Brittany's POV:

When it was dark, I went inside my car. I was going to meet up with Santana at the park. Just like what the note said. I was going back and forth if I should go to this because I was scared what Santana was going to say to me. I kinda didn't want to talk to her since with all the prom business, but I guess this was important. Anyways, I wanted to apologize to Santana about last night to whatever I said. I don't even freaking remember what I said. Hopefully this meeting isn't about what I said last night.

As I drove in the streets, I tried to decipher what the hell 'Wear Something Nice' meant. Was this a date or something? Usually Santana only said that when we were going to some party to attract attention to ourselves but this time, we were meeting at the park. But anyways, I tried to put something not too nice. I didn't want Santana getting the wrong idea of trying to impress her. I was trying to get over her and enticing Santana's mind with a short skirt and a revealing top wouldn't be the greatest idea. I just put on a nice blue blouse with a white tank top underneath and slipped on nice pair of dark blue jeans with my black converses. Yeah, that was like casual nice.

I noticed that the sky was starless—like in my dream. The town was beaming with bright street lights so I guess it would make sense for all the stars to hide. It was slightly disappointing to not see anything but black when I looked up. For some reason I always thought the stars as some sort of comfort. Just knowing that even with all the big universe and everything, those clouds of light managed to beam brightly into the night sky.

I brought myself back into reality when I saw the familiar swings me and Santana used to go on as a kid. Those swings were the best. I remember trying to teach Santana on how to make yourself swing by pumping your legs back and forth.

"Britt-Britt! I can't do this! It would be just easier if you just pushed me," fifth-grader Santana said as she smiled at me on the swing next to me.

"San, you have to learn how to do this yourself. Anyways, I'm tired of pushing you all the time. My arms are sore and everything."

"Buuut, Briittaany!" Santana whined.

"San, you can't do that to me. I'm tired and I wanna go on the swings too."

Santana pouted at me, but I tried not to look. Every time she made that face I always gave in. Not this time. Santana was not going to trick me. Then I saw Santana get off the swings and walk towards me. She was trying to make me look at her face. I moved away still trying to not look at Santana's pouty face. I somehow managed to tangle the chains of my swing so that if I lifted my feet I would spin the opposite way. My chains couldn't move anymore and Santana stopped in front of me.

"Pleease, Britt? Please push me on the swings?"

I closed my eyes, still refusing to look at Santana.

"Britt! Open your eyes! Open your eyes!"

"No, San! Not until you learn how to swing on the swings yourself."

Santana didn't respond and I thought I won this fight.

"Fine, Britt. But know that I don't like you anymore!"

That did the trick, I opened my eyes and I saw Santana smile at me.

"Haha! I made you open your eyes," Santana teased.

"What? That's not fair!" I forgot that I was tangled and I lifted up my feet and I started spinning so that the whole world was a blur. My chains untangled and now I was facing away from Santana. I felt Santana's hands on my shoulders and she leaned towards me.

"Now will you push me on the swings?"

I looked behind me so that my half of my shoulders faced Santana.

"You don't like me anymore, Santana?"


I faced forward again and I looked at the ground.

"You said you didn't like me anymore."

Santana then walked around me so that now she was facing me. She kneeled on the ground and put her hands on my knees. She looked up at me.

"Britt…I just said that so that you open your eyes. I'll always like you, Britt. No matter what."

I smiled.

Santana smiled back, "And I'll like you even more if you would push me on the swings."

"You suck, San," I teased.

"I know."

I stepped outside of my car and I started to walk on the pathway. I didn't know where I would meet up with Santana. I took out my phone and before I could call Santana, my phone lit up. I received a message from Santana.


I can see you. Just keep walking. You'll see. :)


I looked ahead of me and I didn't see anything. It was just complete darkness. I was sorta scared, not knowing where this path way would take me, but I knew where I would end up—with Santana. And that was the boost that made me want to continue on. I kept walking and suddenly I heard music. It was from a faint distance and I continued walking.

Suddenly, these orbs of lights came into sight. It was almost like stars, but as I came closer, I could see the detail of the white Christmas lights. They were hanging above this one circular table that had two chairs. And one was occupied by a girl in a gorgeous dark burgundy dress.

