Oneshot Number 7
Words: 577
Genre: General, Humor... Friendship?

A/N: Right, so here's another oneshot from me. There I was, cleaning the house while thinking of how to write a Horror Short Story I'm planning to write (not a Fanfic sadly, but if you feel like reading it, it'd probably be on my DA account by the end of this week(?# ) and suddenly, I heard "Bella's Lullaby" play in my head #Elliot was the one playing it O_O # and voila. Plot Bunny alert!

^^;; this is complete nonsense and all but... yeah... XD

Hope you like it XD

It was a completely normal day at Latowidge Academy.

The sun was shining, the air was clean, the birds were singing, and Elliot was playing the piano while Leo was sitting in the corner of the room reading what was…

…Yes, another book.

And it seems… not just any book too.

"Hey Elliot… are you a vampire?" the noirette asked out of the blue just as Elliot began to play a different piece, the piece was never played.

"What?" the young Nightray asked, semi-dumbfounded and ultimately perplexed by his servant's question.

"I asked if you're a vampire" Leo stated, Elliot twitched.

"I know, I mean why do you ask if I'm a vampire?" the brunette clarified, and the glasses wearing boy hummed, looking back into the book he was reading.

"Well" Leo began, inspecting his book. "In explanation for my question… you have fangs, your eye color changes with your mood, you're really good at the piano, you're beautiful, and more than once I saw you glow in the sunlight… or maybe that's just me…" the noirette trailed off casually, as if that was the most natural thing in the world.

And Elliot had to gape. "Fangs aside I absolutely do not get whatever the hell you said. I AM NOT BEAUTIFUL!" he growled out dumbly, approaching his servant. "And I thought vampires were supposed to burn in the sunlight, not glow"

"But it's in this book" Leo explained, raising up said book just enough for Elliot to read the title. "It's about vampires. And Edward is really really good at the piano" the noirette explained.

Elliot stared.



"What hell kind of book talks about sparkling vampires?" Elliot asks incredulously as he read over Leo's shoulder.

The noirette just shrugged.

Silence passed as the two kept on reading.

And then, after what seemed like an hour #but was only around 10 minutes or something# Elliot spoke up. "You know Leo, the more I read in this book, the more I think that you're a vampire"

"Why do you say that?" the noirette perked up, curious.

"Well for one thing, you're beautiful, more so than any girl out there, you're an expert at the piano and you're self-taught. And your eyes are very unusual. I mean, when I first saw them I was sure they were a bright gold or something, but when I see them now they look really dark" He stated, Leo raised an eyebrow. "Another is you're really pale, and even inside you wear longs sleeves and socks and other baggy things, not to mention your hair and glasses hides most of your "porcelain" face. For all I know you could be hiding how you glow in the sunlight"

The noirette was silent… "You know what… that's a really good point…" he said, taking off his glasses and inspecting them in the light coming from the nearby window. The light hit him.

Elliot stepped backward.

"What's up with that"

Elliot stared at him. "You really do glow in the sunlight" he exclaimed.

Leo smirked. "Why yes Master, it seems I do, so why not I have a taste of your precious blood?" the noirette teased, mischief in his eyes as he dramatically stood up and approached the taller male.

"No way in Hell!" barked Elliot, running right out of the music room into the bright morning sunlight.

Leo followed suit, the two laughing as they chased each other playing vampires.

Yep, normal day.