Title: Homecoming

Pairing: RoyxEdward, past EdwardxOC (OC's will not be in full detail as they are unimportant)

Warning: AU; NC-17 Overall; this chapter, T. Some mentions of character deaths.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything remotely related to the series, Fullmetal Alchemist. It belongs to Arakawa-Sensei's genius mind.

Summary: The former Fullmetal Alchemist returns back to Amestris after passing safely through the Gate, changed. What's in store for Amestris and her people when the blonde they all knew isn't what he used to be? Set after the Conqueror of Shambala with a few events changed.

REVISED: 6/19/11: Sorry for this guys. There were some mistakes, as in inconsistencies that had to be cleared up since I was like twenty years off. I thought Hitler was in power in the movie, Conqueror of Shambala and found out he wasn't. Everything's the same except for the timeline background.


He had been anticipating for the day he'd be able to come back to his home world ever since the last time he had stepped foot on its ground when the Thule Society had invaded Amestris. It had been three years since he'd seen those he held dear. It had been tough at first; being able to see his younger brother, Winry, Sheska, and Mustang and then suddenly deciding to do the right thing and sealing off the Gate's Entrance on Munich's side.

He had not wanted to part from them, nor had he had any intentions of doing so. It had been a spontaneous decision, not thought out, an "Edward decision" as the Bastard Colonel had numerously dubbed those last minute decisions years ago. After closing the gate, he had succumbed to a severe case of depression and the only thing he had thought of that would be able to help him cope with the separation was to enlist in the army.

He had not enlisted into the German Army because he had a small gut feeling that he wouldn't like where the country would be going to for the next couple of years. Friederich Ebert was in charge of Germany, housing the Nazi Party and he knew, just knew that all those impressionable men would most likely be brainwashed into thinking that they were doing the right thing for their country when in all reality it was the wrong choice.

No, he had enlisted in the British Army and had at first been an enlisted man but had later switched professions after his superiors felt that he had potential. He had been sent to the King and had become the King's loyal dog, killing anyone who would bring harm to the country and her people. He had come to regret his decision after seeing various familiar faces from time to time. Those familiar faces had not been in the army but had been the victims who had died by his hands on the various missions given to him.

It had devastated him tremendously the first couple of times but after a while he had started not caring for the fallen. He had figured that the pain and guilt that would follow him after every mission would impede him from doing his job that he had took the decision of locking away his emotions and sealing the key with them.

Upon doing so, he had realized that he was able to cope with staining his hands with blood over and over again to the point that the lifestyle had become second nature to him. It had alienated the King and his commanding officers in the beginning but over time they had found that Edward's coping mechanism was something of great importance and had seen to it that the blonde never associate anything without the cool mask he had donned so well over the past three years.

It had been one particular assignment that had actually gotten him to where he currently resided at; Amestris. Upon waking up in the middle of town square, he had thought that he had just been moved from where he had been but upon further inspection he had realized that he was not dreaming and that he in fact was back home.

He had killed a man who had become a great threat to the British government and had not realized that the man had drawn what looked to be a transmutation circle. Once the pool of blood had kissed the floor, the circle had activated, pulling him in to the flash of white. Once he had opened his eyes, he stood face to face with the Gate of Truth's doors and had been told that he had met the required sacrifices needed to be able to go back home to where he belonged.

It had occurred to him that had he been younger, he would have been trying to bargain with the Gate, pleading with it to bring back all those who had been sacrificed and to take him instead. But Edward Elric had changed. He felt a little content that he had finally lived up to the Gate's expectations and was finally returning home but at the same time he felt conflicted. He didn't want to leave the life he had been living, knowing full well that Amestris' government would take full advantage of his skills or would cast him aside and mark him as a threat to be disposed of.

He then chuckled to himself and felt that if he could be of some use to his country then everything would be fine. He had come to terms with himself, knowing full well that he liked to be useful and someone with purpose. All he had to do was see if he would be able to re-instate himself as a State Alchemist and a soldier but he first had to see who was running the damn country. His former employer had been King George. He had shown true potential and had guided him with his leash well. He hoped that whoever was in charge now would be able to compare with him.

He stood up shakily and it took him a while to gain his footing. He pivoted to where he knew Central Headquarters resided. He knew that it would be open seeing as the sun was beginning to peak from the Horizon. He had to get there early or else risking being stopped by idiots who took their jobs to seriously in protecting their Fuhrer. Had he known that his changed persona would affect how the current Fuhrer regarded him he would have tried to at least prepare himself for all the hell and bullshit he'd have to get through in order to gain the man's trust. He'd be in for a rough ride but he held no concern over it He knew that he'd be able to succeed.