Amber jumped out of bed as she heard the doorbell ring. It's Link! She thought. Rushing to the door, she slipped on a pair of shorts and a tanktop, and quickly applied a towel to her head. In a swift movement, she threw the door open. There stood Corny, his hands stuffed in his pockets. He was still wearing his uniform from the show. Amber's grin dropped and she rolled her eyes. "She'll be out in a moment." She sighed, crossing her arms. After a minute, she got impatient. "Mother! Corny's here!" She shouted, hoping it would reach her mother in the shower. Velma quickly got her message and rinsed her hair thoroughly.

"I'll be out in a moment!" She yelled back, turning off the water and throwing a towel around her body. Soon enough, she was standing with Amber at the front door, her hair dripping wet, with a skimpy red towel wrapped around her.

"Put some clothing on..." Amber muttered, taking a look at Velma. Her mother looked at her expectantly.

"Coming from you, that isn't saying much, darling. Is Link coming over?" She asked, smirking. Amber uncrossed her arms, and rolled her eyes.

"Maybe..." She walked off to her room, mumbling to herself.

Corny and Velma were left to be alone in the front hall. "You look good wet, Velma." Corny smiled, watching water drip down her shoulders. It was the corniest smile he had ever given her; showing all of his teeth, and bending his mouth side ways. Velma cracked a smile.

"Make yourself at home, i'll be right back." She gestured, walking off to her room. Corny got comfy on the couch, and reached into his pocket. He pulled out Velma's black cotton panties and smiled to himself. Velma shortly returned, dressed in a sweatshirt and shorts, but didn't make her presence noticeable. She smirked when she saw Corny fiddle with the peice of fabric in his hand. "Having fun, are we?" She asked, sitting down on his lap. He grinned, handing her the undergarnments. "No, no. You can keep them." She added, pushing them back to him. He chuckled, laying them next to him. The phone rang, and Velma picked it up. "Hello?" She asked, looking bored. "What do you mean, they want another day?" She retorted, obviously getting frustrated. "No, I swear if you place those..those... negros on my show more than once a month..." She trailed off, yelling at the phone. Corny rolled his eyes as she hung up the phone. He didn't want to dwell on the fact that Velma was a known racist. But he figured he could help her out with that. Once they mixed those kids in with the rest of the council, she'll have no other choice any way. "Jesus..." She sighed, putting the phone down. "Want to watch a movie?" She asked, putting on a Velma-gin.

"Sure. What do you want to watch?" Corny asked, laying down on the couch, and placing Velma on top of him. She layed her head on his chest, and her legs between his.

"Lets just see whats on tv." She suggested, flipping through the channels. An old horror/romance movie was on, so she threw down the remote and snuggled into Corny after flipping the light switch above her head. The doorbell rang. Amber came racing from her room, flung the door open, embraced Link, and kidnapped him into her room in a matter of seconds. "Well that was interesting..." Velma pointed out, not taking her eyes off the screen but knowing excatly what had happened.

30 Minutes Later

"I want sex." Velma stated, turning to Corny. He chuckled, and gave her a kiss on the nose. He loved how she was so straight forward with what she wanted.

"Your wish is my comand." He laughed, putting his palms to both sides of her face and bringing her lips to his. He was quite the gentle one. His touch was so soft on her skin, so gentle. She loved the way his hands felt on her. He actually knew how to treat a woman. It was so unusual for her; she'd been in so many one night stands, so many bar pick ups, it was acutally nice to have a guy who cared like Corny did.

An Hour Later

Amber untangled herself from Link's arms, giving his sleeping form a kiss on the cheek before throwing on his shirt and boxers and heading downstairs for a snack. She caught sight of Velma and Corny, with a pale blue blanket thrown over their bodies. In a way, she was thoroughly repulsed at the idea of her mother and Corny. In another way, she was so happy to see her mother as happy as she was at that moment. Giving her mother a kiss on the cheek, she pulled their blanket higher up and tucked them in nicely.