"Hey you," Santana said in almost a whisper.

"Hey," I said smiling, "What's with all of this?"

"Um, you know, nothing really. I just wanted to um," Santana stood up and picked up a plate of peanut butter cookies off the table, "I just wanted to apologize."

"About what?" I stared at the plate of cookies. Santana put them down and she held both of my hands. I could feel the tiny shock on the back of my neck.

"I wanted to apologize for being such a blind bitch all these years."

My eyes opened wider in shock. Wait, was she talking about what I think she was talking about?

"Wait, what are you talking about San?"

Santana took another deep breath.

She whispered, "Quinn told me."

I stood there in silence. I didn't know what to say to San. I mean, now that she knew, I bet I looked like a total fool in front of her.

"Britt…I'm sorry. I was so blinded by Quinn that I didn't even see you. I was so stupid to think that she was even worth my time. She wasn't. She stood me up at prom. She left me there like I was fucking nothing. And Britt, I didn't go to prom. I couldn't go. I didn't wanna see you there and face that you were right this whole time and—"

I cut her off, "—I didn't go to prom either, San…"

"What?" Santana looked at me with confusion.

"I didn't go to prom either. I didn't want to see you dancing and stuff with Quinn."

We both laughed a little at our foolishness.

"Now, we're just two smoking hot teenagers who didn't go to their senior prom," Santana said smiling.

"Yeah, San," I squeezed her hands, "I'm glad you didn't go with Quinn though."

Santana smiled again, "I'm glad too."

We stood there in silence for a few seconds and I looked around the scenery.

"San…about Quinn," I started to say.

Santana then put her finger on my lips, shushing me up.

"I don't want to talk about Quinn anymore."

She came closer to me and she let the space linger on for a moment before she put her lips against mine. I closed my eyes and let her lips do everything. I felt her tongue sweep against the bottom of my lips and I could taste watermelon bubble gum. She backed away after a moment and I was still closing my eyes.

"Brittany, I love you too and I don't want you to be my 'pretend' girlfriend anymore. I want us to be fucking official. I'm sorry for making you wait this long."

I could feel the relief release from my shoulders. All I could do was smile and I knew what I wanted to do next.

I kissed her again and I could feel her smile form while I put my hands on the curves of her hips. It felt so good.

She was the one that broke our kiss and she stepped back and got something from the table. It was a piece of paper.

"I know my timing isn't all great, but I wanted to give you something."

"What is it?" I jumped a little from the excitement.

"It's a certificate. I know the sky isn't cooperating with me right now, but I named a star after you. It would be—" Santana pointed at the black sky almost right next to the moon, "—right there. But I guess it kinda sucks how there's no stars out tonight."

"No, it's perfect San. I love the gift and I love you."

Santana smiled again and she held out her hand.

"I promised you a dance, right? So let's go, babe. Right now."

Santana turned up the volume of the song and it was "Your Song" the Moulin Rouge version. I took her hand and we slowed dance with Santana and god, it felt good.

We both listened to the song as we slowly moved with the song. Then Santana put her lips against my ear.

"Britt, I've got one more thing to say about Quinn."

"What about her?"

I could feel Santana's smile creep up against my ear.

"I kinda punched her in the face, yeah you know, for you."

I laughed as I held Santana closer.

"Thanks, San."

We danced for the rest of the night underneath that starless sky and finally, god finally, Santana was mine.


Author's Note: Yeah, so the story is finished. I didn't want to drag it on any more longer. I just wanted them to be together, for heaven's sake! Haha. But I hope you enjoyed the story. Thanks for all the reviews and alerts and everything. This is one of my first stories and I'm happy with the results. I really enjoyed writing in first person, especially with Santana. Haha. I'm starting to write another story based on Rapunzel, but with Brittany and Santana in it. I wrote the first chapter already, if you want to look at it now, but I'm not here to advertise. I'm here to thank you once again for all of this. So I guess I'll see you around then. Feel free to message me and review some more. And thanks again. :)