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Summary: A regular day within the relationshp of Corny Collins and Velma Von Tussle, and what I imagined happing in my head during the scene when Velma said they needed a new host. My first Hairspray fanfic, enjoy!

Regular Day

"You know what? Maybe it is time for something fresh and new...like a fresh new HOST!" Velma frustratedly growled, glaring at Corny. Spritzer looked between the two of them. "Or a fresh new boyfriend..." She added under her breath, just loud enough so that Corny and Spritzer could hear. Spritzer rolled his eyes, waiting for the moment to come again.

"Gee Velma...how do you fire Corny Collins, from 'The Corny Collins Show'? You want to break up? Alright, lets break up." Corny answered back calmly, buttoning up his jacket. Spritzer sighed. And it came. It hadn't even been four hours, and the two of them broke up twice already.

"Fine!" Velma huffed, crossing her arms. 'Five...' Spritzer began in his head. Velma averted her eyes from Corny. 'Four...' She started tapping her foot. 'Three...' Her eyes slowley made it back to Corny. 'Two...' She started biting her lip. 'And...' She bit back an apology. 'One.' She rolled her eyes and unfolded her arms. With a quick movement, she flew into Corny's arms, wrapping hers around his waist. "I'm sorry." She apologized, glad to be back in the comfort of his arms. Corny kissed the top of her head and wrapped his arms around her thin frame. It happened every time. She could never stay away for to long once they broke up. The break ups didn't even half a minute. Corny knew she was always going to go right back to him. Spritzer rolled his eyes, walking away.

"I want that chubby communist girl off my show! Fix it!" He shouted.

"Your hair smells good." He smiled, sniffing the top of her head. She chuckled, looking up at him. "Lavender?" He guessed, raising an eyebrow. Ultra Clutch had just come out with scented hairspray. She nodded, giving him a small, chaste kiss. Quickly, that turned into a heated session of lip locking. Someone cleared their throat. The couple seperated to see the entire council staring at them, some smirking, some blushing, few frowning, and only one hiding her face in her boyfriends chest from embarassment at her mothers actions.

"Can I help you?" Velma asked the crowd, turning back to her bitchy self. Everyone shook their heads, getting back to their own thing. Corny chuckled. Velma checked her watch. "I have twenty minutes until we have to air again. I'm going to go work on some things in my office, if you need me." She said, kissing him on the cheek and heading towards her office. Smoothing out the wrinkles in her short red dress, she crashed into Brad, falling to the ground after doing so. "Owe! What the fuck?" She growled, rubbing her head. Brad stared at her, terrified. She looked at him expectantly, then he ran away.

She got up, and opened the door to her office. The lights were off. Weird, She thought. She flipped the switch, and on her small sofa, sat a half naked Corny. She almost burst into laughter at the smile he was giving her. "What are you doing here?" She asked, closing the door behind her, making sure to lock it. She didn't want a repeat of last time, when Amber had barged in to complain to her mother about Tammy stuffing her bra to much, and had walked in on Velma and Corny sleeping naked on the small couch.

"I wanted to surpise you." He smiled, gathering her in his arms. She sighed in satisfaction as she snuggled deeper into his bare warm chest. "I'm sorry about Brad, I had to distract you somehow so I could get to your office before you." He smiled apologetically, kissing her temple.

"So it's your fault that I most likely will develop a bump on my head?" She accused, raising a delicate eyebrow.

"Well don't put it that way. Where does it hurt? I'll kiss it to make it better." He chuckled, playing with a loose strand of her blonde hair. She smiled.



20 minutes later:

A buzzer sounded for the cast to return to the set. Corny and Velma stopped mid-kiss, rolling their eyes. For the most part, both had remained clothed, except for Corny's missing shirt and the pair of black cotton panties in his back pocket. "Meet me at my place a half hour after the shows over." She said, slipping on her black heels. Checking herself in the mirror, she saw that her hair was a bit tussled, and her red dress had many wrinkles in it. Ignoring it, she walked out of the office, leaving an unsatisfied Corny with a pair of her underwear.

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