A/N: I decided to do this mostly because I absolutely love Leo's eyes, I love EllyLeo, I still haven't been able to write "When Shakespeare Get's Out of Hand" (I'm sorry, Please dont kill me!) and plot bunnies involving them keeps popping up in my head.

This is a oneshot collection, so the stories wont be having any connection unless I feel like making a sequel to one of the oneshots I'll be making. The timeline would also be pretty messed up ^^; And some might not make much sense.


This is all for fun so please enjoy! XD
Dedicated to Elly and Leo cause I cannot let them die. Especially Elly :(|

Oneshot Number 1 (I am reeeealy not good at titles, I SWEAR DX)
Words: 1,186
Genre: Humor, with very very
slight hints of Romance
Rating: K+

Elliot was staring again.

Most of the time, Leo would just ignore his Master's habit of watching him whenever. Most of the time, the noirette had a book he could keep his attention to so that he could better ignore the calculating slate blue eyes on him. Most of the time, his Master at least had the decency to pretend he wasn't really staring.

But that was most of the time.

Now, Elliot wasn't even bothering to hide it. Now, Leo didn't have a book with him. Now, Leo was currently in a position wherein he can't just ignore his Master's staring.

And it was really starting to seriously unnerve him.

"Elliot… you do know it's rude to stare. Especially when someone's changing" the noirette spoke in pseudo calm and collected tone, hiding the agitated nerves he was really feeling.

Yep, right now, Leo was indeed changing out of his nightclothes for another day at school. There was a public restroom in Latowidge, but that place was always too crowded. The private one in their room was currently flooding due to some weird event the previous day, and the closet was too full for even his head to fit; don't ask.

And so he had no choice but to do it in the room itself, where Elliot, who had mysteriously gotten up before he did and was now properly cleaned and dressed, was currently sitting in a chair staring at him.

Elliot was unfazed by his words. "Hey Leo…?" he began in a questioning tone, standing up from his seated position and approaching his black haired servant.

"Yeah?" Leo asked, discarding his night shirt and grabbing the uniform from his corner of the room. He turned around to face his Master and found his heart skipping a beat –or two- when he found his face merely two inches from Elliot's, who was now looming over him.

"What the—"

"Can you let me see it?"

"Huh?" Leo asked dumbly at his master's blunt words.

"Let me see" Elliot stepped forward, Leo found himself stepping back.

"See what?" the noirette asked, now very very self-conscious. Inappropriate thoughts from inappropriate books he have read swirling across his mind as he now felt himself backed against a wall. "Oh my God Elliot, what do you mean? I didn't know you swing that way"

Elliot stared at him confusedly, in the process of comprehending just what he was talking about. A few silent minutes passed by, and the light brunette's expression seemed to change.

First it was a look of realization, then his face grew deathly pale, and finally it burned the brightest red Leo swore he'd ever seen.

He couldn't contain his sniggers when his Master suddenly jumped three miles away from him, shouting at possibly the top of his lungs. "JUST WHAT IS GOING THROUGH THAT RATS NEST OF A HEAD OF YOURS? THAT WAS NOT WHAT I MEANT DAMMIT!"

And then Leo doubled over into laughter, forgetting about the awkwardness at his Master's flabbergasted expression. After a few moments, he finally seemed to calm down, laughter decreasing to snickers as he finally managed to put his sleeves into the dress shirt in his hands.

He turned back to his Master, who now looked very offended, and apologized for laughing so hard. "I'm really sorry, I swear. But really though, what were you talking about?" Leo asked, buttoning the vest and finally putting on the Latowidge tailcoat.

At first, Elliot stayed silent, his back pressed so hard against the opposite wall that he would have left a mark on the concrete. Then he relaxed, took a deep breath, and approached his servant again. "I was talking about your eyes" he explained.

And Leo acquires a thoughtful look at that. "Why didn't you just say so? It's not that big a deal is it?" he asked.

"It is a big deal. I still don't know why you hide it"

"I thought I already told you"

"You said I didn't need to know"

"And you don't"

"But I want to know!" Elliot cried out. Leo let out an exasperated sigh, he knew that that wasn't really the main reason his master was acting the way he was.

"What brought this up Elly?" the noirette asked.

Elliot stayed silent for a beat, blushing slightly at the nickname and comprehending what he was about to say. "Leo, you're one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen—"

"No way, so you do have a crush on me" Leo joked, trying to lighten the mood. He was, thankfully, able to succeed as his master blushed beet red.

"…" Elliot sighed in defeat, but at that moment, determination burned in his eyes. "Someday, I swear I will get you to cut those bangs of yours. No, actually, I'll chop them off myself. Maybe I should do it now…"

"Try and I'll kill you"

"Just try and see if you can"

"…." The two stared at each other defiantly, daring the other to do what they had just promised. They would have stayed like that all day had the bell not sounded.

They were late for class.

"Oh shit we need to go! Now!" Elliot cried, grabbing his pack along with Leo's and pulling the noirette by the hand.

Leo only had enough time to lock the door before he was dragged away. "This is your fault you know" the noirette accused as he tried his best not to get dragged again.

"No it isn't" Elliot denied.

"Yes it is"

"No it isn't!"

"That's what she said"


They both managed to make it, thankfully, but now the two was gasping for breath, half rugged, the whole class staring at them, and Leo just realized that his glasses were missing. "Oh great, I left my glasses back at the dorm"

"That was your fault" Elliot announced, walking towards their seat.

"You distracted me" Leo shot back, following after him.

"That's what she said" and the two had once again engaged in a glaring contest.

"Mister Nightray and servant, pay attention to class. Mister Leo, please tie up all that hair, it's unsanitary" the teacher ordered as she entered the room. The rest of the class greeted her as she came in, but then all of their attention was once again diverted to the duo.

In Elliot Nightray's hand, everyone could see, was a hair band and a comb.

Leo gulped.

Elliot smirked.

The teacher sighed.

The rest of the students stared…

~The End~