly as I bite my lip.

"You want more of that." He smirks and I nod my head as his hand slips between the fabric and against my skin. I feel his finger tip parting my folds as he slides his finger against my clit and I throw my head forward against his neck to squash my groaning. The speed at which my hand is stroking him has increased and we are both breathing pretty heavy when he rolls over on top of me.

"Now." He says simply as his hands tug my panties to the side and he enters me quickly. I bite down on his shoulder to stop from screaming and he groans loudly in my ear. "Oh God yes."

Suddenly we hear the door open and someone come out of one of the bedrooms and then walk into the kitchen. Finn puts his hand over my mouth and I look at him expecting him to stop thrusting into me but instead he increases his thrusts and kisses my neck and whispers. "Shhh."

I know that we should stop. It could be Kurt or for heaven's sake his mom but I haven't had sex with Finn for over a week and I just need him so bad and the way his hand is rubbing between us I know it won't be long before I explode.

He slams against me hard and his tongue presses against my earlobe, "I've missed fucking you. God you feel good." He whispers and his breathing is getting labored and I bite the inside of my cheek to stop myself from screaming out as his hands take me over the edge with each thrust inside me.

"Are you two awake?" I hear Carole holler from the kitchen.

Finn slams inside me with a grunt as he bites down hard on his lip as his orgasm overtakes him. "Uh yeah mom, we're uh just…getting…up." He breathes out in ragged breaths.

"Would you like pancakes?" She asks. I nuzzle into his neck and kiss him lightly against his Adam's apple, and he slides slowly inside me a few more times, panting in my ear.

"Uh yeah, I'll be right in." He yells as he leans his face down and kisses me softly on the lips. "God I missed you."

I giggle. "That was sooooooo wrong." I whisper.

"But soooooo right." He laughs.

He slides out of me and rolls over just as Kurt's voice can be heard coming from the hallway. "I hope you two are dressed because I don't want to see anyone naked today." Finn reaches over and grabs his t-shirt from the side of the couch and throws it over his head.

"No one's naked Kurt!" He yells. "You want some breakfast future wife?"

"You know I think I might future husband."

We make our way to the kitchen where the smell of waffles hits us as soon as we enter the room. "Mmm it smells delicious Carole. Let me help you."

"Oh sweetie thank you." She hands me a spoon to stir the batter.

I slowly stir with the bowl in my hands and I blush slightly when I look up and see Finn staring longingly at me from the table. He winks at me and I can't hold the giggle in.

"Oh Lord how long before this post engagement high ends?" Kurt complains with a laugh.

"What?" Finn asks.

"I could vomit from the eye sex, seriously."

I snort loudly when I think of the sex his eyes almost witnessed and Finn immediately turns red. "Mom's in the room you idiot!"

"Ok boys, enough with the name calling, sit down and eat your breakfast like adults." Carole scolds as she sets the food down in front of the hungry boys and they finish their breakfast in silence, mocking each other between bites but laughing loudly with each childish gesture they make.

========================= Finn POV

"So you're still doing the audition right?" I ask her as we are walking hand in hand through the park that evening.

She looks up at me and grins. "Yes. I'm doing the audition. You were right. It's time that I take a chance on myself."


We walk down the path in silence, our hands swaying between us. I love the way her hand fits in mine and I never mind that I have to walk a bit slower so she can keep up with me. As long as I have her by my side everything I do is worth it.

"Finn?" She asks looking up at me.

"Yeah babe."

"Can you do me a favor?"

"Anything for you."

"If I don't get this part, will you promise to remind me that I can't give up? That I need to keep trying?"

I stop and grab both of her hands. "Babe, it's not in you to give up. But if you ever think you feel like you are, I'll be right there to keep pushing you forward."

"What did I do to deserve you?"

"You were born." I say simply. She smiles widely and I lean down to quickly kiss her lips.

"Oh stop." She laughs loudly as she turns and starts walking down the path again, stopping just to look back and extend her hand out to mine again. I take it and follow her down the path toward the bridge. I can't help but stare at her as she walks. The way she smiles with each step she takes or how every few steps she chews on her bottom lip as she watches people walk by. I always thought that Rachel was beautiful while we were growing up. She wasn't the conventional type of beautiful that everyone thought of. She wasn't a Quinn or a Santana. To me she was always something more. Something special.

But it's funny how years later, when you start to grow up and change and you start worrying about whether you will look good for a while or start to get fat or lose your hair or all the stupid things people worry about, but she just gets more beautiful. With each year she ages I notice something even more beautiful about her.

Just yesterday I found a new freckle under her ear that I never noticed before. Or the day before when I realized that she has these gold specks in her eyes when the light shines in them. The way her cheeks glow pink when she talks about singing. Every day with Rachel is a new day to discover something amazing.

She makes her way over to the bench under the tree beside the bridge and pats the spot beside her. I sit down and she hands me a small piece of paper.

"What's this?"

"I want you to read it. I wrote it the night after you kissed me in the auditorium our sophomore year."

"Oh. That can't be good." I remember how badly that kiss went because I couldn't keep my shit together for one kiss.

"Just read it." She says pushing the paper against my palm. I open the paper and smile immediate when I see the gold star at the bottom of the page next to her name.

'Dear Finn,

Today was an interesting day. Today you kissed me for the first time. It was amazing and confusing and perfect. When our lips met, I swear I saw the rest of my life flash in front of my eyes. And in that moment, everything was perfect.

I know you ran away afterwards, and I'm still not sure why though I know having a girlfriend and kissing someone else must be pretty confusing. But I still wanted to write you this letter because I know one day we are going to sit down together and read it and realize that the moment we shared on that stage was the day our lives changed.

I love you. I know that seems silly since you just kissed me today. But I can't help what I'm feeling. You're different. You aren't like the others. I can tell that you want to be something more than you are. I know that one day; you are going to make something of yourself. And you may not believe it now, but I can totally see you leaving Lima and being a big star.

I would know I'm going to be a big star too. And I know that one day, even though it doesn't seem like it now, one day you and I are going to find ourselves reading this letter, as we sit in the shade holding hands and talking about how lucky we are to have one another. Because one day Finn Hudson, you are going to ask me to marry you. I know that seems really insane, but I can just feel it.

So I'll continue on this path, I'll let Quinn have her day and you for now, and I'll let Puckerman throw a slushie in my face every day for the rest of my time here, because I know that all of this is just leading me to you. Everything I face now is just preparing me for my future with you. Our future. I love you Finn Hudson.

Love, Rachel Berry *'

I feel the tears welling in my eyes as I close the letter and take her hand. "We are pretty lucky aren't we?" She nods her head and bites her bottom lip. "How did you have faith in me back then? How did you know?"

Her hand touches my face and I reach up and lace my fingers with hers. "Because Finn, we were special. We were always meant to be together."

I lower my face to meet hers and lightly graze her lips to mine. "I will always want to kiss you Rachel Berry." I feel her grin as our lips press firmly together and I wrap my arms around her. I am exactly where I was always meant to be.

To be continued…

Thank you for reading Brand New Start. I have loved this series. I hope you won't mind if I continue it with a new fic that will pick up in the middle of their senior year. I'm just not done with their story yet, but I am ready to close the book on this chapter of it.